Modern Malaysian is also heavily influenced by Indonesian, largely through the popularity of Indonesian dramas, soap operas, songs, and other music. Callnovo’s Malaysian outsourced call center enables you to access one of the world’s most successful emerging economies, Malaysia. Outsource your Malaysian Sales, Customer Service and Tech Support with us and we will assist your growth in the Malaysian language market.

What Callnovo’s Native Malaysian Speaking Call Center Can Do for You

  • Customer Retention in Malay
  • Fraud Monitoring and Investigations in Malay
  • Malaysian Social Media Management in Malay
  • Market Survey in Malay
  • Amazon Seller Customer Service in Malay
  • Ebay Seller Customer Service in Malay
  • Aliexpress Seller Customer Service in Malay
  • Lazada Customer Service in Malay
  • Facebook Customer Service in Malay
  • Customer Service in Malay
  • Technical Support in Malaysian (Level I, Level II and Level III Support)
  • Sales, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell in Malay
  • Back Office in Malay
  • E-Mail Support in Malay
  • Live Chat in in Malay
  • Phone Answering in Malay
  • Order Management in Malay

Why the Malaysian Language Speaking Market Is So Important

Malaysia’s central location between the Indian Ocean and South China Sea has historically established it as an important hub for travelers and traders from the East and the West. Malaysia’s GDP has grown at an impressive average rate of 6.5% over 60 years since it’s independence in 1957, the highest in South-East Asia. Malaysia has the highest GDP Per Capita ($26,315) of Newly Industrialized Countries (NIC), higher than any of the emerging BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) nations.Malaysia’s remarkable economic growth and social stability are helping power it’s transition from NIC to Developed Country Status, ahead of it’s long-planned goal for 2020.

Malaysia’s cities are considered a shopper’s paradise where large scale malls attract locals and tourists alike. Kuala Lumpur is one the top shopping cities in the Asia-Pacific region. Malaysia’s m-commerce growth rate (45.6%) is the highest in South-East Asia, and third highest in the greater Asia-Pacific region (after Taiwan and India). Malaysia is officially a Islamic nation, home to the largest Muslim population in Asia (61%) and is a strategic partner in bridging the gap between Islamic and Western markets. Malaysia is the “Global Halal Hub” of South-East Asia and has market strategies in place to assist growth in this segment, from research to development, production, trade and logistics.Successful companies in Malaysia are well-positioned to do business with other Islamic markets.

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Malaysian LanguageConsumer Market Information

  • Malaysians have a global reputation for friendliness and tolerance.
  • About two thirds of Malaysia’s citizens are Musilm Malay, plus large populations of Malay Chinese, Malay Indian and many diverse cultural minorities.
  • Malaysia has a thriving tourism sector. It is one of the Top 10 most visited countries in the world, and greets almost as many international tourists in a year as it’s entire population.
  • Malaysia is leading South-East Asia in becoming more tech-savvy as a result of above average internet penetration (66%), coverage (95%+ nationwide 4G), exposure (3.1+ hrs per day) and the popularity of mobile device ownership (96%).
  • Malaysians embrace social media; over half of the country’s population has a YouTube (51%) or Facebook account (57%) with the world’s highest average number of FB friends per user (233+), averaging 24 social network check-ins per day. Over two thirds (70%) have referred to a business’ social media page before making a purchase.
  • Malaysians embrace e-commerce, 91% of internet users have shopped online, almost half (44%+) on a mobile device, averaging $2000+ per person per year in online spending.
  • 71% of Malaysian online shoppers expressed dissatisfaction with thier online purchase.
  • Malaysia’s urban consumers are paying closer attention to new and evolving trends, and are increasingly spending more on luxury, comfort, convenience and time-saving goods and services.
  • Malaysia is frequently cited as one of the best places in the world for retirees.
  • Malaysia’s e-commerce spending is expected to double from $1.30 billion in 2015 to $2.44 billion in 2018.
  • Alibaba’s recent $1 billion investment to take control of Lazada, South East Asia’s leading e-commerce marketplace, is a strong indicator of Malaysia’s anticipated growth.

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