Customer Recommendation From TP-Link Brazil

 “I would like to take the chance to thank Callnovo Multilingual Call Center for its continuous support to our TP-Link, especially the Portuguese customer service team of Callnovo Bolivia, for their excellent service provided to our customers in South America. Thumb up for the whole Callnovo team!”

— From Mr. ROGÉRIO MARÇAL, the technical support director of TP-Link Brazil

In China, there are only two types of routers:

One is TP-Link;

The other is Non TP-Link.

In the field of network equipment, TP-Link is the undisputed leader.

How widely is it spread in China on earth?

TP-Link, its headquarters are located in Shenzhen, with sales and service centers in other 25 central cities in China. It is officially estimated that more than 70% of the Chinese families and enterprises use routers of TP-Link. Its market share has been exceeding than that of the sum of the second, third, fouth and fifth place!

Besides, in the overseas market, TP-Link has landed in more than 170 countries and regions, and has established overseas direct subsidiaries or representative offices in 43 countries and regions round the world. What’s more,TP-Link has almost become the only choice for all the router users worldwide.

Furthermore, TP-Link has set up its next goal to make the global market share catching up with Chinese market share. Therefore, in addition to pursuing annually technical innovation, to getting strong, smooth signals, and more convenient , faster using experience, TP-Link has to strive for improving the after-sales service and technical support system worldwide, in order that the global users can buy it easily and obtain sufficient service support.

Since 2018, TP-Link Brazil has outsourced its Portuguese language customer service to Callnovo Bolivia in South America. The Portuguese customer service team of Callnovo Bolivia pre-processes or timely solves the common technical problems via phone calls, emails, service orders and online chatting  during the local normal working hours, such as:

  1. Product information inquiry
  2. Work order management
  3. Initial installation
  4. Network setting
  5. Resetting password
  6. Abnormal diagnosis and troubleshooting
  7. Defective products returned and replaced
  8. Product parts warranty
  9. Router firmware upgrading
  10. Helping the users who forget passwords 
  11. Timely assigning on-site servie
  12. Telephone survey and revisit
  13. Collecting and analyzing problems from users and feed back to related departments


Mr. ROGÉRIO MARÇAL, the technical support director of TP-Link Brazil, reflects that thanks to the participation of Callnovo technical support team, it has streamlined the original business flow and reduced the work pressure for  the technical staff of TP-Link Brazil,and at the same time, it significantly cut down the salary expenses of the second and third level technical support staff for the customer service department.

With the growing sales volumn of TP-Link growing in Brazil through the whole year, the outsourcing Portuguese customer service team members at Callnovo has also kept growing. Recently, we again received good news from Mr. ROGÉRIO MARÇAL that TP-Link in other South America regions like Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, would like to outsource their Spanish and other local languages customer service and technical support to the stable, efficient and flexible Callnovo Bolivia to help TP-Link reaching a higher level of the whole customer service and technical support,

With the real international experience and strong foundation of knowledge in many industries, Callnovo has been more and more steady on the road of overseas customer service in local languages. We earnestly hope that the multilingual team of Callnovo can provide valuable customer service and technical support resources for more and more Chinese international enterprises and cross-border e-commerce sellers, helping them to explore a feasible way to obtain brand localization. 

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