Why Work With An eCommerce Call Center?

Why Work With An eCommerce Call Center?


Many businesses are in need of additional customer service representatives, after hours message takers, and other basic assistance for customers who call in or want to place an order over the phone. By partnering with an eCommerce call center, you have access to all of the phone support you need without going over-budget.

The Benefits of Working with an After-Hours eCommerce Call Center

There are many different benefits businesses can take advantage of by working with an after-hours call center such as Callnovo. We focus specifically on the eCommerce industry and understand your specific business needs.

Businesses Can Have Dedicated Agents

Callnovo offers two levels of agents: shared and dedicated. Shared agents work for more than one client, while dedicated agents only work for a single client. Dedicated agents are able to learn more about their client and can often provide more detailed services. Shared agents, on the other hand, offer more budget-friendly solutions.

Accept International Calls

For companies with customers outside of the U.S., our eCommerce call center can accept international calls from anywhere in the world. The agents at Callnovo are trained to understand how different cultures interact so they can treat all callers with respect. We also offer Spanish speaking agents to assist callers from countries such a Mexico, South America, and Spain.

Dedication to Quality

When a call center answers after-hours calls for clients, those clients expect agents to provide a certain level of quality. If they do not, it’s possible the client will lose costumers or orders. We have a number of experienced call center managers on staff who review calls, provide training opportunities, and work to improve standards center-wide to always provide the best services possible.

We Accept Projects of All Sizes

Whether you simply need a few shared agents to take calls for your business after hours or need a team of dedicated representatives to handle customer service and take orders, Callnovo is here for you. We can provide you with as many agents as you need to fully support your company outside of your normal business hours.

Scalability Is a Must

While your call volume may start out small, you may plan on growing your business quickly. Our services scale with your needs. While you may only need one agent to start with, you may need a dedicated team within a year. That’s not a problem with Callnovo. We can add additional agents as needed or scale back your team if you decide to reduce your services.

Flexible Hours

Need to offer phone support during the night or early in the morning? Our team works around the clock and can provide after-hours support at any time.

Save Money without Reducing Your Services

Working with an eCommerce call center can save you money without reducing the services you offer. By working with Callnovo’s team of experienced call center representatives, you won’t have to hire additional employees or creating your own call center. Our team offers high-quality services at an affordable price. Contact Callnovo today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Tips for Managing a Call Center in the eCommerce Age

Managing a call center in today’s online world is much different from what it once was. Those who continue to use what were once considered best practices in management may find their call center no longer provides the expected high level of customer care or service while costs continue to rise. The following tips will help managers move into the eCommerce age by adjusting what their call centers prioritize.

Consider Staff Productivity

In some cases, having a staff of full-time employees may be ideal. In other cases, however, part-time or contract labor may be the better option. Call centers that serve industries that tend to have a surge during the holiday period may find it more profitable to hire contractors for a few months rather than pay for employees.

Provide Adequate Training

Employees need to understand the nuances of eCommerce businesses and how to provide service to them. This training should be done before the employee works with live customers in order to reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction, and lower call times.

Optimize Employee Schedules

When scheduling is done according to need, a call center becomes an efficient hub of productivity. When it is not, either there will be too many employees working at once or too few. Neither situation is ideal and leads to increased costs, lower customer satisfaction, and lower employee job satisfaction.

Upgrade Software

While using older software to handle staffing solutions may be working, it’s often far from the most effective solution. Today, software is available that was designed from the ground-up for call center management. These programs often provide more functionality while greatly reducing the time needed to complete tasks. The upfront cost is often quickly recouped due to the high return on investment.

Use Interactive Voice Response

While customers may not appreciate fully automated assistance, especially with older systems that were not as capable, using an interactive voice response or IVR system can be helpful in routing calls to the correct employee. Even a simple IVR that asks customers to state the reason for their call can be effective if implemented correctly.

Perform Regular Assessments

No call center is able to improve its effectiveness if it is not measuring and assessing its performance on a regular basis. Leadership should perform assessments regularly and after high-volume periods to determine the center’s strengths and weaknesses, measure productivity, and determine revenue.

Create Benchmarks

Bench-marking goes hand-in-hand with assessments. Benchmarks are used to determine where a call center stands in regards to competitors in the industry and best practice scenarios. Striving to meet specific benchmarks can lead to improving processes, training, and other areas.

Consider Service Levels

What was once the ideal level of service for every customer may no longer be true. Some customers may benefit more from an a la carte approach to services where they can create customized bundles that fit their needs. Adjusting levels of service can also benefit call centers by optimizing employee training and providing a more focused approach to each customer.


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