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When it comes to shopping, Malaysians are upping their game. In fact, 91% of internet users say they have shopped online for an average of $2000+ per person per year in online spending. Furthermore, Malaysia’s e-commerce spending is expected to double from $1.30 billion in 2015 to $2.44 billion as early as next year. If you sell products online, this demographic presents a tremendous opportunity for growth and increased revenue. Having a Malay call center can provide you with the “in” you need to get started.

Service that caters to the Malaysian market segment…

Attempting to tap into an entirely new and unknown market segment such as Malaysia can be a challenging endeavor. Not only do the residents in this area of the world speak their own language (Malay, aka Bahasa Malaysia), but they also have their own distinct culture. Leveraging the service of a Malay call center helps to penetrate this market more seamlessly since agents speak the language of the callers and also have shared cultural values and understanding of regional issues and nuances.

Ability to overcome time-zone differences…

One of the biggest challenges businesses face when trying to tap into this new market segment is the fact that Malaysia is located in a different time zone than other parts of the world. That’s the beauty of a Malay call center. Not only are agents available even when your physical business may be closed, but you can even opt to provide service round the clock if desired. How impressed will your Malay customers be when they realize they can get support from your company anytime, day or night?

Start small and work your way up…

Breaking into an international market isn’t easy, especially if you’re a smaller operation that’s working with a tight budget. You might not have the available capital to employ Malay-speaking customer support or sales agents in-house. In fact, doing so might not be practical at all. That’s another area where a Malay call center can add value. You can choose from a dedicated or shared agent model and scale from just one to hundreds of agents as needed.

Offer multi-channel support to maximize impact…

The right Malay call center solution can offer more than just telephone support. For instance, Callnovo agents are available to provide support and service via multiple channels, including email, social media and live-chat. This provides your e-commerce customers with more options for how they receive service, which can improve satisfaction levels.

Flexibility to provide a variety of support options…

In addition to basic customer service, Malay call center agents can also assist your clientele with other needs, such as order management, technical support and sales. It’s like having a full staff of experts at the ready without having to employ them in-house.

If you are considering expansion into the Malaysian market, a great place to start is to enlist the help of a Malay call center. Click here to learn more or receive a free quote.

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