Competitively Dominate the Nordic eCommerce Market with Callnovo’s Native Language Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

There’s no doubt countries/territories within the Nordic region (a.k.a “Norden”) – such as: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Aland – are becoming a strong hub for global e-Commerce businesses; eCommerce brands from all over the world are entering the Nordic sales market due to the long-term sales advantages of the region’s rapid expansion. Additionally, when it comes to technology and its accompanying opportunities for technological innovation, Nordic consumers are considered as early adopters – along with such countries as Korea, Japan, and the United States – as they generally have a higher income at their disposal – as well as the increased opportunity for purchasing goods and services within Europe. The best way to take advantage of this opportunity for eCommerce expansion within the Nordic region and in-turn gain Nordic eCommerce customer’s trust and loyalty is to provide ensure e-Commerce consumers enjoy  smooth shopping process accompanied by superb pre-sales/after-sales customer service in each Nordic country’s native language; if you your business is planning to expand to the Nordic sales market and compete against established eCommerce companies within this particular eCommerce market, it’s suggested to consider the latest digital commerce trends, as well as provide great native language customer service that ensures that Nordic customers receive strong customer satisfaction experiences.

The Best Approach to Customer Service

In the Nordic region, eCommerce customers highly-appreciate local language customer service as they feel more comfortable getting sales assistance in their mother tongue – especially when they come across any before-sales purchasing difficulties or after-sales issues; to handle such sales situations, customer support in Nordic languages is the best communication approach to bring purchasing value to each Nordic consumer and therefore create a strong customer base that thrives with long-term loyal customers. To bring such an approach to reality, we suggest that your cross-border eCommerce business hires the customer support services of an outsourced call center that specializes in 24/7/365 multilingual, omnichannel customer service and tech support this will help your company successfully compete in the ever-growing Nordic eCommerce sales market. For Norden people who normally don’t  expect to get customer support in their local language, go global eCommerce businesses have the opportunity to wow such consumers with customer service in their own local languages – whether it be the Dutch language, the Finnish language, the Icelandic language, the Nynorsk language, the Swedish language, etc.; furthermore, as they get comfortable with consumer support in their own native languages, Nordic e-Commerce customers will begin to prefer digital commerce platforms for their next purchase.

Limitations of Nordic Market eCommerce Expansion

Global e-Commerce companies that have expanded to the Nordic region are currently only providing English language customer service and English language tech support; while they may want to offer native language support to Nordic consumers, it is quite challenging. The reason behind such a limitation is that it’s difficult to come across Nordic language customer service representatives nationally; only a small number of Nordic individuals take an interest in working for foreign businesses, and even fewer are willing to work for international eCommerce businesses and provide customer service. Another issue faced by most foreign e-Commerce businesses is the limitation in providing global coverage due to large time-zone differences; due to huge time differences within the Nordic region, international e-Commerce companies simply cannot provide the 24/7 service that Nordic consumers deserve and appreciate.

How Callnovo Contact Center is a Viable Solution to Market Expansion in the Nordic Region

Callnovo provides global 24/7/365 native language customer service outsourcing solutions to off-shore eCommerce companies that offer multilingual language support in omnichannel communications – such as: inbound/outbound calling, email, SMS messaging, live web chat, and social media management. Instead of attempting to hire local customer service agents yourself, you can reach out to their global customer service outsourcing team since they provide a one-stop digital customer engagement solution without language barriers and service limitations. Sharing a strong partnership with eCommerce brands already in the Norden sales market, Callnovo has been offering Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, and Swedish customer service along with other local languages for many years now.  Callnovo’s call center team provides digital customer service support in all Nordic languages, so your e-Commerce brand can meet Norden customers where they are at with native language support that not only ensures a smooth sales process, but that also meets Nordic cultural norms. With such customer service outsourcing solutions, your global eSeller can rest, assured that the two major limitations mentioned above and faced by most e-Commerce businesses is entirely resolved.

A Core Case Study: the Success of the “G Brand” through Callnovo’s Native Language Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

Callnovo provides e-Commerce pre-sales/after-sales support to a cross-border eSeller which we will call the “G brand” within the Nordic region. The brand sells versatile products – from household items, to electronics, to outdoor sports products; they had a dynamic list of requirements for superb customer service that Callnovo’s global customer service outsourcing team first found challenging – however, with the right customer service team setup, Callnovo was able to – and has been continuing to – efficiently and effectively meet the “G brand’s” customers’ needs and superbly provide customer service outsourcing solutions in local Nordic  languages.

Callnovo’s team hires customer service staff following a detailed 6-step recruitment and retention process which includes the careful screening of applicants; as a result, their e-commerce customer service staff share rich experience in the outsourcing industry and are proficient in their respective service languages. Callnovo provides a range of professional customer support services and call center services, which include the following:

  • omnichannel telecommunication services – such as: inbound calling/outbound calling, email support, SMS messaging, live chats w/ integrated conversational AI (artificial intelligence), and social media management – all for before and after-sales support which includes consultations, payment support and resolution, logistics inquiries, refunds, returns, exchanges, and others,
  • private message correspondence Facebook follow-up support to help go-digital businesses maintain a corporate image on social media networks,
  • translations for various product manuals – including product names, product descriptions, usage instructions, product specifications, and etc. for consumer convenience, and
  • the routine checking/proofreading of product SKUs to ensure that info. is accurate and complete.

How Callnovo is a Cost-effective Solution to your Global Sales Market Expansion Efforts

For eCommerce businesses, opening a local service center is an expensive means of providing service due to the high cost of hiring local customer service reps – not to mention the incurrence of high costs in terms of operations and utilities – and, it’s difficult to maintain low turnover rates with a limited budget. If your digital commerce business wants to provide 24-hour service, you’ll need more customer service staff. The scarcity of labor, high per capita wages, and other business factors make it difficult to run a local service center; thus, Callnovo is a cost-effective outsourcing solution as they provide a flexible, reliable customer service team with adjustable customer service plans to always meet your sales goals – no matter where you’re at in your sales plan – greatly reducing labor costs.


As the Nordic region is considered to be one of fastest growing global eCommerce markets, a great opportunity presents itself for globally-expanding eSellers to attract a massive number of Nordic eCommerce consumers; Nordic consumers prefer buying from global eSellers that offer high-quality products and services and cross-border eSellers that provide quality custom care – so, it’s better to rely on a professional customer service outsourcing solution like Callnovo Contact Center –an industry-leading customer service call center that provides global coverage in 65+ native languages.

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