The Importance of Outsourced eCommerce Customer Service Solutions for U.S. eCommerce Businesses

For U.S. eCommerce businesses, excellent eCommerce customer service solutions are key to improving customer engagement. Recent data shows: 86% of eCommerce consumers pay more for a better customer experience. To ensure overall customer satisfaction, eCommerce businesses should focus on these service standards:

  • Timely Responses: 62% of eCommerce customers expect customer service inquiry responses within 60 minutes (SuperOffice); however, the average response time is approx. 12 hours. Additionally, Forrester shows: 66% of customers said valuing their time is crucial to satisfactory eCommerce customer service support.
  • Empathy & Problem Resolution: eCommerce customers expect empathy & problem resolution when contacting customer service; Help Scout shows: 96% of eCommerce customers say customer service is essential to brand loyalty, and 68% leave a company when they feel it shows indifference.
  • Personalization: eCommerce consumers want to feel valued & appreciated; Accenture found: 91% of eCommerce customers are more likely to shop with brands offering personalized offers & recommendations, and 83% are willing to share their data for personalized experiences.
  • Multichannel Support: Customers expect eCommerce businesses to provide omnichannel customer support; according to HubSpot, 90% of customers expect brands to offer self-service customer support portals, and 83% expect live chat eCommerce customer service to be available.
  • Transparency & Clarity: eCommerce customers expect transparency in pricing, shipping, and other details. The National Retail Federation demonstrates: 87% value transparency, and 56% said lack of transparency leads them to switch brands.

To increase long-term growth & sales success, U.S. eCommerce businesses should ensure quality eCommerce customer support; poor customer service results in lost sales, and a NewVoiceMedia survey found: U.S. eCommerce businesses lose approx. $62 billion annually due to unsatisfactory customer service. As such, high service standards pose a real challenge to high-quality service; to combat this, eCommerce businesses should consider how outsourced eCommerce customer service solutions meet customers’ needs & expectations, leading to greater customer satisfaction & increased sales.

In this article, we’ll cover:

Associated eCommerce Customer Service Challenges

As a U.S. eCommerce business looking to improve customer engagement and find long-term business growth & sales success, let’s visit some key pain points in eCommerce customer service your eCommerce company may encounter:

  • Slow Response Times: eCommerce customers expect timely responses to inquiries & concerns; according to SuperOffice, the average response time for email inquiry responses is approx. 12 hours and 10 minutes, which is longer than what’s considered acceptable (within 1-2 hours according to 62% of eCommerce customers, and within 15 minutes for 36% of eCommerce consumers).
  • Lack of Personalization: eCommerce customers want to feel valued & appreciated; according to a Segment study, 71% of consumers feel frustrated when their shopping experience is impersonal. However, 44% say they’d likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience.
  • Difficulty Finding Information: eCommerce customers want to find the info. they need easily & quickly; a Baymard Institute study shows: the average eCommerce website has a 28% usability score – meaning customers struggle to find what they’re looking for on most eCommerce sites.
  • Shipping Issues: eCommerce customers expect reliable, timely delivery of their purchases; according to MetaPack, 96% of eCommerce customers say shipping speed for online purchases is important. However, 56% have experienced delivery issues – such as: late deliveries, lost packages, or damaged items.
  • Lack of Omnichannel Support: eCommerce customers desire omnichannel customer service options; according to a Zendesk study, 87% of eCommerce customers think brands need to put more effort into ensuring seamless experiences. Contrarily, only 7% of e-Sellers can ensure a seamless omnichannel experience.

Outsourced eCommerce Customer Service Solutions Benefits for Top-tier eCommerce Customer Service

To combat the above-mentioned eCommerce customer service pain points, outsourced call centers providing stellar outsourced eCommerce customer service solutions are a viable solution to ensuring customers’ needs & expectations are met, leading to stronger customer satisfaction and long-term growth & sales success. Here’s some key advantages to outsourced eCommerce customer service solutions to ensure top-tier eCommerce customer service support:

  • Faster Response Times: outsourced teams receive specialized training and use technology to provide prompt customer inquiry responses, with a SuperOffice study showing email inquiries are handled 43% faster by outsourced teams. Outsourced teams can also operate 24/7 for quick responses, generally-reducing response times by 25% via omnichannel customer support (Forrester).
  • Omnichannel Support: outsourced teams ensure seamless omnichannel support by using unified communication tools, training their agents to handle customer inquiries across multiple channels. An Aberdeen study found: companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain approx. 89% of their customers. Outsourced teams can also use social media listening tools to monitor/respond to customer feedback in real-time.
  • Shipment Resolution: outsourced teams address shipping issues by providing real-time tracking updates, handling returns/exchanges, and resolving disputes with carriers; Metapack found: 96% of customers consider shipping speed & tracking visibility important. Outsourced teams also use data analytics to identify trends & address potential issues before they become major problems.
  • Personalization: outsourced teams personalize shopping experiences by using customer data, such as purchase history & browsing behavior, providing relevant offers and recommendations that result in a 91% increase in customer satisfaction (Accenture).
  • Ease of Finding Relevant Info.: outsourced teams offer better website navigation & search functionality, resolving common issues proactively, improving customer experience, and increasing revenue by up to 15% (McKinsey).

Considering the above, eCommerce customer service outsourcing ensures your business meets customers’ expectations, improving customer satisfaction & retention rates, and driving long-term growth/success.

Callnovo Contact Center’s eCommerce Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions Ensure High-Quality Service

This vector image shows a contracted, remote eCommerce customer service outsourcing rep providing eCommerce social management services for a prominent eCommerce provider.
This vector image shows a contracted, remote eCommerce customer service outsourcing rep providing eCommerce social management services for a prominent eCommerce provider.

Callnovo Contact Center – a leading outsourced customer service solutions provider with 18+ years of experience specializing in eCommerce customer service solutions for U.S. businesses –  has eCommerce customer service outsourcing solutions that lead to improved customer engagement and long-term customer loyalty & ambassadorship, ensuring long-term e-Commerce sales success.

Callnovo’s eCommerce customer service advantages include:

  • Record Response Times: Callnovo’s eCommerce customer service teams ensure prompt & efficient service, with an average response time of >60 minutes, leading to increased customer satisfaction & loyalty.
  • Quick, Reliable Info.: Callnovo’s eCommerce customer service teams are well-equipped to quickly assist customers in finding needed info., ensuring eCommerce customers a seamless experience.
  • Omnichannel SupportCallnovo’s eCommerce customer service outsourcing teams provide seamless multichannel support, ensuring eCommerce customers can contact customer service through their preferred channels.
  • Tailored Service: Callnovo collects customer data for tailored solutions/recommendations, ensuring eCommerce customers feel valued & appreciated, leading to repeat business.
  • Reliable Shipping: Callnovo works closely with shipping carriers to ensure packages are delivered on time & in excellent condition, leading to increased customer satisfaction & repeat business.

A client case example involves Callnovo supporting a reputable LVMH-owned cruise retailer for 9+ years with outsourced customer service solutions, providing diamond warranty policy info., diamond care & cleaning instruction, product replacements & refunds, amongst other services. Callnovo offers inbound calling & email support in Mandarin/Cantonese & English to ensure high-class customer satisfaction experiences, incrementing the client’s brand identity, global reputation & success, and ensuring top-tier brand ambassadorship.


To achieve long-term business growth & sales success, U.S. eCommerce businesses must focus on quality customer service that meets customers’ high service expectations; eCommerce customer service outsourcing helps businesses to achieve this by improving response times, personalizing shopping experiences, and ensuring multichannel support, leading to increased customer satisfaction & sales. With Callnovo Contact Center, you’ll ensure top-tier eCommerce customer service solutions that helps you exceed customers’ expectations, achieving long-term growth & sales success.

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