Foodservice Industry Pain Points and the Strong Advantage of Callnovo’s Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

Due to the pandemic over the last 3 years, global businesses – whether global corporations, small-to-medium businesses (SMEs), Fortune 500 companies, etc. – took a major hit in global sales. 2022 has marked a turning point – international businesses are improving sales margins and building their brands again. For the restaurant industry, this has become a reality. According to a 3rd party report, in 2022 – “the year of transition” – the U.S. restaurant industry is expected to reach 2US$ 898,000,000 in sales as the workforce grows by approx. 400,000 employment opportunities, reaching industry employment 14.8+ million by December 2022.

Foodservice Industry’s Accompanying Pain Points

An angry head chef scolds his kitchen team because they weren

As the foodservice industry slowly recovers, labor, operational, and logistics challenges plague restaurant owners – worth considering – because a lack of proper handling of such impacts restaurant chains’ business process optimization, the allocation of resources and maximization of sales gains, improvement of the profit vs. cost ratio, and customer service, limiting restaurant guests’ quality of customer experiences (CX), stalling customer acquisition, and decreasing customer loyalty, leading businesses to lose their hold on market share.

Here’s some challenges negatively impacting the restaurant industry:

  • High Turnover and Recruitment/Training Costs – consistently-high stress levels associated with top-notch customer service negatively impacts employee turnover; not only are restaurants a ripe place for young people to begin careers before moving on to something else – but, the hourly salary isn’t enough to justify the workload/long hours. Additionally, recruiting/training new employees becomes too costly; replacements could cost thousands in recruitment, advertisements, and training costs – in addition to hidden expenditure resulting from reduced customer service leads.
  • Restaurant Management Issues – though restaurant management knows how to manage staff, there’s too much hassle finding time/energy to do so, impacting management’s focus on day-to-day operations; food service busyness and its associated service tasks – i.e. inventory management, top-notch food quality, prompt/accurate attention, payroll management, scheduling, the service efficiency, etc. – can cause management structure inefficiency, leading to management role confusion, causing unsatisfactory operations. As a result, unpleasant CX decrease/slow customer retention, hurting brand reputation.
  • Low Customer Service and Customer Retention Quality – Additionally, other operations issues affect overall CX, putting restaurant chains at risk of defaulting or eventual closure. According to a 3rd party, restaurant operations can close within the first few years – partially from less-than-pleasant customer experiences. Some issues arising are: inaccurate orders – resulting from inefficient productivity, inaccurate bill calculations due to human error/miscalculations, and slow service.

Callnovo’s Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions – a Viable Means of Effectively Handling Foodservice Industry Challenges

5 customer service agents from various ethnic backgrounds are smiling as they provide superb native language, omnichannel customer service outsourcing solutions to restaurants that are looking to expand their service to national regions.

Callnovo Contact Center – a one-stop, global customer engagement leader in customer service outsourcing solutions with a tenure of 17+ years in the provision of top-tier remote customer service/tech support – meets the challenges of businesses in the restaurant industry successfully with remote-based, native language customer service support that decreases in-house operations costs and ensures high-quality CX – enhancing restaurant brands’ service quality and helping them to continually build their brand reputation, increasing their profit margins in the competitive market.

With Callnovo’s superb customer service outsourcing solutions, restaurant chains/delivery services need not worry about expensive costs associated with high employee turnover and recruitment/training – nor about their management efficiency dropping – as Callnovo boasts an average 1–2-year customer service representative tenure, and its global customer service outsourcing team can provide customer service representatives (CSRs) that share the right expertise at a fraction of the in-house cost – including a detailed 6-step recruitment process, complete customer service skills training throughout the entire service, and an adept operations management/quality assurance (Q&A) team – all to the end that your restaurant/food delivery business maximizes on its sales gains and long-term profit without compromising your budget and ensuring your business provides quality customer service that brings lasting, long-term success. Furthermore, with Callnovo’s remote-based, localized operations management teams, Q&A experts, and native language speaking CSRs – along with its 24/7 omnichannel service solutions – your foodservice business can guarantee its customers/guests receive food orders accurately, with the right pricing at an efficient service speed, incrementing your customers’/guests’ CX quality and ensuring your brand’s success is sustained and that its customer loyalty grows, leading to long-term financial stability and a stronger hold on the market.

Callnovo’s Partnership with the “C Company”

From the beginning of 2022, the “C Company” – whose name is kept confidential – has been successfully benefiting from Callnovo’s global customer service outsourcing solutions as it provides food entrepreneurs, local restaurants, and restaurant chains the opportunity to open the next level of restaurants – all virtualized – to enhance the utilization rate of kitchen spaces, increase their delivery coverage, and expand to new regions. Callnovo provides the “C Company’s” clients superb customer service in the localized languages of French/English, working within European time zones, so that the “C Company” can ensure that – while their clients’ in-house kitchen/management teams focus on cooking delicious food to be delivered to their customers – orders are properly taken and then deliveries are efficiently routed to hungry customers, increasing service efficiency and augmenting each customer’s satisfaction experiences. All current customer service agents provide top customer engagement via inbound//outbound calling, utilizing the “C Company’s” own telecom platform – furthermore, online deliveries, sales insights, and supply chain information is handled by Callnovo’s CSRs via the “C Company’s” own innovative system technology which consolidates all delivery programs in one centralized dashboard – creating efficient service opportunities that completely meet customers’ food delivery needs, leading to high quality CX that brings fruitful customer retention and long-term market success.


Though the foodservice industry deals with specific pain points that affect its restaurants, food chains, and delivery services’ long-term sales growth and market competition, Callnovo Contact Center offers an affordable, 24/7/365, one-stop multilingual customer service solution that successfully meets such pain points with remarkably efficient service, helping off-shore food businesses – like the “C Company” – to meet their customers’ food service expectations in such a way that they are left with pleasant customer experiences that keep them coming back for more service, enhancing such brands’ reputation and loyalty and creating a persistent competitive drive in the sales market.

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