The Necessity of Content Moderation Manual Review of Content by Content Moderators in the Southeast Asian Market

Content moderation refers to the screening, evaluation, categorization, and review of information & content on the internet to ensure compliance with the rules, policies, and values of a platform and/or community. Specifically within the Southeast Asian market, content moderation involves multiple cultures & languages, requiring the review of information related to different cultures, regions, languages, and legal regulations to ensure compliance with local laws, ethical standards, and cultural values. Although modern technology can process & review large amounts of content, there’re still several reasons why manual review is necessary.

The Southeast Asian region includes multiple countries – each with their own culture, language, and legal regulations. Although modern technology can automatically recognize & process multiple languages, there’re still significant differences between varying cultures & languages. Additionally, rule-breaking behavior may manifest itself in various ways – and, different situations may require different handling methods. For example, an insulting comment may need to be deleted, while content involving copyright infringement may need to be taken down or modified. Only manual reviewers can make judgments & decisions based on such specific context. While modern technology can process large amounts of data, machine intelligence still has limitations. Machines cannot understand some cultural or social rules, nor can they perceive or understand emotions which only humans are capable of. Callnovo’s Southeast Asian call centers in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam locally-deploy personnel – and, each CS team is well-trained in soft skills to ensure content is accurately understood by reviewers familiar with local cultures, languages, and legal regulations.

Identification of Varying Types of Inappropriate Content

Content moderation requires identifying different types of inappropriate content – such as: pornography, hate speech, rumors, infringement, etc.; these types of inappropriate content may manifest themselves differently in different cultures & languages – and, some may be very subtle. Only experienced manual reviewers can recognize & deal with such content. Although computer analyzation and natural language processing technologies are being continuously-improved, there are still difficulties in understanding semantics. Some textual, pictorial, or video content may require a deeper understanding of cultural, historical, social, and other aspects to correctly understand their meaning & intention – which can only be done by humans. For example, a picture may not appear dangerous, but if the relevant background is ignored, it may be deemed inappropriate. Humans are better equipped to recognize & understand these contextual factors.

Accuracy & Precision of Reviews

In many areas of the Southeast Asian market, standards & regulations are relatively vague – and, overseas reviewers need to rely on their own experience & judgment to determine whether they comply with local regulations & standards. Additionally, reviewers need to consider cultural differences & values of different regions, as well as communities, to conduct effective reviews. This requires manual reviewers to possess a high degree of accuracy & precision. Regarding Callnovo’s Southeast Asian native CS team, you’ll find well-versed CS personnel when it comes to local culture, providing customers with fast, accurate 24/7 service. By outsourcing content moderation services in Southeast Asia to Callnovo Contact Center in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia, you can focus on your core business while saving on labor & material costs – as well as time.

Efficiency & Response Time

Content moderation in the Southeast Asia market requires a large amount of work to be completed in a short period of time, with timely responses, to yield perfect review results. Although modern technology can speed up the review process, a lot of data & training is required – which may not be fully applicable to the Southeast Asia market. Therefore, experienced manual reviewers are needed to accelerate the efficiency of reviews and response times. Callnovo sets clear, specific KPI targets for all projects, ensuring direction and focus for each team’s – and individual’s – service tasks.

Content Moderation: Correcting Errors & Improving Audit Standards

Although modern technology can improve the accuracy & efficiency of audits, mistakes and/or incorrect decisions are, inevitably, a risk. At this point, human auditors can correct errors in a timely manner, improving audit standards. Through the efforts of human auditors, quality & stability of audit results can be ensured, promoting the sustainable development of the Southeast Asian market.

Callnovo’s team of content moderators for a Philippines market social media account provide manual content review as they smile for the camera.
Callnovo’s team of content moderators for a Philippines market social media account provide manual content review as they smile for the camera.


In summary, manual review is necessary for content moderation in the Southeast Asian market. Human moderators can accurately understand information in different cultures & languages, identify varying types of violations, ensure accuracy & precision in reviews, speed up the review process & response times, correct errors – and, improve review standards. All of these require the professional knowledge/skills of human moderators, even though modern technology can handle a large amount of content moderation.

Additionally, human moderators can continuously accumulate experience, improving their skills so they can promote the sustainable development of the Southeast Asian market. Furthermore, content moderation in the Southeast Asian market requires attention to local cultural differences & language habits. For example, certain vocabulary may have different meanings in different cultures/languages – which can cause misunderstandings and/or ambiguities. Therefore, moderators need to be familiar with local culture & language to better understand/review content.

Moreover, standards/regulations in the Southeast Asian market may vary depending on the region and/or country – and, moderators need to be aware of these standards/regulations to review content accordingly. In conclusion, manual review is essential for content moderation in the Southeast Asian market to ensure the accuracy & effectiveness of reviews. Moderators need to have professional knowledge & skills, share familiarity with local culture & language, and comply with local standards/regulations. Callnovo is a one-stop, global multilingual call center outsourcing provider with multiple localized operations centers in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Regardless of your projects’ scale(s), qualified content moderators can be quickly-matched based on language requirements. Come & experience Callnovo’s customer service outsourcing services! Callnovo’s professional team will provide you with efficient and thoughtful service. Callnovo Contact Center shares rich service experience in 40+ industries – and, they value good communication/cooperation with all clients. Their goal is to provide the best service for your business, helping you to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and allow you to focus on your core competencies. Try Callnovo’s service solutions now!

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