Lazada Vietnam: Behind Lazada’s eCommerce Market Success, Callnovo is Ready to Help Global eCommerce Sellers with Exceptional Localized Customer Service in the Vietnamese Language

“Lazada Group’s Lazada website has been turning up great online shopper success within the booming eCommerce market that is found in Southeast Asia’s Vietnam despite the COVID-19 pandemic; with such e-Commerce sales success and an unprecedented opportunity for cross-border and national eCommerce sellers, Callnovo Contact Center is ready to help eCommerce sellers who are looking to or already utilize Lazada Vietnam to successfully connect with Vietnamese consumers within the e-Commerce market via localized customer service in the Vietnamese language that influences Vietnamese customers to remain long-term loyal customers to the brands that they purchase from.”

Lazada Group’s e-Commerce Market Success in the Southeast Asian Mainland’s Country of Vietnam Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic

Despite the debilitating effects of the coronavirus pandemic on global eCommerce markets and e-Commerce consumers, Lazada Group’s Lazada eCommerce platform has been showing some steady growth within the country of Vietnam: Lazada’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Li Chun, recently spoke on e-Commerce’s development across Southeast Asia whereby he mentioned that eCommerce within the region has seen tremendous growth due to an accelerated adoption of Lazada’s e-Commerce platforms from consumers and sellers alike throughout all of Southeast Asia despite the pandemic. In accordance with Lazada’s growth, Lazada’s website had registered within Vietnam and between Q1 2018 and Q3 2019 an approximate leading total of 24.36 million Vietnamese site visitors throughout the quarterly period – with its website currently bringing in approximately 18 million monthly online visitors and counting this year (2021); as that last piece of data refers to website visitors on a monthly basis, the statistic is important to understanding the success of Lazada Vietnam because the amount of monthly visitors accounts for approximately 18.5% of the Vietnamese population and growing that visits Lazada on a monthly basis.

Lazada Vietnam: Important Factors to Ensure the Provision of Exceptional Customer Service that Leads to Sales Success  

With Lazada’s steady growth becoming a key factor in its eCommerce sales success, global eCommerce businesses and corporations that are either looking to expand their brand reach to the Vietnamese market or have already found integration into the booming market have an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of the market’s booming eCommerce growth and stability to increase their e-Commerce brand loyalty and customer retention rates, securing an even greater e-Commerce market advantage against global competitors. To successfully take advantage of this strong opportunity, it is important for cross-border eSellers to understand some of the important factors that influence the provision of exemplary customer service through the Lazada platform in order to build trust with Vietnamese consumers and likewise influence their loyalty to each e-Commerce brand.

Lazada Group’s Lazada platform has been considered as one of the leading eCommerce platforms throughout Southeast Asia due to its ease of use and also the fact that it allows e-Commerce sellers to easily setup Lazada shops for each site – including the streamlined customization of products, product descriptions, shipping times, and prices for each country’s market – including Vietnam; once the Lazada shop has been set up, Lazada’s international fulfillment center in China’s Hong Kong region is able to handle all of the logistics – leaving your eSeller to only deal with the customer service side of things. In addition to the above, Lazada’s seller fees are also at a low rate – there are no setup fees, no monthly charges, and the sales commission is at a low 2% – as well as the cross-border order value commission, which is between 1%-4%.

As eCommerce sellers in Vietnam aren’t and wouldn’t be selling products through traditional brick-and-mortar retail shops, customer service actually needs to include a unique strategy that makes interactions with Southeast Asian customers – especially within Vietnam – more valuable and efficient. One of the most important metrics that global e-Commerce sellers must consider is the chat same-day response rate – which Lazada professionally monitors automatically; the chat response rate is calculated based on the eSeller’s responses throughout a 7-day period (which includes weekends – but excludes public holidays and notices), and the overall percentage should be equal to or above 85% in order to maintain a good seller rating since the eligibility for Seller Picks – a feature that boosts sellers’ best potential best-selling products on search pages to improve visibility sales up to 60% – could otherwise be diminished, decreasing visibility and traffic. Equally important – and also a metric that affects the eligibility for Seller Picks – is chat response time; if the chat response time is 30 minutes or greater, a breach of the quality standard of the Lazada marketplace occurs, also diminishing eligibility and further increasing the risk that customers – especially Vietnamese customers – forgo on purchases since they genuinely care for rapid customer service which builds seller trust and brand loyalty. In addition to these metrics, it is extremely important for cross-border e-Commerce sellers selling through Lazada to utilize omnichannel communication and telecom platforms (such as phone calls, SMS messaging, email, live chat with conversational AI integration, social media) for their brand marketing because the Vietnamese population shares a median age of 30.8 years; in reference to this, most online shoppers utilize social media platforms such as Facebook for their shopping needs – so, putting up a Facebook page or group that allows eSellers to connect and interact with existing and prospective Vietnamese customers can go a long way in bringing direct traffic to Lazada shops – especially if global eCommerce sellers use it as an opportunity to provide updates regarding sales or promotions (something that Vietnamese online shoppers like).

Callnovo Contact Center: A Viable Option to Providing Exceptional Localized Customer Service in the Vietnamese Language 

Since Lazada’s eCommerce platform is showing strong sales growth in the Vietnamese market and since eCommerce sellers have an unprecedented opportunity to utilize Lazada’s eCommerce platform to further their sales growth and find an even greater competitive edge in the global market that leads to strong long-term sales success, it is very important to consider providing native customer service in the Vietnamese language that maximizes on Vietnamese customers’ overall sales satisfaction and that ensures that they gain a strong level of trust in the Lazada eCommerce sellers that they purchase from; some specific advantages to the provision of localized language customer support are:

  • the easy facilitation of customer communication – allowing customers to naturally express their concerns, boosting customer service’s quality and efficiency and also building customer trust and brand value
  • the augmentation of sales – successfully bringing even competitors’ internet customers to the e-Commerce businesses that provide native language support since it has been proven that 35% of end-user consumers minimum are genuinely open to switching to brands that offer localized customer care support
  • a competitive advantage – since consumers are naturally willing to pay more money for products / services for receiving exceptional customer service in their preferred language
  • the successful resolution of would-be product or service issues – since e-Commerce consumers (up to 64 percent) are happy to put up with product or service issues when they’re actually provided customer service support in their native language

Whether global eCommerce sellers are newly expanding to the Vietnamese e-Commerce market through the Lazada e-Commerce platform – or even if global eSellers are looking to increment their eCommerce sales success in the market, our very own Callnovo Contact Center – an international leader in outsourced multilingual and omnichannel customer service and tech support with more than 16 years of call center experience and successfully providing localized customer service support to more than 1,000 B2B partners – is fully dedicated to providing for cross-border eSellers an exceptional 24/7/365 native omnichannel customer service solution that can successfully build eCommerce seller trust amongst Vietnamese online consumers and in-turn increase their loyalty to e-Commerce brands; for new and existing online sellers selling through the Lazada marketplace, Callnovo can provide an advanced, state-of-the-art and fully customizable Global Omnichannel SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform that offers a number of key features to help facilitate effective communication between native Vietnamese consumers and their brands – such features as:

  • 35+ UI Languages and Global Time Zones – multilingual customer service (English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese – amongst others) – perfect for engaging with native leads and existing customers in clear communication
  • Omnichannel Communication and Telecom Platform Integration – promoting a fully interactive customer experience that builds strong brand advocation amongst local eCommerce consumers
  • Multi-client Shared Agents – carefully-selected customer service representatives (CSRs) based on factors such as: native language proficiency, service attitude and enthusiasm, logical thinking skills, and product and troubleshooting service experience, amongst others; within the interview process, business clients are directly included to participate in the agent selection process
  • ACD Queues – to facilitate a pleasant customer waiting experience while active calls are being handled
  • Role-based Ticket Assigning and Monitoring – ensuring the successful flow of customer service roles in order to provide faster service and evade customer service agent confusion
  • Other Features:
  • IVR with Time Conditions based on Artificial Intelligence
    • KPI Monitoring and SLA Monitoring
  • SCAT and Q&A
    • Activation and Hosting
    • Team-based Manual and Smart Notifications
    • Knowledge Base
    • Micro-learning and Quizzing

In addition to the above, Callnovo is currently in the process of building into its Global Omnichannel Cloud CRM Platform an exclusive feature for Lazada eCommerce sellers which will allow localized customer service teams’ customer service agents a complete overview of all consumers’ Lazada order information – including product names, price information, order purchase dates, order status information, customer information (such as purchase information), and shipping information – amongst other details; this feature – Lazada Seller Central Integration – once it is available, will allow CSRs to have live access to Lazada Marketplace order information during their active communication with Vietnamese consumers so that they may rapidly bring up from the system any necessary customer order information in order to professionally conduct productive conversations with Vietnamese shoppers and answer their questions and/or solve their issues efficiently.

As Lazada continues to show impressive sales growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic while the Vietnamese eCommerce market continues to boom, the opportunity that international eCommerce sellers have to take advantage of the e-Commerce market in Southeast Asia’s Vietnam is one that can afford strong online sales growth and that can bring great sales success and financial security in the long-run; since Lazada happens to practically be the most popular e-Commerce market platform, utilizing such a marketplace to sell to Vietnamese consumers is a win-win situation that global eSellers can maximize on. With Callnovo’s expert multilingual and omnichannel customer service outsourcing options and state-of-the-art technology, your eCommerce business can effectively and efficiently communicate with Vietnamese shoppers without any communication barriers, securing a high-satisfaction customer experience for your Vietnamese consumers that builds trust in the eCommerce brand, that influences them to remain loyal to the brand, and that even motivates others to shop for products from the same brands, ensuring a stronger competitive advantage in the global market – amplified by your brand’s reach, by your business’ strengthened customer acquisition and brand loyalty, and by your eCommerce company’s secured long-term eCommerce sales success.

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