Callnovo China Call Center Supports International Companies Tap Into the Chinese Market

Callnovo China Call Center Supports International Companies Tap Into the Chinese Market

China Call Center

Did you know that China is home to 1.4 billion people, and roughly four times larger than the United States? Marketing to the Chinese populace presents extreme potential for almost any business that has had success internationally. Unfortunately, expanding to China is critically underrated in the eyes of many Western international companies.
This perception was based in reality for a long time but fails to give China its due credit in the modern economy. In the last 20 years China has made huge strides in modernizing their economy, and today they are one of the markets with the highest potential for international companies.
Callnovo China Call Center specializes in helping businesses expand their operations to China and around the world. We work closely with international businesses to provide consistent marketing, support and sales services within China, with an eye for detail and expertise in marketing to the Chinese population.
There are a number of different ways that we can help your business tap into the full potential of the 1.4 billion people that make up the Chinese market;

  1. Multiple-Channel Contact

China’s huge technological advances have helped them to rapidly grow their economy and become a viable market for international companies over the course of the last 20 years. In order to properly promote your business within China – it is important that you give potential buyers the ability to connect with your company through multiple channels with China Call Center.
We, as a call center, specialize in helping businesses better promote their products and services and better support customers across several of the most popular channels within China.
The promotional channels offered by Callnovo, helping you to maximize profit include;

  • Telephone (China Market Survey and Lead Generation, Customer Service and sales)
  • Live Web Chat
  • Email
  • Social Media

These channels are among the most popular channels to conduct business through in China.
We also offer multilingual call center services. Our multiple-channel contact solution is available in Native Mandarin and Cantonese, English, Spanish, French and many other Asian languages, ensuring that you can reach and be reached by the widest swath of the population with each of your marketing efforts.
If you want to find success in China, it is important that you not only make it as easy as possible to contact your company (by making multiple channels available), but also ensure that you are able to offer support in multiple languages.

  1. Offer a Local Sales Force, Customer Care and Support Team

It is not very cost-effective and not effective for international companies to hire Chinese speaking call center staffers in their local countries, such as US, Canada, Australia – let alone the time zone difference challenge. Let a Chinese local proven company handle the ins and outs of running an effective China call center!
Another fact is that if you want Chinese customers to be comfortable purchasing from your company and physiologically engaged with your company – you need to make sure that they are speaking with Chinese native sales and support reps that not only speak the language but have a strong connection with the culture.
Our Chinese call center team is 24X7X365 and we have the training, resources and experience required to sell international products and services to the Chinese market and serve existing Chinese customers while establishing trust and authority.

  1. Dealing with Chinese Labor-law

Chinese law can often be complex and difficult to understand. This is particularly true for international organizations that have never dealt with Chinese laws previously.
Callnovo has expertise in complying with Chinese labor-laws. We’ll help your business operate within China’s borders with confidence!
We can take care of Employee payroll, social benefits, medical insurance, maternity leave, night shift, status holidays, vacations, termination, lay off, Tax etc.
We simplify the process of operating and managing employees within China!
We handle your payroll, and ensure that all call center employees activities are legal under Chinese labor laws.
To you – no matter how many call center staff members you hire from us,  it’s just an invoice!

  1. Cut Cost of Doing Business in China

Although China is known for their cheap manufacturing, products and commodities – other aspects of doing business in China can actually be quite expensive. We can help your organization conduct China market research through an in-depth China market survey, helping you determine what is best for your business.
For instance, according to Cushman & Wakefield’s 2014 Office Space Study<, Beijing is currently the 4th most expensive city to open an office within – and that number is up from 7th in 2013. You can expect to see commercial office spaces and property continue to climb in price as international organizations show increased interest in expanding to the region.
For this reason, many organizations underestimate the costs associated with doing business in China – but we can help you remedy that issue.
We know how to control the cost of your call center. Our solution is 100% on-demand with no long-term contract. You won’t have to worry about finding the appropriate office space or dealing with the expensive Chinese rental marketing. Callnovo is flexible – we offer solutions as small as 1 shared agent, or large teams with dozens of reps.
We provide an all-inclusive plan that takes care of everything for you, including;

  • Employee Wages
  • Social Benefits
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Call Center Hardware
  • Call Center Software
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance
  • Office Space
  • Logistics
  • Chinese Tax Considerations

No matter if you are looking for a shared call center for minimum call volume, or a virtual Chinese assistant, or a complex multi-lingual outsourced call center solution. Our goal is to make you competitive as much as possible.

  1. Establish a Local Presence

As citizens of any nation would be – Chinese buyers have become increasingly loyal to businesses and organizations that have Chinese local presence. In order to gain the trust of Chinese customers, the best way for you is to at least setup a local office in large Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen etc.
You may also authorize official dealers or re-sellers to be your local China presence. But if that is a step that you aren’t ready to make yet, one of the best ways to make a connection with Chinese customers is by allowing them to contact you through a China phone number. We can help set up a Chinese toll free number(Or a Beijing local phone number, Shenzhen local phone number)  and China call center team – allowing you to begin making sales or offering customer service and tech support to your Chinese customers today.
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