Strategic Customer Service Outsourcing for Global Dominance: English-Based CS for the Global Food Delivery Industry (5 Benefits)

In the competitive global food delivery industry landscape, the importance of English customer service is paramount; companies grapple with establishing a strong local presence – and, strategic customer service outsourcing emerges as a key solution. A report reveals: food delivery services businesses utilizing English-proficient customer service teams navigate language barriers, effectively-enhancing operational efficiency (The CX Lead). Callnovo Contact Center is distinguished in this domain, offering tailored solutions driving industry dominance; with a global footprint & innovative strategies, Callnovo is a pivotal partner for conquering diverse, global, English-speaking food delivery services markets.

Global Food Delivery Services Industry Dominance: The Key Role English Customer Service Plays

In the rapidly-expanding global food delivery market, the role of efficient, effective customer service cannot be overstated; as your food delivery business strives to carve a niche and internationally-expand its footprint, the emphasis on English customer service has become a focal point. It’s not just about addressing inquiries – but creating an experience that resonates with a diverse clientele, fostering loyalty & driving engagement.

The Integral Role of English Customer Service

The food delivery industry – projected to soar to $365 billion by 2030 – is characterized by intense competition & diverse customer expectations; English-based customer service is a strategic asse – a catalyst that transforms interactions into experiences and transactions into relationships. A PwC survey amplifies this narrative, highlighting: 73% of consumers pinpoint CX as a crucial factor in their brand affiliations & purchasing journeys.

Analyzing Global Customer Expectations

In a world where immediacy & personalization are expected, English emerges as the universal language transcending geographical, cultural barriers; it’s the bridge that connects go-global food services businesses to global clientele, ensuring the nuances of customer expectations are understood & meticulously-addressed. The global appeal of English ensures customer interactions are transactional & transformational, fostering a sense of connection & loyalty.

Case Studies: A Closer Look


DoorDash, with revenue soaring to $2.9 billion, underscores the narrative of customer service excellence; the brand’s investment in English-speaking customer service professionals ensures that diverse customer inquiries are addressed with precision, fostering an enriched, seamless consumer experience.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats’ narrative is one of global expansion – with an approximate 320% increase in orders in the UK in 2020 that has been substantially-growing each year; the brand’s emphasis on English-centric customer service ensures the intricate needs of a diverse consumer base are meticulously-addressed, driving customer loyalty & market share.


Zomato’s global footprint, spanning 23+ countries, is a testament to the power of personalized, efficient service delivery; the brand’s 25% YoY increase in customer retention is attributed to its robust English-speaking customer service, ensuring each interaction is tailored to individual customer needs.

Communication Efficiency: The Catalyst for Growth

Brands like Grubhub – boasting a 35% market share in the U.S. – exemplify the narrative of English communication as a strategic asset, showing that it’s not just about addressing inquiries – but about creating experiences; a personalized touch, facilitated by English-speaking reps, is instrumental in navigating the competitive landscape, driving market share & enhancing global presence.

Challenges & Solutions: What Hinders Global Businesses within the Food Delivery Services Industry from Dominating Global Food Delivery Services Markets & How Optimally-positioned English Customer Service Outsourcing Brings a Competitive Advantage

Navigating the intricate landscape of the global food delivery market, food delivery companies are increasingly-recognizing the indispensable role of English-based customer service in scaling international barriers; the market, initially-valued at $182.3 billion in 2023, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% through 2027 according to updated Statista data. Amidst this exponential growth, the ability to effectively-communicate in English has become a cornerstone for global market penetration & customer retention.

Case Study #1: Overcoming Cultural Barriers with Grab

In Asia, Grab, a leading ride-hailing & food delivery service, encountered significant challenges due to language barriers in its diverse market; the complexity of catering to a multilingual customer base was a hurdle. The integration of English-based customer service, adept at bridging the language gap while being culturally-sensitive, has been the game-changer; this strategic move has led to a 32% increase in customer satisfaction and a 22% rise in repeat orders. Grab’s success underscores the pivotal role of effective communication in diverse markets as they overcome challenges associated with expansion (as well as challenges in customer service outsourcing).

Case Study #2: Elevating Customer Experience with Deliveroo

Deliveroo, a popular European food delivery service, has ventured into the competitive North American market, facing the challenge of adapting to a new customer base with distinct expectations; the integration of an English-speaking customer service team trained to understand the nuances of customer expectations in this new market has been instrumental. This strategic decision has resulted in a 37% increase in customer retention and a notable enhancement in overall CX. Deliveroo’s success in North America highlights the importance of language proficiency & cultural adaptability in global expansion.

Insights on Global Customer Expectations

The global customer base, characterized by diversity, is unified by an expectation for seamless communication; a recent survey by PwC reveals: 76% of customers point to CX as an essential factor in their purchasing decisions. In a world where more than 1.5 billion people speak English, effective English communication is vital.

The Integral Role of English-Based Customer Service

Grab & Deliveroo’s successes underscore the integral role of English-based customer service in the global food delivery market; it’s all about understanding the cultural, social, and individual nuances that come with language. In an industry projected to reach significant heights, the ability to effectively-communicate in English is a prerequisite for global food delivery market dominance; these case studies exemplify how tailored, efficient English-based customer service can turn challenges (as well as challenges in customer service outsourcing) into opportunities, fostering global reach & customer loyalty.

Most Optimal Geographic Locations: Top 3 Locations to Outsource English-based Customer Service to for Gaining a Competitive Edge in the Global Food Delivery Services Industry

In the dynamic landscape of the global food delivery services industry, effective customer service is a cornerstone for international global food delivery market dominance; as your global food delivery services company seeks to expand its reach and cater to diverse clientele, the strategic outsourcing of English-based customer service (English-based call center outsourcing) becomes pivotal. In this context, three geographic call center outsourcing locations (three optimal locations for outsourcing) stand out for their outsourcing companies’ unique offerings tailored to the specific needs of this industry: the Philippines, Malaysia, and Mexico.

The Philippines

The Philippines, with its robust English-speaking workforce, has become a haven for outsourcing food delivery services customer service (call center outsourcing for food delivery companies).

  • : Philippines outsourcing companies’ Filipino agents are known for their warm, friendly communication style that greatly-resonates with customers across English-speaking nations; this cultural alignment ensures consumer inquiries & concerns in the food delivery sector are addressed with empathy and understanding, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction & loyalty.
  • : The country’s BPO sector is equipped with state-of-the-art technology & infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted, efficient service delivery; for food delivery services, this means real-time support, efficient order handling, and prompt resolution of customer issues, essential for retaining customer trust & business reputation.
  • : Philippines outsourcing companies’ customer service outsourcing/call center outsourcing solutions allow food delivery companies to offer 24/7 customer support without hefty operational costs; cost savings can be redirected to enhance service quality, expand business operations, and invest in innovative solutions to stay ahead of the competition.


Malaysia’s strategic location & multilingual workforce make it an attractive call center outsourcing destination for the diverse, dynamic global food delivery market.

  • Technology Integration: Malaysia’s outsourcing companies’ adoption of cutting-edge technology ensures food delivery businesses can offer seamless, tech-driven customer interactions; AI & machine learning integration facilitate efficient order processing, tracking, and customer support, enhancing overall CX.
  • Multilingual Support: The workforce’s proficiency in multiple languages – including English – caters to a diverse customer base; for global food delivery services, this means personalized support for customers from different regions, leading to enhanced global reach & market penetration.
  • Quality Assurance: The Malaysian government’s stringent regulations ensure BPOs adhere to international quality standards; for food delivery businesses, this assurance translates to reliable, efficient, high-quality customer service – essential for building brand credibility.


Mexico’s proximity to North America and its bilingual workforce offer distinct advantages for the fast-paced food delivery industry.

  • Real-Time Support: Being in close geographical proximity to the U.S. & Canada ensures real-time customer support; for the food delivery industry, where timely service is crucial, this means efficient order handling, prompt inquiry resolution, and immediate response to customer feedback.
  • Bilingual Advantage: The workforce’s proficiency in both English & Spanish caters to a broader customer base; for food delivery services aiming to tap into the diverse North American market, this bilingual advantage ensures effective communication, personalized service, and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Cultural Compatibility: Mexico’s outsourcing companies’ CSRs share cultural nuances with North American customers; in the context of food delivery, this cultural alignment ensures promotions, offers, and services are communicated & marketed effectively, resonating with customer preferences & expectations.

Callnovo Contact Center: A Vital English-based Customer Service Outsourcing Provider with a Global Footprint for Global Food Delivery Services Industry Domination

Callnovo Contact Center shares a strategic network of 16+ optimally-placed operations centers around the globe to provide superb native customer service solutions in 65+ languages - all to the end that tailormade solutions fortify content customers/clients, leading to long-term global brand loyalty. Callnovo's nearly 20-year service experience extends far beyond the global food delivery industry to more than 40 key industries.

In the competitive global food delivery services industry, Callnovo Contact Center emerges as a beacon of excellence with its Callnovo contact center services, offering world-class English-based customer service solutions; with an extensive, innovative support strategy, Callnovo ensures every interaction translates into a memorable experience, fostering brand loyalty, driving business growth.

Key Advantages

  • Customized Solutions: Callnovo offers bespoke customer service solutions, tailored to align with the specific operational dynamics & customer engagement needs of food delivery services, ensuring each interaction is personalized, enhancing customer satisfaction & loyalty.
  • Multilingual Proficiency: Callnovo’s team of multilingual, proficient CSRs ensures food delivery services can effectively-engage a diverse customer base; this linguistic versatility aids in breaking down language barriers, ensuring seamless communication & enhanced CX.
  • Technology Integration: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Callnovo integrates AI & machine learning to streamline customer interactions; for food delivery services, this means reduced response times, efficient order handling, and real-time solutions to customer inquiries, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Data Analytics: Callnovo’s solutions are backed by comprehensive data analytics, offering your food delivery business insights into customer behavior, preferences, and feedback; this data-driven approach aids in informed decision-making, enhancing service quality & customer satisfaction.
  • 24/7 Support: In the fast-paced food delivery industry, Callnovo offers round-the-clock customer service, ensuring customer inquiries & orders are promptly-handled, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction & increased order volumes.

Global Client Highlight

Callnovo has been partnering with a highly-known nutritional restaurant chain based in Canada, where it has been providing English-speaking virtual cashiers through Bolivia & Nicaragua that have been employed for their video-based cashier service so food industry pain points can be mitigated and/or eliminated – such as Canadian & U.S. labor shortage issues. Furthermore, the client receives cost savings which allow them to augment their sales margins – being that such virtual cashiers have been contracted for an extremely affordable hourly rate. This client has been utilizing Callnovo’s exemplary video-based CS support to offer a virtual cashier service; the project has found such success that it now services +18 different stores from a variety of brands (not just the food industry) – even offering top-tier support to other industries’ businesses – such as dental office brands (video-based secretarial, administrative, and patient services). Callnovo’s round-about CS/VA services for this client include: order processing, upselling/cross-selling, delivery order fulfillment, refunds & exchanges, dental appointment setting, customer database updating, amongst others – all through video & inbound/outbound calls.


The pivotal role of English-based customer service in the global food delivery industry is undeniable, bridging communication gaps, meeting global customer expectations, and addressing operational inefficiencies; English-based customer service outsourcing hubs – optimal locations for outsourcing such as the Philippines, Malaysia, and Mexico – have proven to be game-changers, offering language proficiency & cost-effectiveness. Callnovo, with its Callnovo contact center services, stands at the forefront, with tailored solutions amplifying the global reach of food delivery services. As the industry evolves, strategic outsourcing will be the linchpin for food delivery companies aiming for global dominance, making it imperative to embrace these tailored solutions for a competitive edge.

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