You are looking for a professional outsourced omni-channel customer service contact center provider that can provide telephone customer service, e-mail customer service, social media customer service, or live web chat customer service that has global coverage and multilingual capability. Callnovo-a leading outsourced global customer service contact center is your preferred choice.  We have more than 15 years of outsourced global customer service operation experience. Our client success manager at one stop takes care of client global multilingual customer service and is responsible for the details of the entire process of outsourced operation, including obtaining 800 tollfree numbers for client, professional IVR flow designing and recording, telephone system configuration , CRM settings, customer service representative (CSR) recruitment, interview, testing, training, go-live, quality assurance, communication, follow-up, meeting organizing, recording monitoring, opration feedback, etc. The Callnovo IT team uses leading cloud communication and CRM platform to cater to clients specific requirements, Ticket management, phone recording, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Shopify, advanced reporting and other functions are all perfectly integrated in one platform. We provide outsourced English customer service , outsourced Chinese customer service, outsourced Spanish customer service, outsourced Russian customer service, outsourced French customer service, outsourced German customer service, outsourced Arabic customer service, outsourced Bahasa Indonesia customer service , outsourced Turkish customer service, outsourced Vietnamese customer service, outsourced Bahasa Malaysia customer service, outsourced Thai customer service, outsourced Japanese customer service, outsourced Korean customer service, etc. for SME and Fortune 500 companies, in various industries, that are expanding global market.

Callnovo’s China Call Center, Philippine Call Center, South American Call Center, European Call Center, Southeast Asia Call Center, Africa Call Center, etc. in total 10 outsourced call centers operation sites around the world are operating 24/7/365, covering 5 billion people worldwide. Not only we can arrange highly flexible CSR shift scheduling plan to meet client actual needs, we are also very happy to customize global customer service operations and CRM solutions for companies from different countries and different verticals.

We know that cost optimization is an important common goal for both of us. Therefore, we continue to improve our global customer service operation in  management and in contact center technology to achieve the maximum cost reduction and improve service efficiency for our customers. For large projects, we also use contact center industry’s most advanced WFM (workforce resource management) software to manage the complex and dynamics of the call center team. Callnovo’s customer service professional manager team is always concerned about opportunities to help clients transform customer service teams from a cost centers to a profit centers. We know how to turn customer complaints into oppotunity to obtain positive five-star review, and we also know how to regularly analyze operational big data in customer service outsourcing operations to obtain valuable opportunities to increase corporate profits and increase sales revenue.

Outstanding global customer service outsourcing process strategy generates brand value for the company. Callnovo has 15 years of honored history and 15 years of experience in global customer service outsourcing management and contact center technology. Global clients in various industries including airline, consumer electronics, government Visa center, cross-border e-commerce, medical equipment, security, education, transportation, machinery, chemical, gaming, etc. have already awarded or speak highly of Callnovo.


Outsourced Inbound Global Customer Service Contact Center

Inbound customer service in contact center is the process of providing customer service after receiving customer calls or messages from various communication channels (such as Facebook, WeChat, email, SMS, In-App messages, and online website communication). Including pre-sale customer service (such as business consulting, product and service inquiry), during-sale customer service (such as package inquiry, parts check, knowledge answer), after-sale customer service (such as troubleshooting, product replacement, product return, account issues, billing issues, Technical Support). CSR usually uses CRM system or client backend to obtain customer order or account information and then communicate with customer to solve problems.

Outsourced Outbound Global Customer Service Contact Center

Outbound customer service in Contact Center is usually an initiative to proactively contact customers from the enterprise, which is an important part of the service process for some business operations. Validating order information, confirming delivery addresses, satisfaction surveys, follow-up, reservations for repairs, dispatching dealers, product recalls, upsells, etc. are all within the responsibility of outbound customer service representatives.


Global Customer Service Popular Service Scenarios in Callnovo Contact Center

  • Billing Inquiry
  • Account Topup
  • Dealer Locator
  • Hotel Booking
  • Real Estate Virtual Assistant
  • Welcome Call
  • Amazon Seller Customer Service
  • Shopify Customer Service
  • Product Repair and Exchange Inquiry
  • Plan Change
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Visa Information Helpline
  • Shipping Status Inquiry
  • Airline Information and Ticket Booking
  • Ebay Seller Customer Service
  • Walmart.com Customer Service
  • Account Information Update
  • Refund Management
  • Complaint and Issue Resolution
  • Cancellation/Re-activation/Retention
  • Payment Information Update
  • E-Commerce Website Listing Management
  • Aliexpress Seller Customer Service
  • Lazada Customer Service

Some CustomerService OutsourcingCases

(Confidentiality agreements with some of our clients preclude us from providing a complete list)

Multilingual Call Center
Deployed City
Language Services
International Markets
Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) Call Center
English & Chinese Bilingual, English & Mandarin & Cantonese trilingual
Greater China Region and overseas-Chinese communities
English Call Center
South America、Pakistan、Philippines
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, etc.
Spanish Call Center
South America
Spanish & English Bilingual, Spanish & Genman Bilingual, Spanish & Italian Bilingual, Spanish & French Bilingual, Spanish & Dutch Bilingual, Spanish & Russian Bilingual
United States, Mexico, Spain, South America, Central America
French Call Center
South America
French & English Bilingual, French & Spanish Bilingual, French & Russian Bilingual
France, Canada
Russian Call Center
East Europe
Russian & English Bilingual, Russian & Italian Bilingual, Russian & Romanian Bilingual
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Poland, East Germany, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Latvia Wait.
Korean Call Center
Seoul In Korea
Korean & English Bilingual, Korean & Chinese Bilingual, Korean & Janpanese Bilingual
Korean, American Korean community, Canadian Korean community, European Korean community
Japanese Call Center
Seoul In Korea
Janpanese, Janpanese & English Bilingual
Indonesian Call Center
Jakarta In Indonesia
Indonesian & English Bilingual, Indonesian & Chinese Bilingual, Indonesian & Malaysian Bilingual
Malay Call Center
Kuala Lumpur
English & Malaysian Bilingual, English & Mandarin & Cantonese trilingual, Malaysian & Mandarin & Cantonese trilingual
Vietnamese Call Center
Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh In Vietnam
Vietnamese & English Bilingual, Vietnamese & Chinese Bilingual, Vietnamese & French Bilingual
Vietnamese, American Vietnamese Community
Thai Call Center
Bangkok in Thailand
Portuguese Call Center
South America
Brazilian Portuguese & Portugal Portuguese Bilingual, Portuguese & English Bilingual, Portuguese & Spanish Bilingual
Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Timor-Leste, Guinea-Bissau, Macau, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, and thousands of Portuguese-speaking immigrants around the world.

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