How Outsourced Customer Service Promote Top-tier Legal Customer Service for Your Law Firm

Within the U.S. legal industry, stellar legal service, coupled with outsourced customer service, meeting your clients’ service standards is crucial. Legal Trend Partnerships (LTP) & Clio reveal U.S. law firm clients consider the following legal customer service standards as highly-important to overall satisfaction:

  • Responsiveness: 68% of legal clients crucially-consider responsiveness when choosing a law firm; additionally, the most common complaint is lack of responsiveness.
  • Communication: 56% consider clear communication as most important in positive legal experiences; clients require clear, regular, less complex lawyer communication.
  • Trust & Confidence: 51% prioritize trust & confidence in lawyers when hiring lawyers; clients require lawyers to be competent, honest, and ensuring clients’ best interests are at heart.
  • Transparency: 67% consider transparent pricing as important; clients should know legal service costs upfront to avoid hidden fees and/or surprises.

Contrarily, a recent Legal Trends Report (Clio) revealed: only 46% of surveyed legal consumers were satisfied with lawyers’ communication during cases – stating lack of responsiveness, lack of case follow-up, extended average response times, and inaccurate case data as main factors. Additionally, the Profile of the Legal Profession (American Bar Association) shows only 78% of clients reported satisfaction with lawyers’ overall performance. As such, increasingly-high expectations pose a real challenge to high-quality service; to combat such, consider the advantage of outsourced legal customer service solutions that ensure your legal team successfully-meets clients’ needs, leading to high CX.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • daunting pain points law firms encounter when providing customer service,
  • how outsourced legal customer service helps your law firm ensure top-tier legal customer service exceeding law clients’ expectations, and
  • how Callnovo Contact Center helps your U.S. law firm overcome associated pain points – all to the end your firm creates greater client trust, leading to long-term business growth & success.

Ensuring top-notch legal customer support in-house can be daunting with the high demand for legal services, coupled with a high level of service standards; here’s the most significant pain points U.S. law firms face:

  • Slow Response Times: clients expect prompt, effective communication; law firms may struggle to sufficiently-handle channel volume, leading to delayed responses, fostering client dissatisfaction & leading to less-than-desired CX. According to Clio, 58% of legal clients expect a first response within 60 minutes – yet, the average response time is provided after 7+ hours.
  • Poor Communication & Lack of Follow-up – according Avvo, 23% are dissatisfied with attorneys’ poor communication & lack of follow-up, stating either: (1) they didn’t receive regular client case updates – or, (2) they didn’t receive complete info. throughout the process. Poor communication leads to confusion, frustration, and a lack of confidence in law firms’ ability to provide timely, effective legal services.
  • Heavy Workloads: lawyers’ heavy workloads lead to burnout & inefficiency in providing quality service; according to the American Bar Association, the average lawyer works 50 hours per week – and, 26% work 60+ hours per week.

Outsourced Customer Service Advantages to Ensure Top-tier Law Firm Customer Service

With superb outsourced customer service solutions, U.S. law firms can address such pain points associated with law firm customer service. Here’re some outsourced customer service advantages:

  • Prompt Response Times: outsourced customer support management teams comfortably-handle high channel volumes, ensuring your law firm’s clients receive prompt, timely responses, leading to higher client satisfaction & improved CX. Outsourced legal customer service teams operate 24/7, ensuring clients’ needs are met in a timely manner. According to ContactBabel, outsourced call centers have an average response time of 23 seconds compared to 7+ hours for in-house law firm customer service teams.
  • Effective Communication & Follow-up: outsourced contact centers establish & follow standard communication protocols, ensuring law clients receive regular updates on case progress & complete info. throughout the legal process, building trust & confidence. According to Harvard Business Review, U.S. law firms utilizing outsourced legal customer service to ensure regularly-provided updates for legal clients improve client satisfaction by 11%.
  • Reduced Workloads: outsourcing your law firm’s customer service ensures increased-focus on core competencies, reducing lawyer workloads, reducing burnout, improving efficiency, and resulting in higher quality legal services. According to Deloitte, law firms that outsource improve productivity by 26%.

Overall, outsourcing your U.S. law firm’s customer service has a grand advantage in meeting your clients’ service expectations while maintaining a high level of legal service.

A team of highly-trained, outsourced paralegal CSRs provide for an immigration law firm top-tier legal customer service, ensuring satisfactory CX that leads to long-term legal client trust, confidence, and loyalty.
A team of highly-trained, outsourced paralegal CSRs provide for an immigration law firm top-tier legal customer service, ensuring satisfactory CX that leads to long-term legal client trust, confidence, and loyalty.

As an 18-year-tenured, leading outsourced customer service provider, Callnovo Contact Center understands the importance of high-quality customer service solutions that improve law client satisfaction. Callnovo shares dynamic industry & service experience in meeting U.S. law firms’ customer service pain points while ensuring stellar legal customer service solutions, fostering long-term law client trust & loyalty, and supporting an immaculate reputation.

Callnovo ensures the following advantages:

  • Highly-skilled Agents: Callnovo’s CSRs share extensive training & experience in the legal industry, being trained on skills such as: communication soft-skills, legal knowledge, empathy, problem-solving, patience, attention to detail, and time management; they’re well-equipped to handle legal jargon, provide legal advice, and handle sensitive client info. with the utmost confidentiality.
  • 24/7 Availability: Callnovo’s legal team’s CSRs are available to assist legal clients with legal inquiries, provide case updates, and offer general support whenever requested.
  • Multilingual Support: Callnovo’s legal team meets legal inquiries with native language support at a high level to support clients who speak languages outside of English, leading to more satisfied clients & a growing client base; Callnovo’s legal team speaks clearly, also having a firm grasp on legal jargon to make complex info. easy to understand, building client trust & ensuring a higher satisfaction with your legal services.
  • Flexibility & Scalability: Callnovo’s outsourced customer service solutions are flexible & scalable, allowing for rapid-adjustment to changing law firm needs; Callnovo adapts to seasonal spikes in channel volume, as well as helps law firms expand operations as needed.

Here’s a prominent client case example: Callnovo has been supporting a well-known immigration law firm for approx. 2 years with 25+ CSRs skilled in paralegal support, as well as sharing a dynamic customer service background; the law firm originally-partnered with Callnovo to save on costs and meet their high workload & channel volume. Today, Callnovo’s team of bilingual English & Spanish speaking CSRs successfully-support the client with their high call volume (an average of approx. 96% for calls handled weekly, surpassing a min. threshold of 90%), setting client appointments for attorneys (with an average of approx. 32% of successful appointments set, surpassing a min. threshold of 25%), following up with client cases on a monthly-to-quarterly week basis, handling collections & payments (with an average of approx. US$ 35,000.00 collected weekly, surpassing a min. threshold of US$ 30,000.00), and handling varying translation duties requested by attorneys. Callnovo’s adept customer support team handles operations at a top level to ensure the law firm’s clients’ service standards are exceeded, leading to the firm’s long-term success as a legal advocate for diverse client needs.


Meeting legal clients’ service standards can be challenging when trying to ensure top-notch legal customer service; as such, law firm customer service solutions ensure many advantages. With Callnovo Contact Center, your firm will ensure excellent outsourced legal customer service which addresses pain points associated with quality legal customer service; outsourcing leads to higher client satisfaction, improved CX, and cost savings of up to 60%. With high client expectations, outsourcing customer service may be the key to high-quality legal service that fosters long-term law firm success, creating a reputation clients trust.

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