Callnovo’s Two Way SMS Solutions Featured in its CRM Platform Enables Intelligent Manufacturers in the Global Market

In today’s interconnected world, the potential for brands expansion is unlimited. Many companies start small and slowly grow their brand, and the outstanding enterprises are going overseas and entering every corner of the world. The internationalization of a brand affects all aspects of business operations. Customer service communication technologies and customer service operations are critical links for a company’s long-term success when going global.

The customer service and after-sales service links are extremely different for “intelligent manufacturing” companies. For example, when compared to global e-commerce small commodities and consumer electronic products going overseas, there are a few major differences. To begin with, products are typically aimed at the B2B sector and business clients. The client’s problem must be resolved as soon as possible because the client does not like to wait. Secondly, the product has a high unit price and a large volume and weight. Lastly, intelligent manufacturing companies need to arrange on-site technicians in the country for on-site maintenance.

Headquarter Issues in Customer Service Management

An on-site technician smiles while he ensures his company’s on-site maintenance is top-notch and that the technology is functioning correctly.

The ideal after-sales service practice for organizations expanding internationally is to entrust after-sales service to local dealers/licensed repairers in various regions. In addition, organizations must plan for technical engineers to give on-demand help from their headquarters in the primary market countries. Regarding customer service process management, technology platform, and operation plan, the headquarters share some common pain points:

  • The headquarters discovered that the communication channels and contact techniques preferred by end consumers in various nations across the world are quite different, so there is no unified platform for all customer services.
  • The dealer/maintenance provider accepts the case first, and when it is completed, it is reported to headquarters. Omissions or misreporting to the headquarters may occur at any time. The headquarters cannot get a full picture of the responsiveness, satisfaction, and technical quality of after-sales assistance.
  • After-sales repair and technical assistance is handled separately by distributors/maintenance providers in various regions in accordance with the headquarters’ after-sales handbook. The headquarters has little control over the entire after-sales process.
  • There is no real-time information system that connects the headquarters, overseas dealers/repairers, overseas end customers, and resident technical service engineers at the headquarters to follow up in real-time. 

Key Points for Excellent Services

To provide exceptional customer service, the corporate headquarters is mainly concerned with the four important time points following the shipping of the order:

  • The acceptance is confirmed by the dealer/maintenance business.
  • The maintenance crew are on the way.
  • The maintenance crew has arrived on-site.
  • All on-site maintenance has been done. Furthermore, once completed, the headquarters wants to conduct immediate professional engagement with product users as well as service satisfaction surveys.
A businessman demonstrates the vital importance of 5-star customer satisfaction – which is the key to a brand’s growth and strong competitive drive in the global sales market.

For the past 16 years, Callnovo Contact Center has been heavily involved in worldwide customer service operations. It employs independent research and development of leading communication and CRM technology. In addition, Callnovo combines more than 120 international telephone and SMS communication resources worldwide and has a team of customer service and technical support representatives who speak more than 200 languages. Callnovo has native customer care agents who help in providing professional bilingual customer services such as English-Spanish customer service, English-French customer service, and English-Portuguese customer services. Overseas brands carry out the planning, operation, and implementation of the native customer service plan. These teams continue to optimize the brand’s customer service experience.

Two way SMS solutions for effective conversation

Callnovo has successfully provided corporations with simple and efficient dispatching technology solutions for customer support international outsourcing operations to foreign nations. Callnovo’s independently developed two way SMS solutions featured in its Global Cloud-based SaaS CRM and Communications platform are an important function. The following is an example of a typical service scenario:

  • After the customer support agent receives a new repair call, a ticket is created in the system. The technology then automatically sends a text message (containing work order information) to the dealer/maintenance provider’s specified mobile phone number in various countries across the world.
  • If the dealer/maintenance provider does not respond to the SMS text message immediately, the CRM system will send SMS messages automatically and regularly. These notifications are in accordance to the enterprise’s SLA criteria. Otherwise, the CRM will remind customer support representatives to contact and urge them to respond.
  • The dealer/maintenance provider swiftly responds with “OK,” indicating formal acceptance, and the CRM system records the time point.
  • When the dealer/maintenance provider departs, they reply “GO” again to signal departure, and the CRM system captures the time point.
  • When the dealer/maintenance provider arrives at the site, they respond with the SMS message “IN” once again to confirm arrival, and the CRM system captures the time point.
  • When the dealer/maintenance service is finished, they respond to the SMS message “DONE” again to signify completion. Then the CRM system saves the time point and closes the work order (ticket).
  • If a work order (ticket) is not reported for completion within a certain amount of time (usually 24 hours), the system will automatically send a text message, or the CRM will remind customer support workers to call and urge the work order to be finished on time.
  • When dealers/maintenance providers are finished, they can simply give feedback to the headquarters by sending text messages (such as images of parts flaws, descriptions of the cause of the failure, on-site photos, videos, and so on). The CRM will then immediately correspond to the ticket to ensure that all information and data are complete.
  • After 24 hours, the CRM system prompts the customer care agent to contact or text the user to inquire about their satisfaction. If the satisfaction score is low, the system will automatically send an email or text message to headquarters management to remind them.

Callnovo and its two way SMS solutions

It is precisely because dealers/maintenance providers generally cooperate with headquarters that they are not very motivated to use CRM. Callnovo embeds CRM with global two way SMS solutions to achieve interface-free information entry and management of dealers. Distributors with the headquarters have begun to provide immediate feedback on time points and on-site service information for receiving work orders, dispatching, and completion. Because the system’s short message prompts the essential reply words, the dealer/maintenance provider does not need to memorize the reply words, which benefits the staff and simplifies the work of the dealer/maintenance provider.

The dealers/maintenance providers can still simply log in to the CRM platform via an account. For instance, they may need to submit more extensive information to meet the process and data information management needs of some intelligent manufacturing firm headquarters.

Four customer service representatives (CSRs) smile while they provide exceptional customer service outsourcing solutions to global corporations.


The Callnovo CRM system with its two way SMS solutions satisfies the unique needs of intelligent manufacturing businesses’ global customer relationship management. Callnovo provides one-stop worldwide customer service and technical support solutions for intelligent manufacturing firms in diverse marketplaces across the world, allowing them to directly strategize and manage on unified platform.

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