Booming China Cross-Border E-Commerce

China’s e-commerce market has surpassed the United States as over 300 Million consumers spent over $300 Billion (USD) in 2013! This amount that is expected to grow to over $1 Trillion (USD) by 2019 thanks to new customs and logistics infrastructure improvements made by the Chinese government to promote cross-border consumer spending and imports. That’s a total of 30% more e-commerce customers in China than the US, 100% more than Japan, and 600% more than the UK!
Top players in the Chinese cross-border e-commerce space, like Alibaba’s Tmall and Taobao, are racing to enhance their mobile app investments to maintain their early dominance of the lucrative m-commerce segment. The stakes couldn’t be higher as the majority of people in China access the internet on mobile devices with 25% making online purchases at least weekly, representing approximately 10% of the nation’s total retail sales!
Callnovo’s China-based customer service contact centers have played a key role in these cross border e-commerce strategies, giving foreign e-commerce companies an established domestic presence in China. Our native Chinese speaking agents understand the various regional cultural differences and expectations of the people who make up this unique market and ensure that the companies we represent, like Alibaba, receive the highest in customer satisfaction ratings further ensuring their increased success!
Having professional, skilled, native Chinese agents as your brand’s front line of contact ensures that your new clients feel the most comfortable in their interactions with you, and that no opportunities are lost in translation!
For E-Commerce vendors it’s a boom time as the exploding market of consumer demand is fueled even further by the active cooperation of the Chinese government, with the goals of increasing domestic consumption, promoting fair competition and strengthening import tax management. They are eager to grow the segment as a new economic engine as they strive to shift the nation’s growth away from the slowing manufacturing sector.
Even the US government is actively promoting cross border e-commerce into China, with the US Department of Commerce enlisting Uncle Sam’s help in their January 2015 Global Markets presentation titled “Cross-border eCommerce – China”, to declare “We want YOU to sell your products to China” and offering tips like “3C (China Compulsory Certification) products/food have great market potential, and are expected to see rapid growth.”
So far the push seems to be working and predictions have been right! 2015 Q1 spending is up an astonishing 45% compared to the same period last year, more than double the projected estimates!
The booming market has attracted many new e-commerce vendors, who now struggle with the issues of discover-ability, marketing, branding and customer loyalty in a brand new, highly competitive, culturally distinct, foreign market.
Callnovo offers a variety of services designed to overcome these hurdles, from strategic market surveys, to targeted sales lead campaigns, to superior customer service via phone, email and chat.
Superior customer service continues to be the key to converting first time customers into lifelong advocates for your brand!
CallNovo’s extensive expertise in all areas of client contact and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) makes us the ideal partner to entrust your Chinese business development to, just like Alibaba has done!
To find out how your E-commerce business can succeed in China’s booming market, contact Callnovo right away for your free consultation and quick price quote, because just like Uncle Sam said, “We want YOU to sell your products to China!” and Callnovo can help!


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