Chinese Customer Service

Chinese Call Center Global Business Language

Choose Callnovo as your outsourcing partner in Chinese customer service. We will work on all Chinese Customer Service operation details so that you don’t need to. No project is too small or too big, you can get started with minimum 1 Chinese agent. No long term commitment, you are using the service on-demand.

Your company has lots of Chinese Customer Service. Your company’s business is growing and you really want to focus on valuable tasks and outsource the rest non-core operations. You decided to outsource Chinese customer service call center to an offshore professional Chinese call center company. Not only you will save 60-70% cost comparing with setting up the Chinese Customer Service outside of China, but also you get peace of mind because the Callnovo professional Chinese customer service call center will focus on each single details of call center operations, from CSR recruiting to training, from call volume forecast to WFM (Work Force Management), from SLA management to QA.

With outsourced Chinese Customer Service contact center,you get