A Beautiful Celebration of Joy | An International Colleague’s Wedding Invitations and Celebration, Callnovo’s Remote Blessing

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, our very own Callnovo Contact Center family and business partners joined remotely via Zoom on June 26th 2021 at 22:30 (10:30pm) Beijing Standard Time (BST) with Vince Lupe – one of our prominent colleagues from Bolivia – for his and his wife’s lovely wedding celebration after receiving lovely wedding invitations – uniting a grand family with a distance as wide as the United States and China. We joined via the cloud to send our sincerest blessings.

Due to coronavirus restrictions within the Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia (the Plurinational State of Bolivia), the Christian wedding didn’t appear from the screen to be as luxurious as it would have been; however, from the arrangement of the altar, to the bride and groom’s kneeling stool, to the civil registry officer’s precedence over the wedding, and to the final ceremonial declaration, each guest was able to move freely, and the audience was able to feel the exotic wedding culture at the same time and also witness love.

Vince and Carla’s Wedding Ceremony
Vince and Carla’s Remote Family sent their Blessings After Receiving Wedding Invitations

Callnovo Attended Vince’s Virtual Wedding After Receiving Wedding Invitations

Callnovo is very concerned about the growth of every team member – from administration to operations – and, we care for their lives in every manner. After receiving Vince’s wedding invitations, members of our Callnovo family recorded a warm-hearted video in advance to celebrate Vince and Carla’s special wedding day and new chapter of life.

Callnovo’s Team Hand-crafted a Lovely Blessing
Callnovo sent Vince and His Wife a Beautiful Multilingual Wedding Wish
Callnovo’s Team Celebrates Vince and Carla’s Wedding on their Behalf
Video: Callnovo’s Team Sent Their Blessings After Receiving Wedding Invitations


Vince’s Inexplicable Relationship with China

In 2008, after the devastating earthquake in Wenchuan, China, Vince, at 23 years of age, joined a team of volunteers who came to a region of China not far from our Headquarters to help the Wenchuan people with their post-disaster reconstruction efforts.

Vince (4th from left) Works with Christian Volunteers to Help the Wenchuan People Rebuild their Homes

In China, Vince first saw the enthusiasm and optimism of the Chinese people and has since formed an inexplicable relationship with China and a wide range of Chinese friends.

Vince and a Chinese Friend Posed for a Photo

Sacrificing to Love and Be Loved

In the winter of 2017, Vince, the American boy (a light-hearted joke), was wooed by a Bolivian girl whom he followed to Bolivia (a country in the highlands part of South America) for love. For Vince, acting in the moment always seems far more important than looking ahead. He has always believed that – no matter where he was – he would always shine by the grace and provision of the LORD and that life would honor every hard worker.

Taking Root in Callnovo

Like all newcomers, Vince – who currently still lives in Bolivia – had suffered a lot since his arrival. To make a living, he had to find whatever job he could and take it without considering the sacrifice and the benefits; he first worked as an English teacher within two different institutes, followed by various difficulties for being a foreigner, and then he worked as a counter within a tourism agency grateful for the job only because his manager was selfless in her support. The difficulties he had initially didn’t bring him down him, and taking every job seriously gave him more and more opportunities.

Coincidentally, he joined Callnovo’s Bolivian office and became rather quickly (without any prior call center experience) one of Bolivia’s most-recognized customer service agents, providing Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers superb English-language customer service outsourcing solutions via omnichannel communications and telecom platforms such as phone, live chat, and e-mail within the United States eCommerce market.

Vince is an honest person and has many of the rare qualities of a modern young man in his work; he is modest, meticulous, patient, willing to learn, optimistic, and curious. Within Callnovo, he has always shown an open embrace of new things, knowledge, and skills, he never holds back, and he always does the best he can as long as he has opportunities to take on. Even if a situation doesn’t provide a particularly good outcome, he always gives concrete feedback to further better the situation. Day after day, this attitude has driven him to do more and to receive more opportunities. From initially providing successful pre-sales and post-sales customer care support to customers, to successfully writing marketing articles, to actively fulfilling a wide range of project operations management tasks, his hard work has quickly gotten the attention of Callnovo operations – in only just a year and a half’s time, he has stood out from amongst thousands of customer service representatives and has recently been quickly promoted to project operations management.

Although he started very quickly, the new challenge has made him more determined and braver. To help him get his job done as efficiently as possible, Callnovo’s headquarters organizes training from time to time to give him advice on the job. After an initial run-in period, Vince has quickly gained a foothold in his new role.

Now, he plays a prominent role in the project landing and day-to-day operations management of various key operations sites throughout the world – the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Tunisia, Suriname, and very shortly in Madagascar from Callnovo’s Bolivian operations site. From time to time, he organizes regular business meetings (albeit virtual) with his clients’ team members, he seriously assists Chinese account managers as well – and, he also implements daily and weekly work targets to achieve. Despite the difficulties in operations, Vince never complains, is always grateful, and always maintains a high sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit – right in his little corner of the world – so that China and other eCommerce markets can expand their market reach, completely confident in their strength.

Invaluable meetings often happen by accident, but they can be some of the most memorable and can lead to grand success. Many small partners as appreciated as Vince can be found in the Callnovo global family. In the face of good employees, Callnovo is never shy about giving worthy opportunities so that employees can demonstrate their own different talents on a larger stage.

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