How to Use a Call Center to Get More Amazon Reviews for Your Product

How to Use a Call Center to Get More Amazon Reviews for Your Product

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As a seller on Amazon, regardless of FBA or FBM, you know the importance of customer reviews. More, and better, Amazon reviews will build your product’s 5-star rating, help it stand out and gain more sales. According to a study of 7 million Amazon reviews, the competition for top rated products is so fierce that only a slim margin separates the top 10% from the bottom 50%. It’s the difference between a 4.3 and 4.7 average rating. [1] This clearly shows how important every positive review is!

  • Previous Strategies to Get More Amazon Reviews

Until recently, it was common for sellers to offer products at a deep discount or for free to customers in exchange for their honest, and usually positive, review. There are even websites that make it easy to get items for cheap or free in exchange for more Amazon reviews. [2] For sellers, it was a tempting strategy that seemed to put product reviews within their control.For customers, the large amount of biased reviews were frustrating and misleading.The practice came to an end when Amazon made guideline changes to ban incentivized reviews.The new policy aims to make Amazon’s review and rating system more fair and helpful to online shoppers. [3]

  • What Can a Seller Do to Get More Amazon Reviews and Improve Their Product Ratings?

This policy shift has left many Amazon sellers wondering what they can do to get more natural or, positive reviews from their real customers.Automated software automatically sends follow up email to customers, but most Amazon sellers only receive reviews on maximum 10-20% of sales. [4]

  • The Best Way to Get More Amazon Reviews and More Positive Ratings

The best way to get more reviews for and more positive ratings from real, human customers is to use real, human customer service agents that can relate to your customers from the heart! A highly recommended and experienced call center like Callnovo can be a seller’s most powerful tool to get more positive Amazon reviews.

  • Advantages of Using a Call Center for Amazon Seller Support

– Call Center can setup local phone numbers or toll-free phone numbers in countries such as US, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany for Amazon sellers. With such local presence, customer always feel you are just a phone call away.
– Customers can call Amazon seller customer care phone number at anytime when service is needed.
– Call center agents can give product usage tips to customers or troubleshoot the product in person immediately over the phone. This proactively solves many issues and avoids potential complaints and returns.
– Call center agents can communicate directly with customers to get them to open up with their genuine, heartfelt comments and feedback that they might not post online. This can provide valuable insights that enable the seller to improve their products and service.
– Customers are more likely to write a positive review naturally if the seller being contacts them.
– If a customer chooses not to receive any further phone calls, they will be added to a Do-Not-Call list.
– Call Center agents can send personalized email to customers based on their phone conversations and build long-term relationships for the seller. This leads to more repeat customers and referrals, and increased sales for new products in the future as your business grows.
– For those sellers in cross-boarder e-commerce with business coverage of overseas markets, Callnovo Call center agents can speak multiple languages and communicate with customers in many popular Amazon markets, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, China, Spain, India and more.

  • Amazon Sellers, Take Control of Your Product Ratings with Callnovo’s Proven Customer Service

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