How to Obtain Authentic Amazon Five-Star Reviews Using Customer Service Soft-skills

A young lady leaves a five-star review on Amazon for a product that she purchased and received without issues; this shows the important of quality customer experiences as such pleasant experiences increases business' Preferred Seller ratings.

Within this era of digital commerce – known as e-Commerce, global eCommerce businesses looking to penetrate international sales markets with a strong competitive sales drive have the opportunity to enhance their brand identity and brand reputation via five-star reviews within global e-Commerce platforms – such as Amazon. To obtain Amazon 5-star reviews, for instance, many global eCommerce sellers focus on the  manufacturing quality/service quality of their eCommerce products and services, hoping to obtain these 5-star consumer reviews by merely providing high-quality products and services to their eCommerce consumers.

One less common eCommerce seller strategy that global e-Commerce businesses use is to ask e-Commerce customers through flattery to leave positive reviews – that is, by enticing them with gifts and/or product discounts/service discounts; however, offering gifts and discounts only offer short-term sales benefits and simply do not provide long-term eCommerce sales benefits. Furthermore, they may violate Amazon’s seller standards of service and in-turn endanger their own advantage of enjoying the sales benefits of their Amazon Preferred Seller perks. The most beneficial and most genuine way how to obtain authentic Amazon five-star reviews is by teaching customer service representatives and encouraging them to demonstrate customer service soft-skills.

What Interpersonal Skills are within the Realm of Customer Service

It could be that eSellers are confused about what customer service soft-skills are. “Customer service soft skills” pertain to the interpersonal skills that customer service agents apply in order to boost workplace productivity, reduce operations risks, increase sales, ensure that customer service reps have higher self-confidence and less stress, and improve retention of top talent. By integrating interpersonal skills training and encouraging customer support representatives to demonstrate them on the front lines of customer contact, off-shore eSellers can improve CS quality within the workplace and also ensure customer retention – as well as increment sales profits. eCommerce customers require top quality pre-sales and after-sales customer service that ensures strong customer experiences – apart from product and service quality. eCommerce consumers are apt to write good reviews if they receive the proper help and care they require from e-Commerce customer support; therefore, it is imperative to provide digital commerce customers with high-quality service through customer service hotlines.

The Importance of Interpersonal Customer Service Skills

Customer service soft skills show the care of e-Commerce brands for its digital commerce consumers. Such humanistic customer care can improve customer satisfaction experiences in such a way that long-term e-Commerce sales success and stability is secured and e-Commerce customers’ perceptions of e-Commerce brands is improved upon. Thus, eCommerce companies can gain sincere customers and receive high-quality Amazon reviews.

Why Only Customer Service via eMail is Insufficient for Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMEs)

For SMEs, leaving only the e-mail communication channel for consumers isn’t a good idea; while many believe e-mail communications can save them a lot of operations expenses, consumers may feel agitated if they do not receive rapid service via inbound/outbound calling. By not implementing such an approach to their customer service strategy, global digital commerce sellers risk losing the opportunity to augment their global eCommerce customers’ customer satisfaction (CX) via a strong demonstration of customer service soft skills. Therefore, customer service via customer service hotlines is extremely important to maximizing customer reach and in-turn creating a strong eCommerce customer base with long-term loyal customers.

Key Aspects of People Skills

Many factors are to be considered when improving eCommerce consumers’ customer experiences. Generally-speaking, outsourced customer service providers make it their aim to help e-Commerce businesses improve their agents’ communication skills in order to boost their eCommerce brand reach and brand recognition. Here are some key aspects that should be focused on to improve service soft skills.

Native Language Customer Service

One of the most important aspects of any e-Commerce business should be in providing native language customer service support. Off-shore eSellers will be able to ensure they receive positive reviews via such local language support which in-turn also increases the chance of augmenting their long-term sales and financial security. By providing customer service in each customer’s mother tongue, eCommerce businesses can ensure that there are no language barriers to receiving customer service which increases the likelihood that their customers will find satisfaction in the service, ensuring strong customer retention figures.

Global Customer Service

Setting up global, multilingual customer service options is likewise a sure-fire manner to maximize on global customer reach and retention. For this, a strong approach is to utilize a multilingual call center that provides global service in a range of different countries worldwide.

Expert Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform Support

By utilizing a state-of-the-art CRM system, the opportunity to take advantage of how to obtain authentic Amazon five-star reviews from eCommerce customers grows since CRM platforms can offer multiple channels of communication – such as inbound/outbound call support, e-mail support, live chat w/ integrated conversational AI (artificial intelligence) support, SMS messaging support, and/or social media support. Such an omnichannel communications system can ensure that consumers receive support from every angle and just where they need it – incrementing e-Commerce customers’ overall customer satisfaction. Many go-global businesses simply partner with English-speaking customer service teams for going international; however, with an advanced omnichannel, omnilingual customer relationship management platform, go-global companies can readily improve overall customer satisfaction by gaining insights on their global customers.

Utilizing Callnovo Contact Center for Quality 5-star Reviews

With a proven track record, we have a chance to look at a few examples of Amazon sellers who were able to benefit from Callnovo Contact Center’s superb customer service team that expressed strong customer service soft skills. Callnovo’s Amazon seller partners have been able to receive many five-star reviews from their Amazon customers due to Callnovo’s strong pre-sales and after-sales support.

Here are screenshots of such reviews:

An Amazon 5 star review on August 3rd, 2021 states: the Amazon customer got great image quality and loved everything else, they likewise found their Amazon product easy to install and had a great customer experience.

An Amazon five star review on August 4th, 2021 states: The Amazon consumer found their Amazon product great and easy to use; also, the customer was highly satisfied with the customer service representative’s patience while walking them through the whole phone setup process.

An Amazon five-star review on August 20th  2021 states: The eCommerce seller platform customer found post-sales customer service very appreciative. The customer service agent was willing to help them even for more than five minutes, providing support throughout the software set-up process of the surveillance video system.


To summarize, customer service soft-skills are a great tool to ensure that go-global eCommerce businesses obtain real, authentic Amazon five-star reviews instead of going with methods that violate Amazon’s seller regulations. A proper demonstration of soft skills depends upon providing omnichannel and multilingual customer support services in global consumers’ native languages. With this in mind, we hope this will help you to improve your customer relations, gain strong five-star reviews, and improve your e-Commerce brands’ recognition throughout each global eCommerce market.


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