How One of the Leading Outdoor Cooking Brands Saves 75% in Costs via Callnovo’s Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

There’s nothing more enjoyable like a hot day with a slight breeze coming through your American backyard as you cook outdoors – whether it be for family, friends, neighbors, and/or colleagues; BBQing has become more of a culture than a trend in North America – and, more and more people enjoy eating BBQ on different occasions. As fine weather and a barbeque go hand-in-hand, gathering to enjoy a beautiful evening with some wine and/or champagne and some nice grilled food is definitely a special occasion – no matter the reason. This is why it’s highly-important to have stellar customer service outsourcing solutions.

The yards of almost every home in America have outdoor cooking gear – such as: grills, caddies, barbecue sets, briquettes, etc.; upscale apartments and luxury resorts also have rows of public barbecue grills installed in their gardens or rooftops. Additionally, most community parks have outdoor grills for the public to enjoy outings. As can be seen, the availability of barbecue facilities at most public and residential places is high and demonstrates the love of Americans for BBQ occasions.

“Brand M”- the best outdoor cooking brand

Founded in 1972, “Brand M” has become one of the largest known outdoor cooking brands in the United States, focusing on barbecue-related utensils research, development, and sales. They provide a range of professional outdoor cooking utensils for American consumers.

“Brand M’s” business challenges (including customer service outsourcing solutions pain points)

Before utilizing Callnovo Contact Center‘s customer service outsourcing solutions for their digital customer engagement needs, “Brand M’s” primary challenge was how to successfully handle their increasing customers’ product and service inquiries as their team was under a lot of pressure to reply to every customer inquiry in a timely manner; they not only needed professional English-speaking customer service representatives – as well as 24/7/365 customer service support – however, “Brand M” also had need of competent customer service agents that shared the right technical knowledge regarding high-end cooking utensils and how to maintain them, desiring to provide satisfying correspondence to North American customers. In other words, the leading outdoor cooking gear provider lacked customer service personnel that had the right industry experience (including a lack of customer service outsourcing solutions).

The benefit of Callnovo’s remote customer service outsourcing solutions for “Brand M”

This is some of “Brand M’s” well-known outdoor cooking gear – including a cast-iron grill, an outdoor cooking utensil set, etc.

Callnovo – a globally-leading multilingual, omnichannel customer service outsourcing expert – formed a partnership with “Brand M” last year to handle the client’s main pain points with its customer service outsourcing solutions; Callnovo’s localized English language customer service team is responsible for the direct management of “Brand M’s” customers, providing all-around 24/7 customer support – without limitations – as well as customer relationship management support via Callnovo’s in-house, state-of-the-art global cloud-based SaaS CRM platform.

In the beginning, Callnovo was able to reach a partnership with “Brand M” after several rounds of business negotiations and development; “Brand M” called for the best customer service outsourcing solutions via high-quality, professional customer service agents which Callnovo has been able to provide through a rigorous recruitment process that recruited agents based on their job experience, aptitude, critical thinking skills, language skills, and customer service mindset, allowing “Brand M” to likewise personally participate in the hiring process via client interviews and to select the right customer service team. Since the Spring of 2021, Callnovo’s English language customer service team and customer service outsourcing solutions – officially launched in their Philippines operations center – has been providing a superb service to a plethora of American consumers.

Callnovo’s Philippines operations center – vital customer service outsourcing solutions for “Brand M’s” U.S. market customer service needs

A beautiful Philippines customer service agent smiles as she meets the product information needs of one of “Brand M’s” North American customers.

“Brand M’s” English-speaking customer service team was established in Callnovo’s Philippines operations centerafter careful consideration; there were several aspects behind this choice:

  • Filipino customer service reps have a neutral English accent – important for “Brand M”’s global business expansion throughout different countries and sales markets.
  • Callnovo Contact Center’s Filipino operations center has been operating steadily for practically a decade – so, they have rich experience in the provision of English customer service, providing CSRs that have a strong practical knowledge of customer service soft-skills – such as patience and strong awareness.
  •  As one of the well-known outdoor cooking brands, “Brand M” has been growing rapidly in recent years; therefore, customer service teams – such as Callnovo’s – must be able to break through time zone barriers and provide stable and efficient 24/7 service on all communication channels – including: inbound/outbound calling, email, live chat w/ or w/out integrated conversational AI (artificial intelligence), and social media networking.
  • High-end outdoor cooking equipment and outdoor cooking utensils require a complex understanding of product knowledge and technical expertise – for example: a strong understanding of different methods of product use, precise cleaning procedures, maintenance details, safety measures, troubleshooting, and other product details; therefore, CSRs must share the right amount of product knowledge and technical know-how within the cooking industry. The Philippines is perfect for such customer service teams as the talented pool of agents share great knowledge and maintain high standards.
  • One of the vital aspects behind Callnovo’s choice to utilize the Philippines for English-speaking customer service agents is that such service is cost-efficient and fully affordable; labor costs are extremely advantageous compared to other countries’ English-speaking customer service options – especially in comparison to U.S.-based agents – and, this is why Callnovo’s English-speaking customer service team in the Philippinescan save up to 75% of standard economic costs.
  • Callnovo’s Philippines customer service staff is stable; moreover, global businesses like your own don’t have to worry about complicated labor laws nor entanglement with the U.S. labor union.
  • In the case of fluctuating customer service requirements, Callnovo’s Philippines team can adjust and accommodate according to clients’ needs – as well as changing customer needs – depending upon any seasonal sales and promotional activities.

The importance of Callnovo’s global SaaS CRM system

“Brand M” decided to use Callnovo’s internally-developed, state-of-the-art global cloud-based SaaS CRM platform after finding it beneficial for their particular remote customer engagement needs; Callnovo’s cloud CRM platform is highly convenient and efficient, providing support for 800 toll-free calling that includes a plethora of diversified functions to successfully meet “Brand M’s” various customer service needs, offering a monthly rental fee less than 30% of the fees you’d pay for the most popular Customer Relationship Management platforms.


It has been proven that Callnovo’s partnership with one the largest outdoor cooking brands, “Brand M,” has been a wise decision. Today, it is hard to acquire cost-efficient customer service personnel in the U.S. as more people prefer to enjoy government unemployment benefits rather than work. As Filipinos are always looking for secure stable customer service jobs – and, as they are hard-working and enthusiastic about it – choosing Callnovo’s leading one-stop, multilingual, omnichannel contact center outsourcing solutions can ensure high stability and top-quality service at an affordable price – cutting investment costs from recruitment, to training, to management. Even for a brand like “Brand M,” Callnovo’s team has improved the customer service experience greatly; the brand’s millions of users are always being accommodated and provided with efficient global English-language customer service.

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