Improve your Business’ Brand Reach and eCommerce Customer Service with Social Media

“Over the past five years – and, gradually becoming more significant every year – the advancement of the internet and mobile technology has been taking global consumers by storm; the worldwide web (WWW) is now more relevant than ever, offering people the opportunity to interconnect in ways that had not been imaginable ten years ago – and, this means big business for eCommerce sellers (i.e. Amazon Sellers, Shopify Sellers, eBay Sellers, Lazada Sellers, Shopee Sellers, Online Stores, etcetera) because they now have unlimited access to worldwide consumers which can offer unprecedented numbers when it comes to customer acquisition and customer retention. In order to take full advantage of this grand opportunity – which provides a strong advantage over competitors in the global market – it is extremely important for e-Commerce sellers to consider adding social media to their customer service repertoire.

The Worldwide Web: An Unprecedented Opportunity for eCommerce Brand Success

There is no doubt that mobile and internet technology has become a crucial portal to everything – connecting with the world has never been easier; the internet has opened up omnichannel communication and telecom platforms (phone calls, SMS messaging, e-mail, live web chat with or without integrated conversational AI, and social media) which have become a central connection hub. Since consumers can more easily connect with others – and since they are also utilizing the internet to purchase the products and services that they adore from their favorite brands – straight from the comfort of their own homes – eCommerce sellers (i.e. Amazon Sellers, Shopify Sellers, eBay Sellers, Lazada Sellers, Shopee Sellers, Online Stores, etcetera) have an awesome opportunity to strongly increase their customer base and to also turn one-time shoppers into long-term customers by utilizing the various multichannel communication platforms that are available to provide top-quality customer experiences to a plethora of prospective and current customers which can strengthen brand recognition and customer acquisition, increase brand loyalty and customer loyalty, and secure strong long-term eCommerce sales and sales success against competitors in the global market – since “word-of-mouth remains the most valuable and preferred method of marketing for businesses around the world” ( an excerpt taken from the article, “Why Good Customer Service Should Be A Priority For Your Small Business”).

Improve your Business’ Brand Reach and eCommerce Customer Service with Social Media

Social networking and social messaging has without-a-doubt become one of the most preferred means by which people interact with each other in comparison to the other communication and telecom methods; according to an article by, statistics from 2019 show that approximately 45% of the global population are flat-out social media users – that’s around 3.5 billion people give-or-take worldwide. As we have now entered 2021, that statistic has actually increased, showing that 3.8 billion people and counting have been using social media since the start of 2020 year. With such popularity, the usage of social media is a surefire means of sales growth for eCommerce startups, small, medium, and large businesses and corporations.

The Benefits of Social Media

As has been hinted at above, social media provides many benefits for e-Commerce companies when it comes to customer acquisition and retention – as well as when it comes to a business’ overall customer loyalty and brand success. Some of these benefits are:

  • Online Prospective Customer Reach – according to a third-party research company, 71% of all adults use social media; by promoting eCommerce goods and services on the most popular social media networks and messaging apps (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etcetera), eCommerce businesses / corporations are guaranteed to increase their brand reach to a very specific niche of consumers which can bring rapid sales and financial benefits.
  • Increase in Brand Loyalty – while this has been mentioned above, it is important for eCommerce companies to understand that social media usage brings about the specific benefit of being available to all customers – prospective and current – whenever they need customer service support; this evades gaps in service and can be a potential customer experience enhancer if proper service is provided.
  • An Authentic User Experience – From a customer’s perspective, customer support should hit home with them in such a way that they feel special; social media simply builds trust and customer loyalty because it shows consumers that a business is available. In addition to this, by providing authentic eCommerce customer service that personally recognizes individual consumer needs, consumers will be more than dispositioned to become long-term customers because they will appreciate the fast service that they have received in the moment that they have needed it.

How to Utilize Social Media to Your Business’ Advantage

With such benefits as those mentioned above – and so many more – we at Callnovo Contact Center – an international leader in outsourced global call center customer service and tech support – would like to provide for you some tips as to how your eCommerce business or corporation could utilize social networking and social messaging apps to its advantage so that your company may capitalize on this grand opportunity for sales growth and find a stronger competitive advantage in the global market against your own competitors – as well as grand success.

Keep your Social Media Connections Uniform

With so many social media platforms, it can become hectic when an e-Commerce business is trying to manage all conversations on each particular platform at once; departmentalizing the platforms is bad for business because it keeps eCommerce companies from seeing the overall view of the issues that customers face – and, oftentimes, customer inquiries can even be missed. In order to make sure that all your social media networks are connected, we recommend using software such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to keep all data together across the platforms; by funneling all your social media channels into as single customer engagement platform, your business or organization can ensure that it doesn’t miss messages and that it can quickly respond to consumers who need help in real time.

Make Use of Social Analytics

By utilizing social analytics, businesses could understand customer interactions and why customers are making contact with them; we recommend analyzing social data to see whatever conversation tags have been applied by agents – which helps to find out the reasons behind why customers send tweets or connect and also to find out what happened throughout the course of each conversation. By collecting valuable feedback, businesses can improve their customer service quality and also deliver consistent customer experiences.

Measure your Social Media Performance

By measuring your social media performance (specifically your key social metrics) via each platform’s built-in tools, your eCommerce company can successfully justify its investment in social customer care service and can also sustain internal sponsorship; it is important to ensure that your business’ engagement app includes a dashboard that gives senior managers a real-time overview of agent engagement – all in a single interface so that they may benchmark KPIs.

Additional Advice: Utilize an Outsourced Global Call Center

For many eCommerce businesses and corporations, having a dedicated social media team is impractical due to the operational costs needed to maintain such a team healthy and fully committed to managing prospective and current customers via social networking;by utilizing a reputable call center that has an expert customer service team that specializes in social media marketing and social media management, eCommerce companies like your very own can save on such expenses and still highly manage the amount of traffic that comes through social media. Our very own Callnovo Contact Centeryour global customer experience (CX) experts – shares more than 16 years of experience in call center customer service and tech support, successfully providing multilingual customer service in more than 35 global languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese – amongst others). Our dedicated team of social media experts utilizes the most advanced technology and is guaranteed to help your business succeed in the competitive global market – as we have been doing for more than 1,000 B2B and B2C partners.

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