Is It Essential for a Call Center Service Provider to Have Local Service Experience in the Country the Business is covering?


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Outsourcing your customer service, technical support or telemarketing to a call center can be beneficial in a number of ways, particularly in terms of cost savings. But should you take the chance of hiring just any overseas bilingual call center, or would it be a wiser decision to select a provider that is located in or near the country (or countries) your business is serving? The key isn’t so much about location as it is experience. Here’s why.

First, there is the importance of language. Obviously, a vendor that bills itself as a multilingual contact center will have agents who speak a variety of languages. But are they native? In other words, will the agents handling your Vietnamese customer segment actually speak Vietnamese as their first language, or are they simply bilingual? This can be important because different languages feature a number of different dialects. Having agents who are actually native speakers is ideal.

Next, there is the topic of relation – that is, how well agents are able to relate to the callers on a more personal level. A multilingual customer service solution may offer agents who speak a wide variety of languages fluently, but they have little to no actual knowledge of and experience with the callers’ background and lifestyle. For instance, having a keen understanding of the unique cultural differences certain sectors have and speaking with a familiar accent can dramatically improve the caller experience.

This is where Callnovo differs from many of the other multilingual contact center solutions on the market. Instead of just one massive call center operation, we specialize in offshore deployment and widespread operation. For example, we provide Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese call center support from China mainland, Spanish call center support from South America, Vietnamese call center support from Vietnam, and so forth. This enables us to more closely match callers with agents who speak their language fluently and also have local service experience for easier caller relation.

Obviously, we cannot host a facility in every country our clients do business in. For those situations in which an in-country contact center isn’t feasible, we carefully consider which location would deliver service that is most closely related to the callers being served. For instance, our Japanese bilingual call center is located in South Korea. This provides our clients with the most cost-effective solutions while also ensuring that callers receive care from agents who are culturally well-suited to the Japanese-speaking sector.

So, while it’s not necessary that a multilingual contact center be physically located in the country being serviced, much care should be taken to ensure that callers are none the wiser. If you’re considering the option of outsourcing your sales, support or service to a bilingual call center, we encourage you to do your homework. Callnovo offers local service in more than 25 languages, covering over 20 different industries.

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