Metaverse CX: Callnovo’s Remote Customer Service Empowers US Real Estate Company, eXp Realty

2021 will always be remembered as the year the term “metaverse” first appeared, ushering in a new age of rapid expansion of the global metaverse. The metaverse linked with augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), three-dimensional technology (3D), artificial intelligence (AI), and other technologies, is the future of the world. Not long ago these terms were just a concept, however, the advancement of technology has turned these concepts into widely implemented and effective technologies, ensuring top metaverse CX. In fact, the metaverse has become a necessity for many businesses. More and more businesses and emerging industries are turning to this technology to create increasingly advanced client experiences. Let’s tap into “metaverse CX” and see how Callnovo leads the pack.

eXp Realty – Advanced Virtual Technology and Services

As a hot topic in the real estate sector is of the United States, eXp Realty is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of operations and services through technology, as well as enhancing “”metaverse CX”.” eXp Realty uses a new metaverse virtual technology to construct a virtual environment similar to Second Life. It incorporates its real estate industry’s everyday operations and commercial expansion into the virtual environment. All eXp Realty personnel, including real estate reception and customer service, real estate agents, and corporate managers, have access to the virtual world created by the corporation. They perform staff orientation training, work meetings, project seminars, and other tasks that would normally involve offline work through this metaverse as well.

Metaverse CX Callnovo’s Remote CS
Three technical support specialists meet within the metaverse to take a look at the virtual aspects of the metaverse world in order to offer some innovative tech. ideas for their business startup.

eXp Realty’s partnered service providers and potential clients can also remotely receive services provided by the real estate company through this virtual world, obtaining information such as house listings and real estate introductions.

This virtual environment has helped eXp Realty significantly increased work efficiency and service efficiency. Employees all around the world can use the Internet to perform a variety of tasks that were previously performed in offline offices. Real-time communication can also be utilized to boost work and service efficiency. As a result of the virtual world, eXp Realty’s stock price has surged, and its global network of real estate agents has grown exponentially.

Callnovo and eXp Realty Collaboration

CX Callnovo’s Remote CS
An eCommerce business focused on providing home security products meets within the metaverse to experience the advanced technology for the 1st time – possibly offering ideas for how the business can use the metaverse for bettering their technology.

High-quality real estate customer care is an integral part of the work done by eXp Realty in their metaverse virtual environment. Callnovo Contact Center has taken on eXp Realty’s global multilingual real estate customer service needs providing English-Spanish customer service, English-French customer service, English-Portuguese customer service, and other language customer services from 15 locations around the world. They all provide information services to real estate agents worldwide via the Metaverse virtual environment created by eXp Realty, focusing on empowering metaverse CX that creates lasting brand sustainability and long-term brand loyalty. They also help visiting prospective buyers by supplying housing and real estate information.

Empowering Metaverse CX

The metaverse is not at all like the tiresome scene of waiting on the phone for customer service in real life. In this virtual world, people wait in a virtually created office in this real estate metaverse environment. Customers may observe how many people are in the queue and communicate with real estate agents from all over the world while they wait.

Expansion of eXp Realty

eXp Realty has now promoted the operation model of its metaverse virtual real estate world to many countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Israel, Spain, Colombia, and others. Real estate professionals and buyers in these areas can communicate remotely through metaverse customer service. Callnovo’s global multilingual customer service personnel is shaping eXp Realty’s professional service brand image via excellent customer care services that augment its customers’ metaverse CX, leading to strong brand growth and long-term brand loyalty.

Services for eXp Realty

Real estate agents from all around the world can be found in the Metaverse’s virtual environment. Customers who need to contact virtual customer service quickly might contact avatars for listing information. Whether it be an agent or a customer, Callnovo’s global customer service agents provide information inquiries, conference appointments, and real estate courses for training and other services.

The operation model of eXp Realty’s metaverse virtual real estate world is still in development in most nations, and the demand for multilingual customer service representatives in various national marketplaces is volatile. Callnovo has created an innovative one-stop worldwide metaverse customer service flexible adjustment plan for eXp Realty. According to this approach, eXp Realty can increase or decrease the customer service staff as needed to provide consumers with globalized customer service. This strategy has helped reduce labor expenses and increases convenience for companies like eXp Realty.


The metaverse is the world’s future, particularly for the real estate industry. Callnovo anticipates that the emergence of new metaverse technologies will add to the wonder and excitement of human life. It is also certain that as organizations join the Metaverse virtual environment, they will need to develop their brand reputation through Metaverse customer service – and, as Callnovo can provide your business with a one-stop solution for all your customer service needs, the metaverse CX that your customers receive are guaranteed to create a long-term, competitive drive in the global market as your customer base grows. 

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