Amazon Poland Ready to Launch: Callnovo is Ready to Help Global eCommerce Sellers’ Entrance into the Polish Market by Providing Exceptional Localized Customer Service

“With, Incorporated preparing to launch within the European country of Poland – a young, attractive market for the development of eCommerce that has also been showing positively optimistic economic growth since 2019 – global eCommerce sellers have an unprecedented opportunity to expand their sales into the Polish eCommerce market to gain an even stronger competitive advantage in the global market against competitors. With such an expansion opportunity, Callnovo Contact Center is ready to help eCommerce sellers to successfully tap into the Polish e-Commerce market by providing localized customer service that increases customer acquisition and that influences Polish customers to remain long-term loyal customers to the brands that they purchase from.”, Inc.’s Launch in Poland: Providing an Unprecedented Opportunity for Global eCommerce Sellers

On Wednesday, January 27th 2021, Amazon announced that it is planning on officially launching its eCommerce seller platform in the “booming 19 billion dollar market” of one of Central Europe’s countries, Poland – a young, attractive market for the development of eCommerce that has also been showing positively optimistic economic growth since 2019; Poland had an all-time record of 10 billion euros (approximately 12.1 billion U.S. dollars) in online consumer spending throughout the year of 2020 when it comes to main eCommerce product categories, including clothing, consumer electronics, food, furniture, and toys, as well as having increased its eCommerce spending by 25% in comparison to last year. With Poland’s eCommerce sales future looking optimistic, Amazon has decided to take advantage of the market opportunity by launching its website within Poland as, providing for global e-Commerce sellers an excellent opportunity for market expansion into the Polish market in order to increase their brand identity and customer acquisition so that they could gain a stronger competitive advantage in the global market against their competitors, guaranteeing strong long-term sales success and financial stability.

Central Europe’s Poland: Cultural Characteristics for the Provision of Exceptional Customer Service  

For global eCommerce sellers that are looking to expand their brand reach to the Polish market via Amazon, it is important to understand some of the cultural characteristics that influence the provision of exemplary customer service in order to build trust with Polish consumers and likewise influence their loyalty to eCommerce brands. As of 2018, direct e-mail (or via a contact form) happens to be the main form of contact between eCommerce brands and Polish online consumers – up to 70% of all online customers or more – while approximately 50% of all Polish e-Commerce consumers connect with customer service teams via social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook; in addition to this, out of the other communication and telecom channels, phone calls and direct customer service at the point of sale (POS) are also popular options for communicating with eCommerce sellers (from between approximately 40-to-43 percent of all customer contact) with live chat contact with integrated conversational AI being considered as the means of seller-consumer contact for approximately 33 percent of all consumers who contact with brands. In addition to the means of preferred contact between consumers and the brands that they purchase goods and services from, Polish consumers find complete customer service in a rapid manner to be highly important to their overall customer experience (CX), preferring service that offers speedy responses, complete solutions to each pre-sales / post-sales inquiry or issue, and the provision of automatic information regarding the status of orders. Likewise, Polish eCommerce customers value and respect genuine relationships, so it is important for customer service to build valuable relationships by first being diplomatic at the start of a business relationship and then allowing the Poles to gradually open up to each customer service representative. In addition to genuine relationship building, Poles also expect solid company policies that permit a little bit of leeway when it comes to returns and exchanges; they do not like being told that they can’t receive a product replacement – so, in general, going out of the way to help the customer is very highly-esteemed by Polish customers.

Callnovo Contact Center: An Optimal Solution to Providing Exceptional Localized Customer Service in the Polish Language 

Since the Polish market provides an ample opportunity for eCommerce sellers to further their sales growth and find an even greater competitive edge in the global market that leads to strong long-term sales success, it is very important for e-Commerce businesses to consider providing localized customer service in the Polish language that maximizes on Polish customers’ satisfaction experiences; some of the specific advantages to the provision of native language customer support are:

  • the easy facilitation of customer communication – allowing customers to express their concerns more naturally, which boosts the quality and efficiency of customer service and in-turn builds customer trust and brand value
  • the augmentation of sales – bringing competitors’ customers to the e-Commerce businesses that are providing the native language support since at least 35% of end-user consumers are genuinely open to switching to brands that offer localized customer service support
  • the successful resolution of would-be product or service issues – since up to 64 percent of e-Commerce consumers are willing to put up with product or service issues if they are provided customer service support in their native language
  • a competitive advantage – since consumers naturally are willing to pay more money for products and services if it means that they can receive exceptional customer service in their preferred language

Our very own Callnovo Contact Center – a call center that has been specializing in outsourced multilingual customer service and tech support for more than 16 years and to more than 1,000 B2B partners – is dedicated to helping global eCommerce sellers looking to expand to the Polish market provide superb 24/7/365 multilingual customer service to Polish consumers via all communication and telecom channels (phone calls, SMS messaging, live chat with conversational AI, email, and social media) and in more than 35 native languages so that online consumers in Poland may receive a thorough customer service experience that exceptionally meets their pre-sales and post-sales consumer needs in an efficient and rapid manner at the moment that they need such service – and, right where they’re at. Callnovo Contact Center is a valuable choice for eCommerce companies looking to enter into the Polish market because we not only provide full language support (Polish, English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese – amongst others) – but, we also utilize an advanced, state-of-the-art Global Omnichannel SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform that provides a number of features – including our exclusively highlighted CRM feature: Amazon Seller Central Integration. Our integrated Amazon Seller Central feature provides for customer service teams’ customer service agents a full overview of all consumers’ Amazon order information – including product names, price information, order purchase dates, order status information, customer information (such as purchase information), and shipping information – amongst other details; furthermore – and, especially for Polish customers that generally value complete customer service in a rapid manner to be extremely important to their overall CX – customer service representatives (CSRs) have access to all Amazon order information while they are actively communicating with the customer, allowing CSRs to quickly pull whatever customer order information is needed in the moment from the system in order to successfully and professionally conduct productive conversations with customers and answer their questions and/or solve their issues efficiently. Apart from Amazon Seller Central Integration, our CRM system likewise offers other features – such as:

  • omnichannel communication and telecom platform integration,
  • 800/400 international toll-free customer service phone number activation and hosting,
  • ACD queues,
  • IVR with time conditions based on artificial intelligence, and
  • multi-client shared agents – amongst others.

With Amazon’s launch into the Polish market and the unprecedented opportunity that global eCommerce sellers have to integrate into the niche of Polish online sales, Callnovo offers one of the most optimal solutions for crossing Polish cultural and language barriers so that eCommerce businesses like your own can successfully connect with and sell their products to Polish online consumers. Whether your eCommerce company would be looking to test the Polish market waters – or, if your business has already found integration into the Polish market through other eCommerce platforms – our outsourced contact center has the expert native Polish language customer service team and state-of-the-art technology needed to ensure that your business successfully communicates with Polish shoppers without any language barriers, ensuring that each customer enjoys a high-satisfaction CX that influences them to remain loyal to your brand and to even motivate others to shop for your products, ensuring that your eCommerce seller finds a stronger competitive advantage in the global market by its amplified brand reach, its strengthened customer acquisition and brand loyalty, and its secured long-term eCommerce sales success.

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