Interpretation Service Solutions (Multilingual) – the Rising Demand for Interpreters and Callnovo’s Provided Multilingual, Remote Translation Service Solutions

Today, the entire world is inter-connected – especially via technology. While many businesses have been expanding across the border, one particular challenge faced by most globally-expanding businesses is the language barrier; when there are barriers to clear communication, it is difficult to get your point across, causing others to misconstrue information – which, in-turn, decreases the effective provision of high-quality service. Therefore, it may be important for global enterprises to utilize audio, video, and text interpretation services. Due to rising demands for omnilingual services, multilingual contact centers are gaining high popularity as they can provide for international businesses multilingual remote interpretation services.

Significance of remote interpretation services

Remote interpretation services are highly beneficial for global expansion as they are fast, convenient, flexible, and can be arranged from anywhere. Moreover, there are no travel charges as interpreters work remotely. There are also several language choices for providing omnilingual interpretation, and they can carry out audio/video interpretations directly. Thus, remote interpretational services are time-saving and efficient. You can get a range of services – like: telephone interpretation services and document translation services.

Benefits of Callnovo’s remote interpreting services

Callnovo Contact Center utilizes the latest management processes and service models with up-to-date communications technology. Therefore, many global companies and government agencies trust and depend upon Callnovo’s remote interpreting services. 

Callnovo is a global multilingual language services provider that provides a range of services in different languages; for example, Callnovo provides customer service and tech support for different e-Commerce businesses worldwide. Moreover, they have a multilingual contact center that provides versatile interpreting services, like phone interpretation services.

What makes Callnovo reliable?

Callnovo shares 17+ years of experience providing customer service outsourcing solutions in more than 40 different industries and to more than 1,100 small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and Fortune 500 companies worldwide, currently partnering with 16+ global operations centers filled with diversified talent that provides services in 65+ native languages and dialects. Callnovo’s talent has been accumulated over the years, so you can select any language service you need. Callnovo provides highly-qualified interpretations services globally to small-to-large enterprises and eCommerce businesses at a low cost. For localization and internationalization, Callnovo’s professional interpreters’ expertise in the global market enhances the competitiveness of its clients.

Callnovo’s remote interpreting services are mostly in-demand in Europe and in the Unites States. For example, community centers, social service agencies, insurance companies, telecom service companies, banks, legal institutions, and educational institutes require Callnovo’s services often.

Issues and strategies revolving around language interpretation services

Callnovo provides versatile multi-language interpretational services to businesses all over the world, focusing on document translation services, telephone interpretation services. video interpretation services,  and many more. Also, their customer service solutions are provided in numerous languages, including English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese – amongst others. So, they provide the best solutions to all global organizations in terms of customer service and interpretations. For further clarity, your business may go through the pain points faced by international organizations globally and then see how Callnovo tackles each one thoroughly via their operational strategies.

Issues faced by international businesses

The main issue faced by global businesses in terms of language translation is the difficulty of finding high-quality and proficient interpreters. For quality services, the level of translation must be very high, whether it be English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, Brazilian Portuguese, or other languages – such as the Nordic languages, etcetera; as most global agencies require translations up to C1 and C2 language level – for which it is challenging to find translators for – it is best to rely on such customer service outsourcing call centers such as Callnovo for the best translation services available.

Another pain point is that internationally-expanding businesses often need to employ customer service teams for overnight shifts, especially for Southeast Asian customer service needs; however, overnight shifts often are accompanied by high turnover rates and/or attrition rates due to the service time, causing significant losses due to recruitment and training costs. Moreover, these factors result in low-quality translations services. 

Operational strategies for clients

A smiling customer service representative from India attends the needs of a client’s eCommerce customer asking for after-sales support regarding shipment delays in the English language.

Callnovo follows the following operational strategies to provide the best solutions for interpretational services:

  • Callnovo is strict in hiring interpreters by keeping clients’ criteria shortlisted for professional service quality and maintaining a responsible working attitude.
  • All their interpreters have to go through 100 hours of training from professional American translating trainers, and they can work online only after passing the final test.
  • Client success managers are responsible for each project’s start-up when it comes to tracking and coordinating the management of various tasks – like software debugging, hardware debugging and service quality supervision.
  • Callnovo has 16+ operational sites in North America, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe, focusing on the provision of native language support for business worldwide.
  • For international coverage, translation teams are reasonably configured to subtly change night shift staffing to day shift staffing.

Why utilize Callnovo for your interpreting services?

translation services
A customer service rep shows a hidden message underneath his suit shirt that says, “we help you succeed,” conveying the truth that call center employees are there to provide their best customer service support – without tooting their own horn.

In conclusion, Callnovo is the best solution for all your customer service and interpretational needs because their customer service outsourcing teams share ample expertise, providing multiplatform, multilingual services internationally; likewise, they have global human resources to ensure the provision of 24/7 services – including management and operations in multiple languages. Therefore, you can reach Callnovo’s operational teams for tailor-made customer care and translation services.

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