Success Cases

Success Cases

Callnovo has successfully implemented many call center short-term and long-term outsourcing projects in a wide spectrum of industries with very high success cases. Among them, some projects are small businesses simply in need of one language customer service representative to handle some small volume of inbound calls and emails to get started, some are medium businesses in need of a team of call center agents to conduct market survey or lead generation to expand the market, also some are large corporations in need of hundreds of multi-language inbound customer service and sales representatives to handle customer contacts from all around the world. At Callnovo, we can handle all of these easily with our professional call center team and facilities. The success cases listed below are some examples. Due to confidential reasons, we cannot release further details and names of the clients. We are always more than happy to leverage our over 10 years call center experiences, talents, and technology to empower your business!

UK SME in Food Industry

Client is a small business specializing in serving UK restaurants. Callnovo outbound B2B team makes telemarketing calls from China to UK Chinese restaurant to sell Alcohol Licensing courses. Client reduced the labour cost by 60% by outsourcing the call center to Callnovo. In addition, the turn-over rate is extremely low compared with hiring a staff in local London. All telephone calls are recorded for training and quality purpose so that client’s manager can quickly give tips and feedbacks to the telemarketing team, even when client’s manager is on the road.

US Start-up Online Tourism Company

Tourism customer service needs to be very professional, courteous and detail-oriented. The job nature of booking a hotel room for end-customer is not only customer service, but also sales. Callnovo team deeply understand the tourism business logic behind and therefore offers a comprehensive solution for the client. Callnovo Philippines English call center customer service team provides neutral accent fluent English service in speaking and writing. End-customer are requested to give score to the call center CSRs by post-call IVR survey function. Sales and customer care KPIs are in daily basis monitored. Callnovo management team also customize bonus system for the Philippines English call center team to best match the project objectives and client corporate culture.

US Brand Name IPTV and VoIP Company-KyLinTV

Overseas Chinese population is increasing drastically in recent 15 years. KyLinTV is the largest and most successful IPTV and MVNO company in overseas Chinese community. Selling and servicing Chinese overseas customers in mother language is definitely an advantage. Now, customer experience is improved, ARPU is increased, AHT is reduced, Sales close rate is increased significantly, Last but not least, client cut the call center cost by 60% by offshore outsourcing call center to Callnovo. Callnovo’s experienced team is committed to offer excellent Telecom sales and customer service call center solution to any small or large firms world-wide.

Europe Famous Luxury Retail Store

Client is the world’s largest and leading duty-free retailer, offering guests world-class brands and exclusive merchandise with tax and duty-free savings. Client is expanding the business into China and business is growing in recent years. As part of clients’s business goal is to creating unforgettable shopping experience, Callnovo uses the state-of-art customer relationship management system and well-trained team to provide the best customer service to end-customers of the client in China region.

Europe Famous Airline

Intensive competitive both at home and abroad, the key factor for airline industry facing is to offer outstanding service, improve customer loyalty and attract new customers. Callnovo team has full call center expertise in air ticket booking and handling, as well as professional knowledge to handle routine airline customer care tasks, such as baggage claims, passenger information support, complaints, assisting agencies and corporate clients, air miles handling etc. The Europe airline client is very satisfied to have a China call center outsourcing partner to work with in daily basis.

Canada Famous Investment Company

Client has channel of getting consistent opt-in leads but the leads are not fully nurtured and leads doesn’t speak English as mother language. Callnovo team conduct outbound calls from China to Canada by using advanced call center platform. End-customers are willing to talk about the investment plan interest such as RESP, RRSP, life Insurance in Chinese language. Callnovo’s telemarketers then book appointment and send Investment Specialist to end-customers’ premises to do professional presentation.

US Start-Up Fashion Company

The client is a star-up directly selling fashion clothing to many countries including China. Callnovo assist client setup China 400 toll free numbers and local numbers and assign young energetic call center staff to take the inbound calls. All the calls are recorded for quality control purpose and daily SLA report is real-time available on the cloud for client to review. Chinese customer can call the China call center number to track shipping status, request for replace or refund, etc. Client is selling happily into China as if the company has physical office in China.

US Famous SaaS Software Company

US famous SaaS Software Company is launching a new service in Greater China Region. Getting accurate Chinese IT decision makers’ point of view on the service is an essential initial step. Callnovo’s experienced IT B2B outbound team successfully achieved the market survey objective and generated large amount of qualified leads for the client.

China Famous Online B2B Market Place-Alibaba

One stop multi-language call center solution is key factor attracting Alibaba to award Callnovo the call center contract. Since this client’s call center requirement is only for one year, Callnovo solved client’s challenge by using such one stop solution. One stop also means one responsibility. Client doesn’t need to manage multiple teams anymore. Callnovo streamlined the service quality in all language across all countries. This comprehensively improved service quality, efficiency.

US Real Estate Agents with Famous Real Estate Company-REMAX

Successful real estate agents are mostly extremely busy. Liberate them from tedious non-core jobs can make them even more successful. Callnovo multi-lingual call center team enhances REMAX real estate broker’s competitiveness by offering cost-effective and loyal long-term real estate virtual assistants. Callnovo’s Chinese and English virtual assistant can search and updating MLS, type contracts, preparing CMAs, coordinating, managing social media content etc. With the solution, real estate agents only need to focus on one thing-selling houses. Real estate agent’s revenue normally at least increases by 30-40% in 3-6 months after using Callnovo real estate virtual assistant services.