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Apple has recently claimed to support low-orbit satellite communication in their upcoming smartphone models; since this news breakout, “Brand G’s” stock price has risen 5.93% rather quickly. Many people are unaware of the fact that not every corner of the earth receives an electronic signal. The remote area of the world lacks general telephone signals as they are not popularized, so if individuals in this area want to get in touch with people outside these areas, what will can do? Well, in these areas, satellite phones are necessary for communicating with the outside world. The satellite phone provider, “Brand G,” is a leading provider of satellite phones throughout the entire the world. Let’s take a look at what “Brand G” does.

“Brand G” – the most renowned satellite phone provider

“Brand G’s” history dates back to the 1990s during which they launched their first satellite; from the initial, they quickly became one of the world’s leaders in satellite technology. Today, “Brand G” is providing a range of services and is a leading provider of outstanding satellite phones, accommodating numerous international businesses and international consumers communications needs worldwide with their provided satellite phones; these satellite phone devices have brought great convenience to users in various industries and fields – such as: people associated with exploration, mining, forestry, archaeology, scientific research, oil, and gas – where they are very dependent upon “Brand G.”

How satellite phones work

Satellite telephones utilize orbiting satellites to provide communication services – like: inbound-outbound calling, SMS messaging, location tracking, and more – and, satellite signals are not limited to cell phone towers like cell phone signals are. Instead, satellite phones can effectively transmit the signal to every corner of the world; no matter where you are, you can always communicate with the rest of the world via satellite phones. “Brand G” became the number one provider of satellite phones in the business world and is famed for its comprehensive, efficient satellite phone services. As a result, “Brand G” is supported by a large number of worldwide consumers.

Callnovo’s and “Brand G’s” partnership

An outdoorsman is holding a GPS-powered satellite phone; he is camping out with his girlfriend, and they are fishing for bass.

Callnovo Contact Center and “Brand G” signed an official service agreement in January 2021, introducing a long-term partnership; this leading global satellite phone brand has been gaining trust in Callnovo’s 24/7, 1-800 tollfree inbound hotline service which is being provided for satellite phone users in South America and Europe. Callnovo’s team of customer support specialists provides multilingual customer service outsourcing solutions and tech support outsourcing solutions to “Brand G’s” customers – including native language support to Portuguese-speaking customers and Spanish-speaking customers.

Callnovo’s bilingual Spanish and Portuguese customer service team generally provides professional customer engagement services that offer timely and complete solutions to different global pre-sales and post-sales questions/concerns. For Brand G, Callnovo provides support for satellite phone shipment requests, tech support for satellite phone products, satellite phone service activation, and guidance on how to operate satellite phone equipment. Callnovo’s customer service staff provides a timely and efficient solution to satellite phone consumers’ requests.

Therefore, if your business is a satellite phone services provider providing satellite equipment and support to – let’s say – practitioners in the mining industry – or adventure-loving outdoor tour groups, or other users of satellite products, Callnovo’s customer service and tech support team can ensure that your satellite phone and/or satellite service customers receive the timely support they need via global, multilingual customer service – without language barriers or service limitations – as Callnovo ensures 24/7 service that meets consumers where they are at, providing the help they need when they need it. For people who need to work and live in harsh environments, Callnovo’s professional customer care representatives and technical support team are always available for support. They continually and tirelessly support the front lines, helping customers in need.

Callnovo’s provision of customer support services for “Brand G”

When Callnovo’s partnership with “Brand G” started, the brand had high service expectations; to meet the brand’s service requests, Callnovo selected a large number of high-quality candidates from one of their South American operations centers. Callnovo was able to form an experienced native language customer service team after the careful screening and skills assessment of competent candidates; Callnovo’s call center’s high standard of language proficiency and language level has been able to satisfy “Brand G”s’ customer service expectations within the satellite phone industry to ensure that there are no language barriers to service, promoting the successful provision of customer satisfaction experiences that make a lasting impression.

5 different customer service representatives from different ethnic backgrounds are smiling as they have their picture taken; these customer service agents provide conjoined pre-sales and post-sales customer support for a renowned cellular phone provider in the U.S.

Apart from Callnovo’s product service responsibilities, its customer service outsourcing solutions and tech support outsourcing solutions team also undertakes the following tasks for “Brand G”:

  • Callnovo provides customer engagement services from pre-sales to after-sales. For example, product consultation support, the processing of returns and exchanges, logistics support, and payment consultation and sales support – amongst others. This likewise includes: guidance for order cancellations, product maintenance, appointment-setting, and other services.
  • Callnovo’s customer service team improves service quality through efficient and comprehensive service, gaining customer trust and enhancing end-users’ experiences.
  • Callnovo receives visiting customers, solves customer issues, and ensures customer satisfaction through a 1-800 customer service hotline, handling inbound/outbound calling, email, SMS messaging, live chat w/ integrated conversational AI (artificial intelligence), and social media management.
  • Callnovo handles and records customer complaints, appeases customer emotions, and works to improve product quality complaints by promptly informing the tech support team.
  • Callnovo carries out the concrete following-up of customer complaints actively, likewise, providing timely feedback on customer needs to promote and enhance customer experiences.
  • Callnovo Improves upon its customer service reps’ and tech support agents’ customer service soft-skills and regularly organizes continual training on customer service pain points and how to tackle them.


In conclusion, Callnovo fulfills the global demand for multilingual, multi-channel customer service in 65+ local languages – such as: English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese – amongst others – providing 24/7 customer service outsourcing solutions and tech support outsourcing solutions without limits, managing customer complaints via different communications channels – such as inbound/outbound calling, email, remote chat, SMS messaging, and many more. One of the big brands that Callnovo is serving with their superb services is “Brand G” – a leading provider of satellite phone equipment and services.  For “Brand G’s” business, Callnovo wishes you success. Their hope on behalf of your business is for further growth and expansion into Europe and South America,, and they look forward to continually maintaining a long-term business relationship with your brand.

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