In-house Call Center VS. Outsourced Call Center



Almost all successful businesses face the need to expand their customer contact division at some point, and a cost-benefit analysis must be made between an in-house call center vs. outsource call center. This may be a question of hiring one virtual assistant, or dozens of contact center agents outreaching and responding to your end customers via phone, email, web chat and social media. In either case, it’s prudent to consider the benefits and costs in deciding what’s best for your company, between an in-house call center vs. outsourced call center.

It’s no secret that the most cost efficient way of running a contact center is to outsource it.
One low monthly fee that can be easily broken down to a cost-per-call, replaces all the large, variable, ongoing and often unknowable expenses associated with:

– Acquiring and maintaining new call center space and equipment,
– Installing secure technology and keeping it up to date,
– Hiring and training agents, coaches, supervisors, managers, and IT personnel,
– Re-hiring and re-training staff due to turnover,
– Additional accounting and HR support staff,
– Providing full salaries and benefits even during off peak seasons,
– Paying out severance packages for unexpected lay-offs,
– Additional maintenance contractors, utility bills, and insurance,
– Integrating operations within your existing business structure,
– Maintaining focus on your core business without disruption to sales, service or production.

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is highly complex and competitive. Industry leaders like Callnovo must strive to attract the most talented and experienced contact center personnel. This allows them to improve their leadership position and offer their clients, and their clients’ customers, the best experience possible.
By engaging the services of a highly trained, experienced and reputable call center, companies like yours will benefit from:

– Multilingual and multicultural support in over twenty languages,
– Scalable size workforce that ramps up instantly on demand and reduces idle time during off-peak periods,
– Cost per call ensures expenses are customer driven rather than employee/operations driven,
– Diversity of skills including customer service, sales outreach, marketing surveys, tech support, virtual assistant, social media management, etc.,
– Proven technology and workflow processes refined over years of experience and millions of contacts,
– Advanced contact center training and experience won from a variety of industry call center verticals,
– A firm focus on answer time and first call resolution,
– 24 / 7 / 365 service.

In-house call centers do have certain advantages that leading outsource call centers must be able to overcome in order to provide the highest levels of service, including:

– Customer loyalty. Callnovo works hard to be a confident and authoritative brand ambassador to your customers to ensure they don’t feel “pawned off” when they need you.
– Customer feedback. Callnovo is expert in distilling the information from large volumes of data to provide you with valuable customer insights to help guide your business decisions.
– Integration & Security. Callnovo has a hard-tested, well-proven ISO certified communications platform that integrates with your existing systems seamlessly and securely.

Every business will have its own unique situation that will have to be analyzed to determine whether an in-house call center vs. outsource call center will best suit its needs. If you would like free assistance in determining your cost benefit analysis from one of the industry’s leading contact centers, contact Callnovo for your customized price quote.

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