Tier 1 Tech Support Employee Highlight: Diego Orbegoso – Callnovo’s Bolivian Tech Support Team Leader for a Solar Energy Inverter Business

Recently, our very own Callnovo Contact Center had the wonderful opportunity to interview one of our very own 1st tier technical support team leaders (TL) for one of the clients that we serve in the South American country of Bolivia (La Paz, Bolivia) – recognized as one of most technologically-advanced countries throughout all of Latin America; since confidentiality agreements with specific clients do not permit us to provide client names, we will simply recognize this particular client as “the X brand.” Here’s a detailed highlight of our interview with Diego Orbegoso, the 1st tier tech support TL of our X brand.

Q&A with Diego Orbegoso – Team Leader for the X Brand

Introduction to Diego Orbegoso

Interviewer:                   Diego, thank you very much for taking the time participate in a detailed interview with our marketing department; it is awesome to be able to hear from you!

Participant:                   Thank you very much for having me! I really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and to highlight what I do as a tech support TL for our X brand. It’ll be my pleasure to answer whatever questions you may have.

Interviewer:                   It’s our pleasure; I have a lot questions for you – so, let’s get started. First, could you tell me a little about your professional background?

Participant:                   Yes, I would love to. So, after completing an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Philosophy of Law, I found employment in the non-profit sector with various organizations as an immigration defense strategy advisor, a legal assistant, a legislative consultant, and an organizer for refugee resettlement agencies; I also share comprehensive experience in the private sector in supply-chain management and international tourism.

Interviewer:          Wow, that’s very dynamic – different from what you currently do, right?

Participant:                   Yes, the wonderful thing – as you know – is that we as tech support agents are perfectly trained in the necessary skills to fulfill all required customer service duties.

The X Brand – A Global Solar Energy Inverter Business

Interviewer:                   Yes, as we have a very detailed 6-step hiring and onboarding process, we sure do hire only the most qualified agents for each position. So, then, we see that you lead a team of customer service representatives for the X brand; would you be able to give us a little bit of history and information regarding the brand?

Participant:                   I definitely can. The X brand is a solar energy inverter manufacturer that has been in business since… 2010, I believe; the solar inverter company has offices throughout Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States – but, our team provides outsourced tech support specifically to the Australian office due to its high demand for solar energy, as well as an institutionalized clean energy maxim. Effectively, the Australian solar energy market has been flourishing – so, there’s great demand for solar inverter products and energy storage solutions.

Interviewer:          Wow, that’s nifty; forgive me for asking – but, what exactly are solar inverters?

Participant:                   Thank you for asking; solar inverters – also called PV inverters – are electrical converters that receive the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic solar panel (solar energy) and convert that energy into utility frequency alternating current (AC) – that is, the universal electricity that we are all familiar with.

Information on Diego’s Tier 1 Tech Support Background at Callnovo

Interviewer:                   That’s pretty technical, Diego – but, it sounds like an interesting brand to work for. How did you get in contact with us and start working with this brand?

Participant:                   It actually was quite interesting; since Callnovo Bolivia utilizes social media to touch base with prospective candidates, I actually found the application on Facebook and filled it out. Once I successfully passed the interviews, then I started our 3-day detailed training to get familiar with the position’s needs – then I started working in our Bolivian office as a tier technical support agent.

Interviewer:                   Sounds like you definitely received the right training rather quickly; how long have you been working with us as a tier 1 tech support agent?

Participant:                   I have actually been working as a tier 1 tech support agent since July of 2020; you know… it’s been a fun ride – when I first started, I found it exciting to learn a lot about solar energy and how it contributes to providing clean and sustainable energy – and, then when I became the tech support team leader for the X brand, I was able to pass all of my knowledge and expertise to our seven other T1 agents who constantly do a fine job. It has been such a privilege having the X brand’s team invest into us – and, it has been an even greater privilege being able to invest into my own team of technical support agents.

Detailed Information on Diego’s Tier 1 Tech Support Team Leader Position at Callnovo

Interviewer:                   I have to tell you, Diego: we have been entirely grateful for your leadership for the X brand, and the reviews that we have received from customers have been nothing but positive; thank you very much for your hard work and dedication.

Participant:                   It has been completely a pleasure; I know the journey has just begun for my team and I, but we’re very grateful for the opportunity to work for such a powerful brand that does so much for solar panel users who are looking to utilize electricity in a cost-efficient manner.

Interviewer:          We definitely see the journey providing a lot of meaning for individual solar panel users over quite a long time; with you as the tier 1 tech support team leader and the expertise of your team, we simply cannot wait to see how the X brand’s success grows.

Participant:          Well, I have to tell you – even with such a journey ahead, we have actually been seeing growth even now. You know, my immediate superior and colleague, Chopin, has told me that the brand’s offices in Germany and France are looking to extend the same level 1 tech support that we provide here in Bolivia via two new technical support agents, proving that the quality of the support that we provide is self-evident since the brand wants to widen the scope of Bolivian-based customer support to their international offices – starting with their German and French offices.

Interviewer:          Wow, that’s wonderful! So, then tell me: what exactly are the qualifications that level 1 support needs to sport?

Participant:          Good thing you asked. Generally, tech support needs to sport a high level of English language proficiency – oral and written – since the terminology utilized in day-to-day operations is uncommon; level 1 technical support conversations require advanced comprehension skills so that crucial details are never missed, ensuring excellent tech troubleshooting assistance. Likewise, a general desire in learning about solar energy, I believe, facilitates the training and development process for each agent. We actually provide bi-weekly meetings so that our agents are prepared with the most up-to-date training. Lastly, we require transparency – honest and immediate communication from all agents with myself or Pablo Vidal, our immediate client manager, so that issues can be identified and clarity can be provided regarding aspects of the position.

Interviewer:          Those are very good qualifications to look out for, Diego; I have just one more question for you then: could you tell me briefly about what your team’s daily job description entails?

Participant:          It is my pleasure to do so. As we use Twilio Flex and Zoho for communicating with all the brand’s offices, we are in charge of conducting inbound/outbound service calls, keeping in mind to communicate with the brand’s departments through Zoho’s ticket-based system. Likewise, we contact customers and installers via e-mail to provide tech support on cases, conducting logistics operations to confirm all the corresponding information at hand, as well as work in tandem with our superiors. On Twilio, we conduct troubleshooting diagnostics and/or relay any requested information – and, if needed, we’ll defer to our colleagues in Australia whenever anything is outside of our capacity and experience. When there are calls that can be solved internally, our agents defer to our own Skype group to exhaust any possible alternatives before appealing to L2 tech agents – a procedure that we have mutually agreed upon within our circle of colleagues. If needed, in Zoho, we will create tickets to begin a warranty replacement process for such issues that simply cannot be handled. As team leader, I fill out daily a registry for missed calls and I also review all agents’ calls to establish a common standard when it comes to customer service and technical knowledge. I personally look out for each agent’s technical knowledge skills, call management quality, and time management control so that – if needed – I can provide constructive criticism that helps agents to grow. The work environment is very healthy and transparent – so, I have no issues having one-on-one conversations with agents, and they can easily communicate their needs and doubts.

Interviewer:          Completely wonderful, Diego; thank you very much for having taken the time today to interview with us and to share your background, client information, and the specifics of the tech support that you and your team provide. We really appreciate all of this and look forward to great things in the future for you and team.

Participant:          It has been my pleasure to spend time with you today, and thank you very much for having me.

Thanks to tech support team leaders like Diego Orbegoso and their tech support teams, Callnovo Contact Center is a leading expert in providing high-quality outsourced technical support – as well as customer service – that can guarantee any business or corporation strong customer retention and a highly-recognized and respected brand reputation, ensuring that their sales growth and sales success increasingly become more secure and stable in the global market – regardless of the industry. Our very own Callnovo – within Bolivia and also throughout our other offices – prides itself in that it has a strong human resources (HR) department that can ensure that only the best customer service and tech support agents are hired so that there are no issues with poor service quality and so that customers can receive the right solutions with little to no hiccups in service, ensuring clients that all customers are at the center of what we provide and are our highest priority.

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