Dental Office HIPAA Compliance 2022: Part 2 of our Detailed Guide to 10 Best Practices

A dentist carefully-reviews with the wife of the man receiving dental care via a dental assistant in the dental room in the background his current dental situation and what treatment options are available; the dentist takes care to follow dental office HIPAA compliance best practices while sharing such patient data.

Last week, we began a 2-part series on dental office HIPAA compliance (2022/2023) & best practices so you can uphold dental patient data confidentiality according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); after having covered the gravity of healthcare data breach frequencies since 2020, we’d like to re-iterate the cruciality of keeping dental […]

Dental Office HIPAA Compliance 2022: Part 1 of our Detailed Guide to 10 Best Practices

Digital dental office patient health data is being shown with a security shield in the middle of the patient profile, demonstrating how dental office HIPAA compliance protects dental patient data from being breached, offering patients ease of mind and heart.

Within the healthcare industry, patient data confidentiality is extremely vital. Recently, Callnovo wrote on benefits of HIPAA compliance for healthcare patients whereby it’s mentioned security concerns regarding personal data confidentiality breaches is a real problem, stating: “within the United States alone, healthcare data breach costs have risen by ~42% since 2020 – accounting for ~US$ […]

Virtual Assistance Customer Service Outsourcing: Advantages for Growing your Dental Practice

A woman virtual assistant from a virtual assistance outsourcing callcenter fulfills administrative tasks for a dental practice - such as setting up and following up on dental appointments - using her desktop Macintosh computer; she has a cofee on her table, a calculator, a keyboard, paperwork in folders, and on her screen se has open the WEAVE platform.

Virtual Assistance: Regarding Its Necessity and Advantages As dental practitioners, running dental practices that make it their highest priority to ensure that dental patients’ dental health, hygiene, and overall well-being are in good shape – providing for them pleasant dental experiences that give them the confidence they need to venture out into the world and […]