English & Spanish Bi-lingual Customer Service

English & Spanish Bi-lingual Customer Service

Posted : 07 August, 2015

Offshore English & Spanish Bi-lingual Customer Service

Your company is busy. Your company’s business is growing and you really want to focus on valuable tasks and outsource the rest non-core operations. You decided to outsource English & Spanish bi-lingual customer service call center to an offshore professional call center company. Not only you will save 60-70% cost comparing with setting up the call center locally in US, but also you get peace of mind because the Callnovo professional English & Spanish bi-lingual customer service call center will focus on each single details of call center operations, from CSR recruiting to training, from call volume forecast to WFM (Work Force Management), from SLA management to QA.
We work on all these call center operation details so that you don’t need to. No project is too small or too big, you can get started with a few CSRs to hundreds of CSRs.

No long term commitment, you are using our service on-demand. With this service, you get:

  • Customer Service CSRs in native English and Spanish from our South America call center. The CSRs will be very professionally trained of your product or service so that they can talk with the end-customers on behalf of your company professionally.
  • 24X7X365 Operation hours. Depending on your business requirements, we can arrange CSRs work according to your customer service business arrangement.
  • Flexibly scale up or down on demand. You can start with 1 CSR or 100 CSRs according to your business outsourcing requirements. You may also want to scale up the customer service team in busy season or scale down in low season. Let Callnovo handle all these dynamics for you so you can have peace of mind operating your core business.
  • Customer Service Team Leaders, Trainers, QA specialists from our South America offshore call center. The call center team leaders, trainers, QA specialists are optional depending on your specific operation requirements.
  • Advanced Call Center platform. Full function of call center hi-tech, including, IVR, Music-on-hold, ACD etc.
  • You will get all real-time recordings on the cloud for monitoring and training purposes.
  • Conference Call. Our platform also allow you connect into the conversation for multiple-party conference calls.
  • The assistant will handle emails on your behalf
  • Live Web Chat. The assistant will handle your website live web if it is needed.
  • Social Media Management. The CSRs will help you publish blogs or promotional content to Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, Youtube at your guidance.
  • You will have access to all the call report in details, such as customer caller ID, call time, talk length, call disposition, call trend, SLA etc

Contact us today and get started very soon!

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