VA Performance Metrics (Virtual Assistant KPI – Key Performance Metrics) to Monitor for Efficient Service

Global businesses are recovering at a significant pace from the global pandemic that’s plagued businesses & customers alike; for global companies from many specific industries, this is the perfect time to consider the advantage of a virtual assistant (VA), as well as a close monitoring of VA performance metrics, for global brand growth & sales success.

VAs are becoming increasingly popular for many industries – such as the: law & legal industries, InfoTech (IT) industry, real estate industry, hospitality industry, patient care and dental care industries, travel industry, and many more. According to a 3rd party:

“it’s been shown that the need for VAs within global industries is seeing an upward pattern; according to VA industry statistics, the global market value was estimated higher than US$ 87 billion dollars – attributing US$ 60 billion dollars+ of revenue to the Americas.”

With remote-based employment – expected to reach a global 86.5 million by 2027 – on the rise, the increasing demand & effectiveness of VAs securely-ensures you an advantage on your niche sales markets, as well as success above competitors.

Callnovo Contact Center, in their niche article on dental office virtual assistance outsourcing, mentioned: VAs are a considerable option for handling industry pain points – such as: workload stress associated with exerting time & energy into core/non-core administrative & operational tasks, exuberant in-house expenses, lack of marketing plan ingenuity, proper handling of customer reviews, more effective lead generation, and others; appropriately-handling such pain points in-house can become a nuisance – especially when your in-house personnel don’t have the capacity.

Assuming you’re interested in VA services for your business – or you’ve already a virtual assistant service in place – let’s take a look at specific VA performance metrics to monitor for a more effective service that increments global customer retention efforts to ensure a long-term, positive brand reputation, as well as global sales growth & success increases.

We’ll talk about:

VA Performance Metrics to Monitor for Efficient Service

KPI #1: Communication

Excellent communication skills are vital for any business & size; especially for virtual assistants – whether executive or not – effective communication is crucial due to their responsibilities when handling person data – such as critical info. passed through other personnel. For executive assistants (EAs), for example: it’s important to properly-collaborate with other admin. team members; to have a good understanding of how the administrative (or any other) department runs, proper office communication is crucial. For any VA type, excellent communication levels are also important when scheduling appointments – as communication may be vocal and/or written between a variety of comm. channels. To ensure effective communication, properly-assess how responsive your VAs are to daily tasks, clarifying all assignments.

KPI #2: Coordination

VAs are oftentimes responsible for dealing with coordination – meaning they must deal with multiple departments when arranging trainings, meetings, tasks, projects, etc. As multiple members may be involved, that leaves coordination up to VAs so they can coordinate all functions in the right way. Whether it’s meetings or any other coordination that’s required, a VA’s performance could be evaluated by asking for feedback from those who were coordinated. Post-coordination feedback helps with the overall office dynamics, also allowing you to identify additional KPIs that might need implementation later on.

KPI #3: Organization

All VAs need stellar organizational skills to perform at a high level. Additionally, they should know how to accommodate peak demand periods. Each VA’s processes must be observed with strategic planning to keep office dynamics smoothly-running. Outstanding VA organizational skills also require emotional intelligence – as VAs have to stay calm to reach operational achievements. Ensuring VAs have the right info. at the right time is highly-important; preparation is critical – and flawless execution is vital – for a positive turnout.

KPI #4: Time Management

Time management plays a vital role in your brand’s success strategy(ies). For VAs, keeping on top of tasks assigned to themselves and/or others they’re accountable for is crucial. Your business can improve performance by measuring each day’s priorities & progress – as well as what lies ahead for each week; and, this requires impeccable time management. Increasing productivity with proper time management & leadership support will enhance VAs’ professional development.

KPI #5: Efficiency

Efficiency applies to various areas of a VA’s role; for example, depending on each VA’s functions, being efficient may refer to their ability to correctly research & filter info. Or, it may mean they need to focus when dealing with other’s under their own leadership. Along the lines of this, an efficient assistant anticipates low levels of staffing at certain periods and then quickly collaborates with the right department or person to staff for those coverage needs. In this instance, concise correspondence is needed. When efficiency is correctly measured, then the proper management of overall team performance is brought to fruition.

KPI #6: Collaboration

Correctly-collaborating with important departments – such as: HR, IT, and Finance – increases the smoothness of operations & business functions. VAs most likely will have to collaborate with others inside/outside your immediate business. Furthermore, they’ll have to show emotional intelligence when dealing with others – especially when complex and/or messages need to be relayed. When collaboration between inside/outside personnel is required, this should always be viewed as a means of moving your business forward – so, ensure to provide continual training on collaborative processes & skills.

Callnovo’s Customer-centric Outsourcing Solutions

A smiling virtual assistant fulfills medical billing tasks for an outsourcing hospital, ensuring that he meets the medical institution’s specified virtual assistant KPI.
A smiling virtual assistant fulfills medical billing tasks for an outsourcing hospital, ensuring that he meets the medical institution’s specified virtual assistant KPI.

Callnovo Contact Center enhances businesses with excellent, customer-centric solutions ensuring strong, global, long-term brand loyalty growth; as your company considers the above-mentioned VA performance metrics & virtual assistant KPI to monitor, your brand will guarantee a more streamlined service that improves its brand-customer relationships, leading to an increase in global brand reputation & global customer loyalty, building long-term growth in brand & sales success.

Here’s key advantages to Callnovo’s solutions:


To ensure stronger global, long-term brand growth & sales success, its important to successfully-monitor the above-mentioned VA performance metrics (virtual assistant KPI – key performance metrics) to ensure your global business improves its service processes and builds better global customer relationships, leading to long-term customer loyalty growth and sales success. To help you in this regard, Callnovo offers a customer-centric, multilingual, omnichannel outsourcing solution that specializes in meeting your long-term service needs through professional virtual assistant services – all to the end that you increase your brand’s global customer reach and in-turn take your brand’s success to the next level.

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