Why Good Customer Service Should Be A Priority For Your Small Business


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There is a saying amongst many business owners that 1 happy customer is worth 7 or 8 new sales. Meaning that just 1 sale that results in the customer being satisfied enough to recommend the service and come back again is the best marketing you could ever buy. How do you make sure you’re providing that level of care though? Well, one surefire method is by outsourcing to a customer support contact center; a dedicated call center ensures that no matter what stage of the journey your customers need help with, a friendly and knowledgeable helping hand is never far away.

As e-commerce businesses progress more and more towards strictly automated online models they are neglecting an essential part of the sale which is human interaction. A faceless, voiceless entity will never leave as much of an impression as a conversation will and when things go wrong or your customer gets confused nothing will turn them off your business as quick as a blank wall when it comes to customer support. It’s very easy to get frustrated and angry with a website or a robotic sales process, and without a clear customer support contact center with the phone number given freely on your site they will likely just leave. Having someone waiting and ready to help saves so many sales.

Word of mouth remains the most valuable and preferred method of marketing for businesses around the world. Again, it comes down to that human touch and receiving a recommendation from a trusted friend will impact on new potential customers much stronger than even the most fiercely marketed advertisement. This is due to the trust we assign to our fellow man and woman and is a widely accepted and observable fact. So how do you get your customers to recommend you to their friends? It’s easier said than done but fantastic customer service will always be the most profitable investment towards this goal.

The customer is always right and so if they find your sales process a little confusing or they need more information before making a purchase, you are obligated to offer them that option. It can help you to not only make the initial sale but with a dedicated and trained team, you can even offer extras or advice that can increase the average order value. What’s the best part about that? The fact that the attention you are giving to each customer makes them feel valued and in turn more impressed by your business. A customer support contact center such as the outsourced call center service we provide at Callnovo is invaluable when it comes to improving the success and measurable sales metrics of your e-commerce business across the board.

The Philippines has become the call center capital of the world and for good reason, our staff is expertly trained in how to handle your customers with care and consideration to ensure they leave your online store with a great big smile on their face. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and find out how we can help grow your business.

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