Why You Must Use WeChat for Sales and Customer Service in China

Why You Must Use WeChat for Sales and Customer Service in China

Posted :Posted 20 December, 2016

If you are planning on growing your business in the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace, you should know why you must use WeChat for sales and customer service in China. If the name “WeChat” is unfamiliar to you, it’s a good thing you’re reading this!

WeChat is a highly innovative social media platform offered by Chinese internet giant Tencent,with over 800 million active users in China. That’s more than half the population!

WeChat was launched in 2011 and was designed primarily for mobile devices, which is the main method used by most Chinese to access the internet. Further innovations include the ability to pay bills, transfer money to other users, place and pay for orders at physical stores, taxis and restaurants, purchase goods and services online, and much more.

And the Chinese love it! They spend record amounts of time on WeChat checking in an average of 10 times a day! It is highly optimized for mobile e-commerce and a must have for any successful e-commerce strategy in China. Even Facebook executives have to admit that WeChat’s success is inspiring!

Are you starting to see why you must use WeChat for sales and customer service in China?Part of the the secret of WeChat’s success is that e-commerce took off in China at the same time as mobile technology. Instead of the majority of online purchases being made on a desktop computer with a credit card like in the U.S., most Chinese make their online purchases on a smartphone with a mobile payment service like WeChat Wallet.

The shopping experience, purchase decision, transaction, fulfillment and after-sales service all takes place in WeChat’s highly social atmosphere.
To understand the average Chinese consumer, there is an important cultural distinction in their relationship with social media compared to western consumers. Unlike their western counterparts, Chinese consumers do not typically make purchases to express their individuality or stand out from the crowd. Quite the opposite. Most Chinese consumers will consult with their network of friends, family and influencers to come to the purchase decision that makes them feel most included and inter-connected.

This combinbation of factors has made WeChat one of the most successful mobile e-commerce platforms in the world, and is why you must use WeChat for sales and customer service in China.

Now that you understand what a social experience the purchase process is for the average Chinese e-consumer, it becomes much more clear that any serious e-retailer in China must be active in the WeChat space and proactively managing their reputation amongst this highly influential community. This goes far beyond a simple feedback form on your website, or an email account that starts with “[email protected]…”

To earn the trust of these loyal and supportive groups, you must have active WeChat Sales & Customer Service reps engaging Chinese consumers with their pre-sales research, purchase decision, and after-sales support.

By now, you can see for yourself why you must use WeChat for sales and customer service in China!

In this highly competitive social-commerce marketplace, you can’t afford to take chances by gambling with your online reputation, and it’s clear that you must use WeChat for sales and customer service in China.

These important responsibilties are best entrusted to professional service providers like Callnovo. Assigning your WeChat Sales & Customer Service to Callnovo’s professional and experienced native Chinese agents is one of the best decisions you could make to improve your reputation and sales in China.

WeChat is growing at an amazing rate! Do you want in? It’s not too late… Contact Callnovo right away to find out how we can help.


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