How multilingual tech support can break language barriers and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction

How multilingual tech support can break language barriers and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction

Posted :Posted: 16 September, 2017

According to a 2011 European Commission study, 42% of consumers admitted that they would never buy products and avail services in other languages. This fact highlights the indisputable importance of language and how it can either make or break your company’s chances of success – especially if you want to conquer the global business arena.

Similar studies and relevant statistics focused on customer satisfaction and retention have proven that to be globally competitive in business, companies have to rely on multilingual help desks to cater to their growing and more diverse consumer population.

Breaking linguistic barriers in IT support

Offering a language-specific IT support to customers is one of the fundamental keys to retain and attract global consumers today. This is because, unsurprisingly, millions of end users prefer service desks communications in their native tongue.

In fact, many of the most successful global IT companies have one thing in common: their concentration on how to achieve a limitless and unrestricted customer service by relying on a multilingual tech support team that can cater to their customers regardless of where they are in the world.

Focusing on a customer-centered approach

One of the challenges of serving a global market is how to effectively transfer product knowledge and operational information to the people who matter the most, your consumers.

You have to consider your customers may come from all walks of life, different age ranges, and demographics. Some of them may not be too adept to understand the technicalities of your products and trying to comprehend an already complicated information in another language can be extremely frustrating to them – and providing a multilingual tech support can solve all that.

Creating access to voice and non-voice support tools

The availability and ready access to the right physical and virtual tools can enhance your company’s multilingual tech support services. This is because ensuring that you have everything you need will not only benefit your customers but also your team. How?

Termed as a “multilingual knowledge base”, it’s a repository that enables both customers and the support team to gain access to informative and multilingual product-related pages, manuals and operating instructions. These materials are more personalized so that they can serve customers coming from different locales and speaking different languages.

The point of a multilingual knowledge base is to let customers have the freedom to find solutions on their own while also relying on the fact that they can easily get hold of a multilingual tech support personnel for further assistance.

More importantly, companies can save time and resources if the answers to the most common questions are already available online even without the intervention of their support team.

Providing a transformative customer service experience

Making your overall support portal multilingual should be on top of your priority not just to ensure customer satisfaction but to provide an atmosphere of sincerity and willingness to help.

You know you’re doing an excellent job when your customers feel secure and at ease whenever they reach out to you for help. Talking to them in their native language means welcoming them home and making them feel that you’re there to help not as a distant and uncaring mechanical voice but as an expert who is genuinely willing to be of service.

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