Does a Call Center Need CRM and CTI Capability and Customization?


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For a call center to run at optimal performance, it must employ all of the tools and technologies available. Two of the most important technologies include CRM (customer relationship management) and CTI (computer telephony integration). Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits these integrations can have for contact center solutions.

Streamlined call handling

Imagine how inefficient (and unprofessional sounding) a contact center would be if agents had to handle calls using actual telephone handsets. With CTI, agents can streamline the call handling process by leveraging their computers to control everything from answering to transferring, placing on hold and hanging up – all with a few clicks of a button. This enables a more positive caller experience.

Improved customer care

With fully integrated contact center solutions that include CTI and CRM capabilities, agents are able to leverage detailed information to deliver more personalized service to callers. In other words, call center agents are able to obtain a much more complete picture of who they are speaking with so they can tailor their support accordingly.

Real-time information sharing

Most contact center solutions involve hundreds if not thousands of agents. Delivering important updates, such as changes to scripts and other critical alerts, can be challenging. From an agent’s perspective, keeping up with current data can be overwhelming. As a result, critical information could easily be missed. With CRM and CTI capability, alerts and updates are sent in real-time via integrated screen technology, so everyone remains in the know.

Better internal collaboration

When contact center solutions are running well internally, the service and support agents are able to offer is vastly improved. This begins with good collaboration, something that CTI and CRM software facilitates. Supervisors can listen in on calls in real-time, enabling faster, more effective coaching. Meanwhile, warm transfers allow agents to transfer calls to others who might be able to offer additional assistance with specific issues. All of this results in a better overall experience for callers.

Reduced costs

Successful contact center solutions handle extremely high volumes of calls every day. This requires staffing of many agents in order to handle these calls effectively. By incorporating CTI capability, operations are run much more efficiently, which means fewer agents are needed to handle larger volumes of calls. This savings can then be passed on to the client.

Enhanced professionalism

You want your call center agents to present your brand in the most positive light possible. Call center solutions that utilize advanced technology enhance the caller experience by providing faster, more effective and more personalized service. This thereby improves your company’s overall image.

The reality is, not all contact center solutions are created equal. If you are looking for the biggest return on your investment, choosing a vendor that utilizes modern call center technology, including CTI and CRM capabilities, is a wise business decision. Callnovo is proud to offer the latest tech for optimum client service.

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