How Amazon Cross-Border E-Commencer Adopts Customer Service to Receive Positive Reviews

Recently, a humble news from Amazon has caused a great attention of many Amazon cross-border e-commerce sellers. “Important Notice: From December 3rd, Amazon bans requesting positive reviews!”.  This news instantly made headlines on major cross-border e-commerce platforms, and some even named “Desperateness! Amazon bans sellers from contacting consumers, and the journey to evaluation has reached to the end ultimately……”

We can only say that this intensification of the policy has reduced the communication between sellers and consumers, but more in line with the public norms of the platform that Amazon expects to reach.

New policies implemented on December 3, 2019

Amazon does not want to have frequent communications between sellers and buyers, and these communications are limited to communicating within the Amazon website. Besides, there are many restrictions, including links, promotion wording, solicitation wording, email addresses, etc., all of these contents will be filtered by Amazon’s official robots directly. In severe cases, they may even close the online store without notice. Sellers can no longer encourage buyers to leave positive reviews. If you want to place a greeting card in the product, the content written in the small card must be carefully considered as some customers might report you, which the risk of online stores being closed is relatively high.

From the original text of Amazon’s new policy on December 3, we will learn: “From December 3, 2019, sellers can only contact buyers when processing orders or responding to customer service inquiries.” In other words, sellers must adhere to regulations in the Amazon service process ecosystem. For example, internal website communications, greeting cards, and consumer phone numbers are all regulated by Amazon, leaving only the aforementioned communication window.

Among the remaining contact methods, there is still a way to receive positive reviews and eliminate negative reviews, which is 800 customer service. Formulate with the appropriate CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) and 800 customer service team to turn every service opportunity into the best chance to receive positive reviews and eliminate negative reviews.

These customer service opportunities include:

Consumers inquire product usage via phone,

Consumers inquire product missing parts via phone,

Consumers complain incorrect product color or style via phone,

Consumers complain product malfunction via phone,

Consumers request for refund via phone, and more.

Here,we share some of the main experiences in practice, as follows

1. 800 Toll free Customer Service

Due to the real-time interactivity and great emotions and enthusiasm, the 800 Toll free customer service provide a smoother, more detailed, and satisfying customer service process. The use of email communication might omit some information and cannot express complex situations accurately. Especially for non-native customer service, which lacks the softness of language. Especially in the emergency, the 800 Toll free customer service responds immediately to appease the consumer to ease the thought of consumers wanting to write bad reviews in the first place. In the actual overseas customer service case, Callnovo experienced the following situations: Scooter battery extremely hot, consumers are concerned about the risk of explosion. The electric shock of the dog training device is severe, which caused harm to pet dogs. If the seller does not reply to the email until the next morning in China, in this case, the consumer most likely has complained to the American Consumers Association and even called 911. The negative reviews are already written on Amazon.

  •  Satisfaction Survey Follow-Up Call

Satisfaction Survey follow-up call, turning negative experiences into positives. follow-up call can happily communicate with customers based on specific needs. Imagine that after consumers get 800 Toll free customer service support, eliminated the negative experience, and were very satisfied with the use of the product. Two days later, the same customer service staff called and followed up the satisfaction with the use of the product, which also provides the opportunity to ask the customer to give positive review on Amazon, and thus improve the positive rating. The big data from Callnovo shows: About 65% of American consumers will post positive reviews within 2-3 days after communicating with customer service team, and sometimes post pictures to the reviews.

3. CRM Accumulate structured and comprehensive customer data, primarily to provide feedback on problematic products, which is beneficial to provide input for improving product quality and functionality at the manufacturing end.

4. CRM automatically match with Amazon negative reviews

CRM: Automatically match Amazon customers who give negative reviews and CRM customer service data, and customer service team proactively contacts to appease and eliminate negative reviews.

5. CRM voice-to-text

CRM: Voice-to-text, keyword query, Artificial Intelligence tags, efficient monitoring and analysis of customer service data, including voice conversation content

6. CRM one-click access to photos and videos of consumers

CRM: one-click access to photos and videos of consumers , synchronized access to CRM Tickets, to prevent customers from giving up, provide feedback as they don’t know how to upload files while improving feedback rates.

7. CRM synchronize data from all channels

CRM: Integration with Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, etc., synchronizing data from all channels to CRM. Improve management efficiency and accuracy.

In summary, under the new policy of Amazon Customer Communication Guidelines on December 3, 2019, e-commerce sellers can respond to changes by providing high-quality products and services. In terms of customer service, taking full advantage of professional customer service technology and resources, and serving consumers with sincerity, will allow e-commerce seller brands occupy the top spot (Chinese English) and become the best in the competition.

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