Have your Go-global Business Gain European Consumers’ Trust by Meeting GDPR Compliance Regulations with Callnovo’s GDPR Training and Implementation Plan

Big data technology has made global communications and information handling more convenient. However, this rising technological development has put data privacy at risk and has made personal information breaches and data breaches common. Many global organizations, businesses, and/or companies – as well as people – find it difficult to protect their personal data. Moreover, it is possible that dishonest merchants collect customer information and make large profits by infringing confidential data regulations and in-turn leaking this person data to others. With trust, by Fulfilling GDPR Compliance Regulations with Callnovo’s GDPR Training and Implementation Plan for GDPR Compliance Regulations, you’ll be more than ready to protect your customer data and prevent infringements.

As more and more merchants violate consumers’ personal info, customers are losing trust in overseas brands, causing global consumers an ill mental effect within their personal lives. Also, global customers are working to protect their confidential data – so, they pay attention to safeguarding their personal data and legitimate rights. Therefore, there is a need for a user privacy protection system that follows GDPR Compliance Regulations, which will enable better trust in international brands. If a label can ensure the safety of consumer personal information by following such GDPR Compliance Regulations, it will improve brand authenticity and enable a professional corporate image.

Stepping into European Sales Market

Many go-global businesses wish to enter the E.U. sales market, but it can be challenging as an overseas corporation. Whether providing goods and services physically or digitally, international companies doing business in Europe have to abide by and assume the legal responsibilities of strict data confidentiality laws and regulations – such as GDPR Compliance Regulations – that is, the General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR compliance policy.

Implementation of EU Policies to Adhere to GDPR Compliance Regulations

The GDPR compliance policy, and GDPR compliance regulations, has been officially implemented in Europe and especially in the UK market – current for the last three years. Normally, European customers evaluate global organizations by checking whether GDPR policies have been implemented or not. Therefore, if you want to survive as a commercial brand in the EU, you have to actively follow all GDPR actions– which will help you establish a reputable brand image.

Callnovo Contact Center Assists Global Companies with Entering the EU Sales Market by Adhering to GDPR Compliance Regulations

To assist overseas companies planning to penetrate the EU market, Callnovo Contact Center reviews the customer service and customer data processing system of each corporation to ensure that the privacy protection system and customer service framework are compliant with GDPR Compliance Regulations, guiding businesses if and when they require policy adjustments. Also, Callnovo’s clients receive assistance in planning rules and regulations, privacy management, security technology, staff awareness, and more. All these factors ensure that international brands fulfill GDPR compliance and can effectively compete in the European market.

What is the General Data Protection Regulation?

Passed in 2016, Europe created the GDPR policy to solve the privacy issue of personal data collection and its use in the big data era; this policy was fully implemented on May 25th 2018. When it comes to personal data and global information, the GDPR has the most stringent regulations and penalties for protection. Therefore, the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation has helped to secure data privacy protection.

Every overseas business located inside the EU or has a branch there must comply with the GDPR. Moreover, global corporations operating inside of Europe or collecting and processing European consumers’ personal data must comply with the GDPR‘s regulations. 

GDPR Violations

There are hefty penalties for not following GDPR regulations; for instance:

Violating general terms: The breaching company will be charged 10 million euros to 2% of its annual income.

Violating key terms: The breaching business will be charged 20 million euros to 4% of its annual income.

Pain Points of Global Companies stepping into Europe

The GDPR has brought challenges to all global businesses – whether domestic or foreign. For example, big corporations like Apple, Tencent, and Xiaomi have had to restrict their business in the EU market due to complicated policies. Therefore, it is important for go-global companies planning to go overseas to evaluate how best they can comply with the GDPR compliance policy and meet all GDPR regulations; furthermore, it is important to have sound awareness about it to avoid data breach penalties and in-turn win the trust of European consumers. GDPR policy awareness helps create a professional, responsible, and formal corporate image, allowing consumers to submit their personal information to worldwide enterprises with confidence. You must ensure your employees are aware of GDPR regulations to avoid penalties and earn consumers’ trust. Therefore, it is crucial for all custom service staff to receive comprehensive GDPR training.

Utilizing Callnovo’s GDPR Training and Awareness to Your Benefit

gdpr regulations

Callnovo provides a comprehensive GDPR training and assessment plan and implementation process; how to legally collect person data, training on the legal basis, training on the data retention period, and how to handle data and prevent information leakage are all included in this training. The following key points trained on by Callnovo and more:

  • Callnovo’s global, multilingual customer service call center staff – like English, Spanish, and German customer service staff, operations managers, customer care representatives, GDPR specialists, on-site IT, financial staff, and more are provided with detailed GDPR training. Also, frequent consolidation training is provided to keep everyone aware of all policies.
  • Callnovo’s global team leaders carry out regular training drills with front-line employees to check if they can handle GDPR-related questions via simulations and extra training if they do not meet requirements.
  • all customer service staff ensure that all information gathered under the GDPR is safely stored and then cleared in accordance with customers’ requests.
  • a GDPR supervising officer is provided who provides GDPR regulations awareness and personnel knowledge, and who regularly inspects and retrains staff who lack GDPR knowledge. Moreover, the GDPR officer updates and retrains GDPR knowledge in time and when required.
  • FAQs about the GDPR are provided to all employees and users so they may view and delete personal data correctly and when required.
  • a qualified GDPR office environment is provided and maintained which measures any GDPR service violations and rewards customer service personnel that share excellent GDPR service awareness by submitting to GDPR work regulations.


Today, to successfully enter the EU market and gain EU consumers’ trust, all global businesses must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation policy, and European-serving custom service employees must have proper knowledge of its regulations. Callnovo provides overseas multilingual, omnichannel contact center services with comprehensive GDPR implementation plans.

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