Offshore China Call Center Supports Your Business in US, Canada, Australia, Europe

Offshore China Call Center Supports Your Business in US, Canada, Australia, Europe


Overseas Chinese residents are everywhere across the whole world nowadays. In some countries, like Canada, Malaysia and Singapore, Chinese is the most popular ethnic language in the country; In US, there are over 4 million Chinese people living there; In Canada, there are 1.5 million Chinese people living there. Consequently, the Chinese community market is very important to your business. In Canada and US, most banks, airlines, telecom companies have Chinese language services and they provide Chinese brochures, Chinese ATM, Chinese website, 1-800 Chinese hotline customer service etc. reported this early in 2011.
If you currently have or you are planning a Chinese Language Call Center for your business in US, Canada, Australia, Europe, why not consider a China Offshore Call Center with Callnovo? Nowadays, telecoms technology helps us achieve this easily and affordable.
With 10 years Offshore China Call Center experience, Callnovo can speak Chinese on your behalf to all your existing or prospective Chinese Customers from China. We conduct this work using our well trained native speakers sitting in China. We speak Mandarin and Cantonese. You cut your costs while we provide you with a consistently professional quality service.
As a China Call Center company with many years of experience in the Canada, US, Australia, Europe, Asia and other overseas marketplaces, Callnovo has been assisting many companies worldwide to conduct B2B and B2C call center campaigns.
Here is a case study:  KyLinTV is North America’s largest Chinese IPTV service provider. Callnovo’s Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese B2C team works for KyLinTV from early 2006. Callnovo helps it generate new IPTV subscription orders using Callnovo’s China Call Center. Callnovo’s China-based agents talk with North American Chinese IPTV subscribers by making outbound calls and answering the inbound calls. Callnovo also uses live web chat and email support in the process. Callnovo’s excellent performance (No.1 producer) in KyLinTV has been highly appreciated and awarded for three consecutive years.
No matter whether your company is located in North America, Europe, Australia, South East Asia or in China itself, as long as you have Chinese speaking customers, you can outsource your contact center process to us. Contact us now for a free Quote!!


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