How to Decrease Employee Attrition Rates and Associated Risks via Callnovo’s Global Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

The customer service department is one of the most important parts of any corporation. A high turnover rate in customer service can result in great loss for the whole establishment. Attrition or turnover refers to a high number of employees leaving the organization. However, customer service attrition is understandable. Employees face daily grinding, frustrated customers, limited growth opportunities and low salary. So most customer service agents will leave their work and move on. However, there is a way to help maintain long-term employees. Here are some effective strategies for how to decrease employee attrition rates:

  • Strong bonding – a company must create an atmosphere where employees can form a bond with the organization. Also, an establishment needs to create a culture where employees can communicate effectively. For this, the workplace must have growth opportunities, career development, and training discussions as well. Companies that provide work-life balance have lower chances of employees leaving. The end result is that customer service support teams will share better bonding due to such a company culture. Also, you will get workers that are of a similar mindset, which will bring down the attrition rate significantly.
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A Fortune 500 CEO gives a warm welcome to a new woman employee who has just passed their second interview and has joined their business.
  • Employee hiring – the hiring of the workers must be efficient. Always try to get agents who match your ideal employee requirement. If an organization is working for a longer period, a person will be aware of their requirement. When recruiting, try to define the objectives properly. Also, map out an interview method that will highlight these traits. The hiring of the workers must be efficient. Always try to get agents who match your ideal employee requirement. If an organization is working for a longer period, a person will be aware of their requirement. When recruiting, try to define the objectives properly. Also, map out an interview method that will highlight these traits. These things will make a person well-aware of the work and conditions before they join the company. For example, if a company is hiring to provide customer service outsourcing solutions, they must be informed of the conditions and requirements beforehand. Therefore, recruitment should be precise and efficient to lower attrition.
  • Provide resources and facilities – a person can grow only if they are facilitated appropriately. Workers must be provided with the right resources — such as: equipment, software, system, processes, techniques, and even good leaders. A smooth structure and availability of facilities will let employees function properly. Also, inadequate materials and systems will not let employees function properly. If provided with everything, a person will work to the best of their abilities. For instance, companies – like dental offices – that do not utilize virtual assistance customer service outsourcing for their customer engagement efforts can struggle with improper structure and communication issues that can cause many errors. These things greatly discourage a person, and that leads to turnover – which is why it is necessary to head how to decrease employee attrition rates.
Three technical support associates receive a reward for their success in incrementing their client’s customers’ satisfaction.
  • Rewarding – rewarding has always been the best strategy to forming a better relationship. If you reward your workers appropriately, they will feel appreciated. Appreciation leads to better productivity and a positive impact. If someone keeps highlighting the bad and negative, workers will feel discouraged. However, if someone gives more attention to the positive, it will give the person a chance to show more. Also, rewarding employees will boost the spirits of the others. For example, excellent chat support services give rewards to people who have more positive feedback from users.
  • Career Path – many workers strive to have better career backgrounds. Everyone wishes to have developmental chances and outgrow themselves. However, if employees are not provided with a positive response, they will feel degraded. Also, these things allow workers to align their goals with the company. They will feel that they are growing with the company. Giving promotions and bonuses will help staff to align their career goals with the company. As a result, a career path will be obtained by workers. It must show them how they can grow and progress in life.

Hiring a Multilingual Contact Center — A One Stop Solution

Undoubtedly, all the above-mentioned strategies are great — however, it is not easy for every company, business, or organization to focus on this part, i.e. providing excellent customer service to their clients and/or customers. Moreover, hiring customer care representatives is a daunting task, costly, and requires much time as well. This is why hiring outsourced contact center operations is beneficial.

Hiring contact center services is time-saving and money-saving as they have professional staff to do the specific task according to every business need. It is always a good decision to outsource a professional contact center to handle customer service tasks.

Here a company (Name) hired Callnovo Contact Center (a Third Party) — an outsourced contact center offering professional services, including inbound/outbound customer service, as well as live chat, social media, and more. The business (Name) team can easily track performance of customer care services (screenshots of agents’ dashboards, etc.).


In conclusion, there are several ways for how to decrease employee attrition rates in customer service. Customer service support workers must face numerous customers, so without a proper strategy from employers, there is the risk of high attrition rates. For this, hiring must be efficient — whether you employ workers or utilize customer service outsourcing. Work to form strong bonds with employees by creating a better culture. Also, provide appropriate resources and facilities to staff. Employees can only work well if they are provided with all necessities. Reward those that outperform others so that they and others become encouraged. For instance, many virtual assistance companies give a bonus if live chat support service workers have better reviews. Also, provide the opportunity for employees to have a designed career path. This will encourage them to work hard for their desired progress.

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