Exceptional Multilingual Customer Support: How to Break eCommerce Global Market Competition and Ensure Business Success

Due to the advancement of the Worldwide Web (WWW) and the standardization of commercial selling via the internet – eCommerce sellers (i.e. Amazon Sellers, Shopify Sellers, eBay Sellers, Lazada Sellers, Shopee Sellers, Online Stores, etcetera) have the world’s customers at their footsteps – which is causing global market competition to tighten, making it difficult for businesses to distinguish themselves from their competitors; in consideration of this, there is a desperate need for eCommerce companies to stand out on top by providing multilingual customer support that exceeds customer expectations, increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty and ensuring strong business success within the global e-Commerce market.

The Congestion of Global eCommerce Market Competition

As of 5-to-10 years ago, no commercial sales business would have ever dreamed of the amount of business success that they could now receive today due to the advancement of the WWW and the standardization of e-Commerce as an extremely valuable sales method; the internet is opening up unlimited opportunities for eCommerce selling – and, consumers are taking the internet by storm to find what manners they could to purchase or rent products / services from the comfort of their own homes as a convenient means of getting their preferred goods rapidly and with top-notch quality. Since eCommerce is becoming the new standard in commercial sales, the global market is becoming tighter and more difficult to compete in – hence the grand need for multilingual customer support; more startups, small, medium, and large businesses and corporations are taking advantage of this shift from commerce to e-Commerce selling, causing the global e-Commerce market to propagate with companies that provide many of the same products / services that others provide.

The Desperate Need for eCommerce Sellers to Rise Above

With the global market growing at an alarming rate – and with the incrementation of businesses that provide a lot of the same products and services as their competitors – merely selling high-quality products and services just isn’t sufficient enough to cause businesses to rise above their competitors; without considering how to aggressively increase brand recognition and loyalty, e-Commerce businesses are simply taking a shot in the dark – which creates a stalemate in the competitive market and generates long-term sales success insecurity and instability. Businesses and corporations must come up with short-term and long-term sales plans that are customer-centric, actively driving customer acquisition and turning one-time shoppers into loyal customers. We’ll get into the grand need for multilingual customer support.

Exceptional Multilingual Customer Support Breeds Stronger Brand Loyalty

While there are unlimited ways in which businesses and corporations can breed strong customer acquisition and loyalty, we at Callnovo Contact Center must stress the vital importance of providing exceptional multilingual customer support that expands brand reach to an unlimited number of customers throughout the entire world and also enhances consumer experiences in such a way that customers naturally confide in the companies that they make their purchases from which then keeps them coming back for more – also ensuring that they influence others by word-of-mouth to do the same. Exemplary multilingual customer support is the key to customer retention and loyalty because customer service representatives (CSRs) for multilingual customer support are the first and last – and in-between – interaction that consumers have with companies, sharing the extremely important responsibility of assuring that consumers receive an excellent impression of the business or corporation that they are considering making purchases from; as is seen in the article, entitled, “A World Without Sales Limitations: The Key Benefits to Providing Multilingual Customer Support and Technical Support | by Callnovo Contact Center:”

“Practically-speaking, the match is made in heaven; on the one hand, customer service is the face of every business and corporation due to the fact that CSRs are the first, last, and in-between interaction that consumers have with the businesses and corporations that they purchase their products / services from — and, on the other hand, consumers — more specifically, loyal consumers — are the principal catalysts that bring strong short-term and steady long-term financial growth to businesses and corporations.”

With the relationship between customer service and consumers being a tight-knit one, it is crucial for CSRs to be able to provide superb multilingual customer support that attracts consumers before and at the point of sale (POS) and that leaves them with a good lasting impression of eCommerce businesses so that consumers will be motivated to return for more products and services and to spread the word to other prospective shoppers. Even when it comes to post-sales issues, if customer service agents can successfully ensure that consumers receive a sense of customer-centric service that provides for them the key solutions that they need – then, consumers will be more than happy to continue shopping with each e-Commerce business and corporation.

Key Factors to Providing Exceptional Customer Service

What we would like to do is provide some key factors that contribute to the provision of exemplary multilingual customer service that builds strong customer acquisition and long-term customer retention and loyalty:

  • Utilize an Outsourced Call Center
    • Our very own outsourced multilingual and omnichannel call center – Callnovo Contact Center – guarantees that your startup, small, medium, or large business or corporation can provide excellent multilingual customer service in more than 35 native languages (such as: English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, etcetera) via the means of customer service professionals that acutely understand what it takes to successfully provide customers the exact solutions that they need – at a fraction of the cost – ensuring the highest customer satisfaction which encourages consumers to remain faithful.
      • The full benefits we provide are the following (for more info., you may take a look here: Why Work With An eCommerce Call Center? ):
        • Cost-efficient Savings
        • Around the Clock Customer Service Support – Without Locational Limits
        • Complete Customer Care Support
        • State-of-the-Art Customer Care Tools
        • The Utmost Integrity
  • Open Omnichannel Communication
    • By allowing access to all omnichannel communication and telecom platforms (i.e. phone calls, SMS messaging, live web chat with conversational AI capability, e-mail, and social media), your business can successfully reach customers where they are at, allowing them to connect with you at their own convenience and in the manner that they see fit, ensuring that consumers receive timely responses that meet their needs without having them jump through hoops to get what they are desperately looking for.
  • Ensure that Customer Service Agents Consider Customer Service as a Part of the Customer Experience (CX)
    • It is imperative for customer service agents to keep in mind that customer service is an integral part of CX – that they should create customer care support and provide services that accommodate consumers’ expectations, delivering great experiences worthy of word-of-mouth promotion; CSRs may accomplish this in some of the following ways:
      • CSRs should:
        • focus on familiarizing with customers and what they value so as to build on business’ customers’ likes and values, creating personalized shopping journeys that make customers feel they are valued and that their expectations regarding shopping experiences being easy, frictionless, and unique are being fulfilled,
        • improve on customer response times by providing quick responses that placate customers’ needs without having to cause the inconvenience of having them wait too long for support, converting one-time shoppers into long-term customers,
        • know company policy and products / services well so that they can efficiently answer customer questions, causing customer wait times to decrease, customer satisfaction to increase, and also preventing consumers from feeling like they’re wasting their time trying to get the answers that they need from a “dead horse” so to speak – someone who doesn’t know how to answer customers’ questions,
        • provide strong, clear, and complete information, preventing unclear communication from contributing to bad customer experiences and also preventing company’s overall customer retention rates from decreasing; clear communication likewise promotes the quick resolution of customer issues by preventing repetition of those issues – which is inefficient for customer service operations since consumers would need to get their issue resolved by other staff members,
        • show empathy which helps CSRs to identify with their customers’ issues so as to provide superb customer care experiences that cause customers to feel like they’re the center of attention during the entirety of each sales relationship, causing consumers to remain loyal long-term customers instead of merely one-time shoppers, and
        • show that they are able to handle customer reactions with patience and with care – regardless of the gravity of the reactions – which evades further problems and can help effectively promote the provision of the right solutions to customers issues; the benefit to this is stronger retention rates and an increase in customer loyalty.

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