Callnovo’s Expertise in Global Tech Support Outsourcing for the Emerging Technology Industry

The importance of customer service is at an all-time high. The customer service outsourcing and tech support outsourcing needs of industries such as retail, medical care, gaming, and tourism are very extensive. However, some niche products have particularly high requirements for customer service, specifically AR/VR/MR glasses and other high-tech overseas brands. These new emerging technology industries are paving the way with new inventions that are not yet commonly seen or used, thus requiring a customer support operation solution to help new users navigate their products and services.

Since December 2021, Callnovo has been in contract with a professional AR/VR/MR glasses developer, dubbed T Company, providing top-notch tech support outsourcing and customer service outsourcing solutions. Callnovo’s technical support outsourcing solutions have helped its North American online store, Amazon store, and other sales channels to build a one-stop 24/7 customer service team in English and Spanish. The omni-channel service includes telephone, email, SMS, online chat, and social media.

As a professional AR/VR/MR equipment developer, T Company is aware of the important role of customer service quality in brand development, hence their partnering with Callnovo for tech support outsourcing solutions. With stunning visual effects and excellent interactive experience, T Company’s VR glasses have been widely acclaimed since their inception, and its products have won many international awards. Relying on excellent independent research and development capabilities and marketing strategies, T Company has quickly expanded in just a few years.

How can T Company maintain its leading position and continue to be the forefront of VR technology? T Company turned its attention to the customer service operation of its own brand by partnering with Callnovo for call center outsourcing solutions. Due to the high technical content of VR glasses, T company has high demands for the comprehensive ability of customer service personnel. The customer service personnel must have certain technical support experience and a strong competency in customer service soft-skills to quickly master complex product service knowledge and industry terminology.

Before T Company outsourced their customer service operation, they had to spend a lot of money and time on customer service recruitment, training, and management every year to deal with the high volume of customer inquiries, often with poor results. So how did they manage to improve the customer service quality of T Company and upgrade the customer service experience in an all-round way? Callnovo’s outsourced global customer service solution gives you the answer.

With the opportunity to enjoy learning via virtual reality, this young child basks in the joy of her dad’s interactive learning gift to her which is allowing her to learn more about insects while she interacts with them in a virtual world.

Customer Care Challenges for T Company Leading to the Need for Tech Support Outsourcing Solutions

The product and service knowledge is complicated, and the customer service team is overwhelmed.

Company T has many types of glasses, and the operation is complicated. It is difficult for ordinary consumers who have not been exposed to related products to get started quickly. The customer service team needs to be proficient in product technical knowledge to provide common knowledge questions and answers frequent FAQs for the glasses, such as:

  • “How do I use the first-person perspective to record a 3D app developed by myself?”
  • “The controller indicator light keeps flashing green, what should I do if I can’t connect the glasses?”
  • “What do the different colored lights mean?”

In addition to the complicated product knowledge question and answer (FAQ) service, the customer service team also undertakes pre-sales and after-sales services such as product introduction, function introduction, glasses use guidance, system operation guidance, logistics inquiry, return and exchange, etc. The growth of their product reputation has driven the continuous increase in customer inquiries, and the original customer service team of T Company was unable to meet the service needs of consumers.

Callnovo Contact Center‘s core team – equipped with high quality tech support outsourcing expertise – responded quickly to the service needs of T Company’s customers and set up a native English-Spanish bilingual customer service team from the nearshore site close to the United States as planned. The service channel provides 24/7 online customer service, which effectively relieved the customer service operation pressure of T Company and improved the service efficiency and customer care experience.

The products are highly professional, and it is difficult to recruit professional customer service personnel.

As a technology-based enterprise focusing on independent research and development and technological innovation, T Company has always insisted on technological innovation as the core driving force of enterprise development. In addition to the research and development of new products, T company will also regularly carry out product optimization as upgrades and bug fixes to continuously improve the user’s product experience. T company’s technical support customer service needs to know the latest upgrades and bug fixes in order to provide guidance for old users who have purchased VR glasses.

Based on T Company’s customer service needs, Callnovo provided T Company with a group of English-Spanish bilingual customer service candidates with industry service experience. As a result of Callnovo’s tech support outsourcing expertise, customer service personnel with technical support service experience as been able to greatly reduce the time and cost spent by T company in customer service training, speed up the project launch cycle, and allow the project to quickly enter a stable service period.

There are certain product risks and that may threaten the reputation of the brand.

Different from other general products, VR glasses have very strict restrictions on the users. People with epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart disease, fear of heights, pregnant women, and people with severe myopia are not recommended to use VR glasses. If the buyer does not understand the situation and places an order on a whim, there is a potential risk.

Potential risk has always been a part of the Callnovo team’s attention. The customer service from Callnovo is trained to thoroughly confirm the user’s situation before the customer places an order to reduce the risk of accidents and avoid customer disputes.

Without proper instruction and guidance, there may be a high rate of product returns.

VR glasses also have certain requirements for places of use, such as not being used outdoors or in places with strong light, and not wearing VR glasses while driving a car, exercising, swimming, or taking a bath. If the buyer does not understand these conditions, it may result in equipment failure and a user poor experience, and they are likely to initiate a return and leave a negative review. Although the experience was due to improper use of the device, it will still adversely affect the brand’s interests and reputation.

In order to help T Company reduce the product return rate, Callnovo has formulated a professional response plan: when a buyer expresses a desire to return the product, the customer service staff will use appropriate measures to appease the buyer’s emotions and quickly discern the cause of concern or distress. The core appeal is to solve the product problems encountered by buyers in a targeted manner, use high-quality customer service to dispel the buyers’ idea of ​​returning the product, and maintain their brand reputation.

Three female tech support agents engage in superb after-sales conversations with customers that have questions on how to use their new VR glasses.

As a rapidly developing enterprise, T Company expects to continuously improve product research and development capabilities, build brand image, and at the same time build a professional customer service operation to enhance customer experience and accumulate customer reputation. Along with Callnovo’s tech support outsourcing expertise, the business looks forward to a smooth and stable cooperative development with the T Company, making excellent customer service quality important to brand competitiveness.

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