Callnovo’s Chinese Annual New Year Celebration Party (2021/2022): With the Roar of a Tiger, the Future Unfolds

On January 21st 2022, Callnovo Contact Center had its annual Chinese new year celebration party – this time for New Years 2021 – which was successfully held in Yueyang, Hunan, China where one of its Corporate Headquarters resides. Callnovo’s staff in China, along with the majority of its Chinese customer service outsourcing representatives from various service projects, gathered together for the annual Chinese new year celebration to highlight the business’ grand achievements over the past year and to set a beautiful vision for Callnovo’s vigorous development in 2022.

Looking back over Callnovo’s past 17 years (2004 to 2021) of existence, the company has grown from a Canadian start-up to an internationally-leading multilingual, omnichannel outsourced call center with two corporate headquarters in Canada and China, providing superb outsourced customer service and tech support solutions via 16+ international operations centers and covering 200+ countries and regions worldwide. Over the past 17 years, Callnovo’s team has been steadily putting their heart and soul into its work, leading the future in global customer engagement, and has continuously improved its customer service quality and technical support level. Now Callnovo is trusted and supported by 1,000+ small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and some of the most renowned Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Callnovo’s founder and CEO, Jackie Xu, shares a message invoking beautiful blessings to all of the company’s team in China.

Jackie Xu, Callnovo’s founder and CEO, sent a Chinese New Year 2022 message invoking blessings to all of the business’ team in China: ” 2021 – as the 17th year in which our business has continued to meet our various clients’ business expectations with excellent customer service outsourcing solutions – is a year in which all members of our customer service outsourcing company worldwide have worked together as a tight-knit team to overcome service challenges and help companies to take advantage of the sales market in their respective industries! Thank you all for having the courage to participate in self-reflection for your growth, for taking the weight of your responsibilities on your own shoulders day and night, and for bravely moving forward with a strong resolve to help business meet their high customer service expectations. It is expected that our company will bravely move forward in 2022 with the joint support and efforts of our colleagues all over the world, showing their strength and vitality on the international stage and within the global market.”

Callnovo shares a highlight of their energetic night of dancing and games.

The opening dance of the evening for the new year celebration was led by the core Chinese members of Callnovo’s Tech Department. The team, immersed in the research and development of communications technology, wore sweatshirts on-stage with the words “fa” (meaning “prosper”), “cai” (meaning “treasure”), “ji” (meaning “good luck”), “le” (meaning “happiness”), and “hi” (meaning “joy”) to demonstrate the unique charm of the Technical Department and its blessings and expectations for the new year.

Callnovo demonstrates their drive for technological innovation with a picture reflecting the 3rd generation of their Global Omnichannel SaaS Customer Relationship Management software.

2021 is a year of great progress for Callnovo’s communication technology Research and Development (R&D) team. As a global technology-enabled customer service outsourcing enterprise, Callnovo has – since its inception – given its all to drive technological innovation for the purpose of business development and has launched three generations of its very own state-of-the-art Global Omnichannel SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform. The internally-created SaaS CRM platform supports inbound/outbound calling, email, SMS messaging, live chat w/ integrated conversational AI, and social media management as a unified omni-channel customer relationship management and quality assurance (Q&A) platform that provides international toll free number activation and hosting, monitoring of Q&A, key performance indicators (KPI), and the customer satisfaction score (CSAT), as well as Amazon/Shopify cross-border e-commerce platform integration, telephone, email, and live chat ticket processing, amongst other diversified functions; this is meant to quickly strengthen the work efficiency of global customer service teams, to facilitate the efficient management of Callnovo’s global call center team, and to remotely monitor the performance quality of diverse customer service teams. In 2022, Callnovo’s technical R&D team will continue to work hard, actively supporting outstanding talents from the industry and further enhancing its most highlighted R&D capabilities, as well as launch the 3rd generation of its unified omnichannel CRM system to improve customer service quality, as well as the global customer service experience.

The performance of “I Will Follow Him” – performed by some members of Callnovo’s core Chinese team – is demonstrated.

After the kicking off of the energetic new year celebration opening dance, a variety of talent shows and games followed. Involved in the festive stage performance were the business development department, the tech department, the fiscal department, the operations department, and the marketing department, hand-in-hand with those responsible for the chorus of the program – performing such songs as: “Attachment,” “New Boy,” “I will Follow Him,” “Favorite,” “Only Have Feelings for You,” and the classical dance, “Three Spring Moon,” performed by Cherish from the Business Development Department; likewise, games with prizes were participated in – such as: “Peach Blossom Blossom,” “Blindfolded Banana Eating,” and “Guess the Name of the Song.” Callnovo’s core Chinese team demonstrated their talents and joined hands to present a marvelous party.

As a means of expressing vibrancy and the joyful character of Callnovo’s international team, some of the company’s outsourced call center staff found throughout the world demonstrate a performance with Johann Strauss Sr.’s Radetzky March.

Mia, a customer service agent who won the game of “Guess the Name of the Song,” shared with us her service experience over the past year. “I’m currently serving a specific game client in Southeast Asia that has needed multilingual call center customer service support and tech support. Live web chat w/ integrated conversational AI and email are the service channels customer service and tech support are provided through whereby the client – with the help of Callnovo’s customer service team – provides support to players with specific platform questions/issues – all within Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam; likewise, support surrounding data is provided – as well as other services – to solve players’ issues online. In addition to Callnovo’s Chinese customer service team, our projects also provide virtual English, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Malay, Vietnamese, and other local language support via inbound/outbound calls, email, online chat, and social media support in various Southeast Asian local game markets. During this Chinese New Year celebration event, it is my pleasure to say that I am extremely content to see our company’s significant achievements over the past year and wish Callnovo another brilliant year!”

One of the highlights of the night was the employee award ceremony and lottery; as can be seen, Callnovo’s marketing and sales director, Anita Lee, presents senior employees who made outstanding contributions to the global market.

The climax of the new year celebration evening was the extremely encouraging employee award ceremony and lottery; five senior employees who made outstanding contributions to the global market received the outstanding employee award from Chairman Xu. They are Peter Wang (who received the Technology Operations Excellence Award), Helen He (who received the Customer Trust Excellence Award), Anita Lee (who received the Global Vision Development Award), Kasumi Wu (who received the International Operations Excellence Award), and Zeki Zeng (who received the Technology Enabling R&D Pioneer Award).

Anita, the marketing and sales director who won the Global Vision Development Award during this new year celebration event, was full of emotions: “In 2021, our multilingual call center continued to buck the trend; despite the global epidemic and various political changes, Callnovo’s global staff has worked together to add hundreds of new national and international corporate partners over the past year, including ByteDance, Changhong TV, XGimi Technology, Dreaming Sweeper, Pentum Printer, Avalara, Global Shares, Avanquest, EXPI, and other well-known brands familiar to everyday life. We have added nearly one-thousand (1,000) excellent customer service reps at operations centers around the world to serve these brands. With such gratifying results, I especially want to thank during this Chinese New Year 2022 event the colleagues of the corporate management team of our multilingual call center who have given their best day-after-day, as well as thank the customer service staff who have worked silently on the front lines. It is through your efforts that Callnovo has won the trust and applause of our business partners; thank you for your dedication and support!”

new year celebration
To finalize the beautiful Chinese New Year 2022 party, Callnovo’s entire core Chinese team takes a memorable photo that will forever reign in their hearts.

There are too many unforgettable highlights for Callnovo in 2021: 5 new operations centers have been added internationally, more than 100 global corporate partners – including global Fortune 500 businesses – have been added, GDPR data and information confidentiality programs have been implemented, and the third generation of Callnovo’s global customer relationship management platform has been launched.

In the context of the global pandemic, Callnovo Contact Center’s global employees have worked together to overcome challenge after challenge and take Callnovo to a higher peak. We look forward to Callnovo’s ability to achieve brilliance in 2022, to empower global customer service engagement for worldwide SMEs, and to continue to support Chinese brands as well looking to outsource their customer service and tech support off-shore to a quality multilingual call center and to contribute to the great rejuvenation and innovation of the Chinese nation.

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