Shopee Thailand and Lazada Thailand: Behind Each eCommerce Platform’s Sales Success, Callnovo is Ready to Help Cross-border eCommerce Sellers with Exceptional Localized Customer Service in the Thai Language

“Within Southeast Asia’s Thailand – officially recognized as the Kingdom of Thailand and formerly known as Siam – Lazada Group’s Thai e-Commerce platform and Shopee Pte Ltd’s Thai eCommerce platform have been flourishing when it comes to monthly traffic despite the coronavirus pandemic; with such a grand opportunity for cross-border eCommerce sellers to take advantage of the platforms’ success, Callnovo Contact Center is available to help global eCommerce sellers take advantage of the preferred Lazada and Shopee sellers perks with localized customer service in the Thai language so that they may successfully adhere to each platform’s service standards, increasing eCommerce buyer trust and boosting product search rankings, generating a stronger long-term sales success and financial stability and incrementing their sales competition in the global eCommerce market.”

Lazada’s and Shopee’s e-Commerce Market Success in Southeast Asia’s Thailand Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has had a debilitating effect on global eCommerce markets, that has not stopped Thailand from finding eCommerce sales stability and growth; as of the beginning of this year (2021), internet penetration has reached an extremely significant approximation of 70% and is growing – with an astonishing 48.6 million internet users give or take, showing a growth increase of 3.4 million internet users from last year. What this has actually translated into for Lazada Thailand and Shopee Thailand is strong e-Commerce success – what we’re talking about here is a whopping 36.67 million monthly Lazada Thailand website visits and an even more breathtaking 51.24 million monthly Shopee Thailand e-Commerce platform visits – making Shopee the biggest leading online eCommerce selling and buying conglomerate in the entire Thai e-Commerce market! The apparent popularity of each Southeast Asian eCommerce platform is an attractive magnet that undoubtedly brings a strong margin of eCommerce success to any cross-border e-Commerce seller with the right understanding of how to take advantage of the platforms’ Preferred Seller perks.

Preferred Seller Service Standards and Advantages

With such an unprecedented opportunity, cross-border e-Commerce sellers must understand that merely selling on the Lazada and Shopee platforms isn’t enough to truly be successful; both platforms have the capacity of augmenting eSellers’ sales opportunities by boosting traffic to their seller shops – however, the opposite can also occur if global eSellers aren’t careful. Preferred Seller perks can generate for cross-border eSellers a stronger long-term sales success and financial stability. Let’s briefly go over each ePlatform’s Preferred Seller advantages and also explain about the standards of service that must be upheld on each platform in order to bask in those benefits.

Lazada Thailand

Lazada Thailand offers wonderful Preferred Seller advantages – known as Seller Picks and Performance Advantages; these specific Seller Picks are:

  • boosts to potential best-selling products on search pages,
  • up to a 60% improvement in visibility sales from search
  • up to 95% of an increase in page views for boosted Stock Keeping Unit numbers (SKUs),
  • added visibility for products due to a better product ranking,
  • performance tracking that allows the comparison of product performance on mobile and on desktop,
  • the flexibility to boost specific products and also possibly increase quota if the set target is reached, and
  • extra traffic freely diverted to the seller shop.

To effectively enjoy these e-Commerce seller benefits, national eSellers and international eSellers have to adhere to a specific service standard – substantially incrementing their customer acquisition rates and building strong brand identity which can be a major game-changer against competitors in Lazada’s difficult and often-overcrowded market. There are six performance metrics that eSellers should carefully maintain; they are:

These are Lazada’s performance criteria – providing cross-border Lazada eSellers the opportunity to enjoy the perks that are associated with Lazada’s Seller Picks status by upholding the seller standards of service.

Shopee Thailand

Shopee Thailand doesn’t actually show much difference when it comes to their Preferred Seller perks; effectively, their Preferred Seller advantages are more consumer-beneficial in number – though they also directly affect each global eCommerce seller’s Shopee shop brand recognition. The Shopee seller perks that are offered are:

  • Shopee exclusive promotions and discounts for Shopee consumers,
  • participation in Shopee My Ads campaigns that directly improve product exposure and store visibility and possibly increase product find rankings within the top five product search results,
  • incrementation of Shopee eCommerce buyer trust,
  • a boost of the product search ranking, improving eSellers’ product reach within the top rankings of Shopee product searches, as well as product visibility and brand reach, and
  • the attraction of more Shopee product purchasers via the Shopee Coins reward system that provides for e-Commerce shoppers an exclusive opportunity to save money on eCommerce purchases.

So that cross-border eCommerce sellers can enjoy Shopee’s preferred eCommerce seller benefits, they likewise must maintain a high service standard. There are actually seven performance metrics that global Shopee eSellers should consider maintaining – though the Days of Pre-order Listing Violation performance criteria is currently being waved for existing Preferred Sellers due to Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) / Movement Control Order (MCO) restrictions in certain areas that have been imposed by the National Security Council; these performance criteria are:

These are the performance metrics for Shopee eSellers so that they may maintain the seller service standards and likewise enjoy the perks that are associated with the Shopee Preferred Seller status.


Callnovo Contact Center: A Viable Option for Taking Advantage of Lazada’s and Shopee’s Preferred Seller Perks via Exceptional Localized Customer Service in Thai Languages 

With the awesome popularity of each e-Commerce platform in the Thai e-Commerce market, global eCommerce sellers have an unprecedented opportunity to beef up their brand exposure and brand identity, bringing about strong, sustained sales success and long-term sales competency within the ever-the-more competitive global e-Commerce market. With Callnovo Contact Center – an international leader in outsourced multilingual and omnichannel communication customer service and tech support with more than 16 years of call center experience, successfully providing localized customer service support to a plethora of cross-border eCommerce sellers – this dream can surely become a reality via the provision of professional high-quality outsourced customer service – localized to reach Thai e-Commerce customers within their own native language, providing high maximization on Thailand’s e-Commerce consumers’ overall customer satisfaction experiences and ensuring their strong level of trust in each of their preferred ePlatform sellers. Some specific advantages that cross-border eSellers can benefit from via our own native customer service outsourcing solutions are:

  • the easy facilitation of customer communication – allowing customers to naturally express their concerns, boosting customer service quality and efficiency and building customer trust and brand value,
  • the augmentation of sales – successfully bringing competitors’ internet customers to the e-Commerce businesses that provide native language support since a minimum of 35% of end-user consumers are genuinely open to switching to brands that offer localized customer care support,
  • a competitive advantage – since consumers naturally pay more money for products / services for receiving exceptional customer service in their preferred language, and
  • the successful resolution of would-be product or service issues – since up to 64 percent of e-Commerce consumers are happy to put-up with product / service issues when provided customer service support in their native language.

For eCommerce sellers’ benefit, Callnovo provides the following to help them uphold the Lazada Thailand and Shopee Thailand e-Commerce platforms’ service standards (a non-extensive list):

  • an advanced, state-of-the-art and fully customizable Global Omnichannel SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform – providing the following features (a non-extensive list):
    • 35+ UI Languages and Global Time Zones (English, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese – amongst others);
    • Omnichannel Communication and Telecom Platform Integration;
    • Role-based Ticket Assigning and Monitoring;
    • IVR with Time Conditions based on Artificial Intelligence;
    • KPI Monitoring and SLA Monitoring;
    • SCAT and Q&A;
    • Activation and Hosting;
    • Team-based Manual and Smart Notifications;
  • a near-future exclusive Lazada Seller Central Integration CRM feature that provides a complete overview of consumers’ Lazada order information – product names, price information, order purchase dates, order status information, customer information, purchase information, shipping information, etcetera – so that customer service representatives (CSRs) may rapidly bring-up from the Lazada Marketplace system any necessary customer order information in real time in order to professionally conduct productive conversations with Thai eCommerce shoppers and answer their questions and/or solve their issues efficiently, and
  • expert CSRs with a high proficiency of Thai language literacy and native communication skills – acutely selected, screened, and hired by our seasoned human resources (HR) department via a 6-step hiring / onboarding process that ensures that CSRs sport top cognitive abilities and technical skills, strong service attitude and enthusiasm, great logical thinking skills, and strong product and troubleshooting service experience, amongst others.

As Lazada and Shopee continue to show strong website traffic within the Thailand eCommerce market despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity that international eCommerce sellers have is priceless – affording grand long-term sales benefits if the service standards of each ePlatform are properly upheld and maintained. With Callnovo’s expert multilingual and omnichannel customer service outsourcing options and state-of-the-art technology, eCommerce businesses can effectively and efficiently live up to those standards via successful native language communication with Thai shoppers without communication barriers, securing high-satisfaction customer experiences that build eCommerce brand trust, that influence consumers to remain loyal to brands, and that even motivate others by word-of-mouth to shop for products from your particular brand, ensuring a stronger competitive advantage in the global market – amplified by each brand’s reach, a strengthened customer acquisition and brand loyalty, and secured long-term e-Commerce sales success.

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