Callnovo’s State-of-the-art SaaS CRM Platform Empowers a New York-based Elderly Care Provider w/ Native Language Customer Service Solution in Chinese, English, and Spanish

While taking a look at the topic of native language customer service solutions, it’s important to mention: the growth of the need for Chinese language speakers in the United States began in 1850 when the 1st Chinese person was welcomed on the East Coast; now – more than a century later – New York City has become home to the largest number of Chinese settlers outside of Asia. There are approx. 700,000 combined Chinese immigrants / Chinese citizens in NYC where they currently account for about 6% of the entire population of the state of New York; likewise, among all Asian people in New York State, the Chinese themselves account for approx. 50% of the Asian population. To talk about another topic, the aging of the Chinese people is becoming increasingly important in New York; elderly care is a significant issue for New York’s Chinese community. Let’s see how native language customer service solutions meet this pain point, and take a look at the benefit of Callnovo’s multilingual customer service outsourcing solutions.

The importance of a partnership between Callnovo Contact Center and elderly care companies for native language customer service solutions

The Chinese elderly community needs bilingual Chinese/English nurses/caregivers that specialize in personal care services in New York. Due to many temporary conditions, such as the need to provide expedited services or temporary cancelations, there’re often issues when providing elderly care services; Callnovo helps both the elderly and their service providers to arrange everything via native language customer service in not just the Chinese and English languages – but, in the Spanish language as well. Callnovo’s remote customer service solutions are efficient, high-quality, and they come with a powerful, optionalstate-of-the-art global software-as-a-service CRM platform which maximizes on the customer satisfaction experience that elderly people receive.

New York based “N” brand elderly care business and Callnovo’s native language customer service solutions

The “N” brand elderly care service provider is a reputable home care company situated in New York State; this establishment has been caring for the Chinese elderly community for many years. providing services in many New York cities. It has facilities in Flushing, Washington Heights in the Bronx, and Midtown Manhattan, providing high-quality nursing services and emergency care services, having a free nursing training center. This well-known company improves upon the quality of life of the elderly and assists them safely to live an independent life.

Apart from supporting Chinese New Yorkers, the elderly care company supports many other ethnic groups in the metropolitan area – including the Hispanic ethnic group. Likewise, the business provides 24/7 on-call support, including door-to-door services, to meet elderly needs for the long-term.

“N” brand requirements Callnovo meets in terms of native language customer service solutions

Two nurses review patient records in order to determine the best solution for an elderly man about to go into knee surgery.

To provide 24/7 service, elderly care service providers in general need reliable customer service; moreover, they should function without limitations, requiring multilingual customer support and native language customer service solutions. They need to provide timely assistance with the accurate deployment of nurses and nursing staff.

To meet the round-the-clock needs of the “N” brand, Callnovo provides front desk phone support and SMS customer service, specializing in multilingual support in the local languages of Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Spanish. Likewise, Callnovo’s data entry experts and team of 1,500 outsourced customer representatives ensure that customer engagement services are provided without barriers to service, ensuring efficient, high-quality 24/7/365 call center service and personal data information verification assistance.

Front desk work

Front desk phone assistance services are the most crucial Callnovo provides; the call center’s global team does their best to effectively understand nurses’ and patients’ insurance companies needs through inbound/outbound calling and SMS messaging. Likewise, Callnovo’s global staff takes care of virtual assistance tasks – such as: informing relevant personnel regarding background billing processes and solicitating relevant information from patients/nursing staff according to what’s required.

Data entry work

A female doctor calls an elderly  patient’s insurance company to verify the status of their health insurance.

Data entry specialists concern themselves with helping patients and nurses to organize data as necessary. For example, they maintain orders/accounts and connect with insurance companies and related departments. Likewise, they check nurses’ medical reports, patient information, medical leaves and/or shifts, etc.

Significance of Global SaaS Cloud-based CRM Platform

Callnovo’s global state-of-the-art Cloud CRM Platform successfully integrates the New York elderly service provider’s internal information platform; as a result, the dispatch work of nurses and caregivers can be efficiently and accurately realized – likewise, the business can accumulate clear data on regarding the various interactions between patients and nurses. For instance, Callnovo’s global SaaS platform includes two-way SMS messaging, multilingual call transfer, etc. Also, the “N” brand now has access to AI analysis features and work order records. The “N” brand has gained great insight into the service demands of New York customer care groups from the data which ensures the provision of important information to the nursing company’s HQ so they can make the most efficient decisions. In the end, Callnovo’s intuitive technology ensures that the elderly Chinese community can live a quality life behind the “N” brand’s services.


A male Asian customer service agent provides emergency care to a home-alone elderly woman.

To summarize, the “N” brand – a leading elderly care provider in NY – is able to meet the high demand for Chinese elderly care service via Callnovo’s 24/7/365, multilingual, omnichannel customer service outsourcing solutions, taking care of all the brand’s front desk and data entry virtual assistance needs. Callnovo’s remote assistance solutions likewise include an optional technologically-advanced Customer Relationship Management platform that offers global coverage behind advanced omnichannel communications features – such as artificial intelligence analysis, multi-ticket handling, inbound/outbound calling, two-way text messaging, email correspondence, social media networking, etc.. With such elderly care assistance, the New York-based “N” brand has been flourishing as the state’s leading elderly care provider, ensuring a carefree high quality of life for the elderly and timely assistance whenever needed.

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