Malaysia eCommerce Market – its Dominance and Shopee’s Success: Callnovo’s Localized Customer Service in the Malaysian Language Can Successfully Help Global eCommerce Sellers

“Following the Malaysia eCommerce market dominancy and the increasing success of Shopee Malaysia, global eCommerce sellers can generate a stronger long-term sales success and financial stability by successfully adhering to the Shopee eCommerce platform’s service standards which include performance metrics as: number of unique buyers, number of net orders, all-time shop rating, and chat response rate – offering Preferred Seller perks that increase Shopee buyer trust, boost shops’ search ranking, and also attract buyers with Shopee Coins rewards; Callnovo Contact Center is ready to help cross-border eCommerce sellers take advantage of this the Malaysia eCommerce market opportunity with localized customer service in the Malaysian language that builds Malay eCommerce customer trust to the end that they and existing Malay customers become long-term loyal shoppers.”

The Malaysia eCommerce Market and Shopee’s e-Commerce Success

The Malaysia eCommerce market has been proving year-after-year its success as one of the most rapidly-emerging and most highly-sustainable eCommerce markets in Southeast Asia even above other prominent e-Commerce markets such as the booming eCommerce market of Indonesia and the strongly emerging e-Commerce market of Vietnam due to the Malaysia eCommerce market’s extremely-significant internet penetration rate of 85.7% and its highly-important mobile penetration rate which exceeds that of 100%; its current eCommerce market value stands at USD$ 4.3 billion dollars and is forecast to fully double by 2024 to a whopping USD$ 8.1 billion dollars. With its strong market success, the Malaysia eCommerce market’s sales merchants – especially the highly-esteemed Shopee Malaysia – have been showing some unprecedented shopper online traffic numbers over the past year and up to the present; as of late, Shopee Pte Ltd – with its eCommerce site – has become the highlighted e-Commerce marketplace with an unprecedented 21.26 million monthly web visits, an astonishing 14.8 million monthly Facebook platform visits, and a vitally important 551.7 thousand monthly Instagram platform visits – providing for cross-border eCommerce sellers an excellent opportunity to tap into the Malay eCommerce market through the Shopee sales platform in order to strongly increase overall customer acquisition numbers and in-turn create a significantly larger customer base that can guarantee long-term sales success and financial stability in the ever-increasingly more competitive global eCommerce market.

Shopee Pte Limited: Service Standards and their Preferred Seller Advantages

With the Malay Shopee eCommerce marketplace proving to be a highly successful sales opportunity within the crown-holding Malaysian eCommerce market for global eSellers looking to tap into the Malaysia eCommerce market even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very important for such cross-border eSellers to correctly align themselves with the seller service standards found within Shopee’s Malaysian eCommerce platform; by adhering to the eCommerce standards of service within Shopee Malaysia, global eCommerce sellers can take advantage of an opportunity to increase their Shopee seller shop’s visibility and visitor traffic. Shopee’s e-Commerce seller service standards guarantee eSellers specific Preferred Seller privileges – such as:

  • allowing Shopee buyers to enjoy Shopee’s exclusive promotions and discounts – important especially for Malaysian eCommerce consumers since they love to compare product prices with other eCommerce stores and also with traditional brick-and-mortar stores (B&M stores)
  • participation in Shopee My Ads campaigns – improving product exposure, store visibility, and even incrementing the chance that eCommerce brands’ products find ranking within the top five product search results
  • incrementation of Shopee eCommerce buyer trust – steadily incrementing e-Commerce brand reach growth and also raising customer retention rates which leads to an increase in eCommerce sales and an improvement in e-Commerce sales success sustainability
  • boosting the product search ranking – likewise improving eSellers’ product reach within the top rankings of Shopee product searches which has the added benefit of improving product visibility and brand reach, and also subsequently incrementing eCommerce sales success
  • attracting more Shopee product purchasers with the Shopee Coins reward system – providing for e-Commerce shoppers an exclusive opportunity to gain Shopee Coins for future purchases which allows them to save money on eCommerce product purchases

For global e-Commerce sellers to fully take advantage of the Shopee seller perks, it is important that they understand the Shopee service standards well; by maintaining the Shopee standards of service – and by even excelling in the maintenance of such e-Commerce standards – cross-border e-Commerce sellers can maximize on their e-Commerce sales through Shopee to properly sustain their business’ financial growth within the Malaysia eCommerce market and then find a stronger competitive edge within the global e-Commerce market against competitors, securing long-term global financial success. Below, we would like to point out some of the most important performance criteria that can affect eSellers’ Shopee Preferred Seller benefits:

These are the performance metrics for Shopee eSellers so that they may maintain the seller service standards and likewise enjoy the perks that are associated with the Shopee Preferred Seller status.

Please keep in mind that, as of January 2021, Shopee will temporarily waive the Days of Pre-order Listing Violation for existing Preferred Sellers due to Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) / Movement Control Order (MCO) restrictions in certain areas that have been imposed by the National Security Council.

Within the chart above, there are various performance metrics that cross-border eSellers must pay careful attention to in order to become a Preferred Seller and maintain its status:

  • Unique Buyers (calculated within a 30-day period) – eSellers must have a minimum of 35 unique Shopee buyers or more within every 30 days
  • Net Orders (calculated within a 30-day period) – eCommerce Sellers must have a minimum of 75 net orders or more within every 30 days
  • Chat Response Rate – the chat response rate must maintain a percentage of 85% or greater over the entire lifespan of the Preferred Shopee Seller status in order to remain a Preferred Seller
  • All-time Shop Rating – the Shopee shop must maintain a rating of 4.7 or greater over the entire Shopee seller account lifespan in order to maintain the Shopee Preferred Seller status
  • Current Number of Seller Penalty Points – the Shopee seller account’s penalty points must be 1 or less; this metric is actively maintained and monitored
  • Authentic Product Listing – all products must be 100% authentic

As Preferred Sellers have the greater advantage within the Shopee e-Commerce platform, eCommerce sellers looking to tap into the Malaysian e-Commerce market must be careful to consider these performance metrics in order to successfully sell their valuable e-Commerce products to the Malaysian people.

Callnovo Contact Center: A Viable Option to Providing Exceptional Localized Customer Service in the Malaysian Language

The Importance of Native Language Support

For cross-border eCommerce businesses looking to successfully integrate into the Malaysia eCommerce market through Shopee Malaysia, providing localized multilingual and omnichannel customer service in the Malaysian language is a sure-fire way to secure Shopee’s Preferred Seller status and to enjoy its associated seller perks; native language support is crucial in meeting and maintaining the performance criteria that pertain to the Shopee service standards because customer service is all around considered as the first, last, and in-between contact that eCommerce consumers have with their preferred e-Commerce brands – and, by providing exceptional customer service support, eSellers can ensure that they not only sell their products – but that their eCommerce consumers likewise remain long-term loyal online shoppers. Acutely-speaking, the successful provision of localized language customer support can secure the enjoyment of the following benefits which increase the likelihood of being deemed worthy by Shopee to receive Preferred Seller status:

  • The Augmentation of Sales
    • It has been proven that a minimum of 35% of end-user consumers are genuinely open to switching to brands that offer localized customer care support; what this means is that eCommerce sellers that provide Malaysian customer service support can naturally attract their competitors’ online customers which in-turn can increase their Shopee shops’ unique buyer and net order numbers.
  • A Competitive Advantage
    • Since superb customer service in Malay consumers’ preferred language is an exemplary means of influencing Malay eCommerce customers to genuinely pay more money for products / services, global e-Commerce sellers utilizing Shopee Malaysia can likewise maximize on their sales potential and increase the financial gains received from their net orders, as well as secure a strong all-time shop rating.

The Shopee Preferred Seller Advantage of Callnovo Contact Center’s Provision of Native Language Support

Our very own Callnovo Contact Center – an international leader in outsourced multilingual and omnichannel customer service with more than 16 years of call center experience and successfully providing localized customer service support to more than 1,000 B2B partners – is a viable option that can successfully help cross-border eSellers integrating into Shopee’s Malaysia eCommerce market marketplace to meet and continually maintain Shopee’s performance criteria; our expert native customer service team alongside our advanced, state-of-the-art and fully customizable Global Omnichannel SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform is fully dedicated to providing for cross-border eCommerce Sellers exceptional native omnichannel customer service solutions that can help global eSellers to build eCommerce seller trust amongst Malaysian online consumers, acutely increase their monthly net order numbers, and sustain a high chat response rate with 24/7/365 customer service – without limits – that utilizes omnichannel communication and telecom platforms (such as phone calls, SMS messaging, email, live web chat with conversational AI integration, and social media) – to the end that e-Commerce sellers’ all-time shop ratings valuably increase, proving Shopee sellers as reputable and worthy of trust, and likewise as high-quality eCommerce brand providers.

To help global eSellers to achieve this, our very own Callnovo focuses most of its attention to assuring that its customer service representatives (CSRs) are aptly prepared to communicate with Malaysian eCommerce consumers with the utmost clarity so as to evade any language barrier confusion between CSRs and eCommerce customers and to make sure that all communication is streamlined so that Malay consumers can receive the right pre-sales information that they need, as well as accurate solutions to any post-sales issues that they may have. The process begins with the recruitment of customer service representatives (CSRs) based on factors such as: native language proficiency (we actually provide native language support up to 35 languages – such as: English, Malaysian, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese – amongst others), service attitude and enthusiasm, logical thinking skills, and product and troubleshooting service experience – amongst others. Our recruitment management team first examines job applicants based on age, education, work experience, and commuting distance and then conducts aptitudes tests to screen appropriate candidates; each aptitude test scores applicants based on customer service expertise, job suitability, and agility. Once customer service applicants are properly screened, then they are given a phone test to determine how well they do with script-reading, whether or not their voice volume is suitable, and also if they have the right selfless customer service mindset; when applicants pass the phone test, their orientation training (OT) schedule is determined and then they participate in in-depth video interviews with eCommerce business clients to determine if the prospective agents are suitable fits for the customer service position – determined by observance of their personalities and also their manner of speech.

Once prospective CSRs pass the video interviews, they start their formal OT – formed in 5 different steps:

  1. Orientation – which includes: an overview of the company, an overview of the customer service job position’s role and specific tasks, and an introduction to the training course
  2. Customer Service – which includes: an understanding of how to provide high-quality customer care (as well soft-skills training that trains CSRs on key customer service soft skills areas – such as: positive verbal expression skills, empathy skills, listening skills, time management skills, and patience), script training, and quality assurance (Q&A) monitoring
  3. Training in Theory – which includes: the passing of knowledge on work-related technology
  4. Computerized Training – which includes: documentation and hands-on work-related technology training – such as training on our Global Omnichannel Cloud CRM Platform
  5. Role-Playing – which includes: actual hands-on customer service role-playing that introduces customer situations and that gives customer service trainees the opportunity to put into practice their learned customer service skills

In addition to the initial 5-step OT, Callnovo likewise improves CSRs’ adaptation and performance levels via a 100-day “incu-focused” management process program that provides additional high-quality training and accurate evaluations in order to ensure that CSRs are fully capable of fulfilling at a high-level their duties as a CSR; furthermore, optimal training is also provided based on the length of service in order to further improve the customer service mindset, the response skills needed to handle customer claims, the CSR phone call response quality, and likewise improve CSR morale and motivation.

As global eCommerce sellers have an unprecedented opportunity to tap into the Malaysia eCommerce market via the Shopee marketplace, our very own Callnovo Contact Center takes proper care to ensure that they have a reputable and highly-skilled customer service support team available to help them build trust with the Malay people and in-turn meet their eCommerce consumer needs via the use of outsourced localized customer service in the Malay language; such a carefully-provided customer service outsourcing solution has real benefits to Shopee sellers since providing exceptional customer service can acutely increase their seller performance on the Shopee e-Commerce platform and also bring them to enjoy the Preferred Seller perks that Shopee offers so that they may substantially increase their seller shop’s visibility, their product sales, and in-turn build a strong customer base that guarantees long-term sales success and financial stability in the ever-increasingly more competitive global eCommerce market – and, specifically, the Malaysia eCommerce market.

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