How an Omnichannel eCommerce Strategy can Boost your eCommerce Seller’s Global Sales

Just last week, Callnovo Contact Center highlighted in their article, “eCommerce Outsourcing/eCommerce Customer Service Outsourcing Best Practices to Ensure Stronger Customer Loyalty,” that global eCommerce sellers have an unprecedented opportunity to increment their global product/service sales via social networking and eCommerce platforms & websites as economies rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, stating:

“Global economies are benefiting from eCommerce as a result of the COVID pandemic; according to a 3rd party: ‘weekly internet sales percentages for niche product categories (like consumer electronics [US$ 988.4 billion dollars] and fashion [US$ 904.5 billion dollars], amongst others) are becoming extremely-significant, having reached a 58.4% average (2022 – only the U.S.) – which is expected to increase by 50%+ over the next 4 years.”

As global economies continue to reap from post-COVID (or close to post-COVID) eCommerce boosts, it’s highly important for your e-Seller to consider how an omnichannel eCommerce strategy can boost your e-Commerce seller’s global product/service sales, allowing you to find strong, long-term global market sales gains – as well as augment your eCommerce seller’s global brand reputation & customer loyalty; by doing so, your brand will both improve its long-term market share in global markets – and its overall global sales success.

To capitalize on extremely-worthwhile global sales growth benefits – all the while ensuring you have the opportunity to dominate your niche sales markets and strive for a long-lasting brand legacy – let’s visit the following in our guide on how an omnichannel eCommerce strategy can boost your e-Seller’s global sales; we’ll touch on:

Let’s get started.

An Omnichannel eCommerce Strategy to Boost Global e-Commerce Seller Sales

What’s Omnichannel eCommerce?

Omnichannel e-Commerce is a hybrid, global customer engagement approach utilizing multiple channels of communication that allows your eSeller to connect with global customers in a way that tailors to their needs in terms of how they connect with your eCommerce brand; such an approach guarantees a unified & seamless customer experience so your global consumers feel valued, trust in your eCommerce business for top-quality support, and can easily get their product/service needs swiftly-taken care of – leading to strong CX that builds long-term brand loyalty & brand ambassadorship.

According to a 3rd party:

“73%+ of customers use additional channels to connect with e-Commerce brands while shopping; accordingly, they do such before making purchasing decisions because they want to gather as much info. as possible about whatever products/services they’re planning on buying/subscribing to.” 

Since multiple channels are utilized via global customers, tracking & monitoring customer activity is challenging without an omnichannel e-Commerce strategy – as retailers are left with customer data that’s isolated and provides hardly any insight to managers so they can make smart decisions. In contrast, a strategical omni-channel eCommerce approach allows your brand insight into the complete customer journey so customers can find contentment in their purchasing decision and subsequently checkout in a quick, efficient manner.

What’s the Difference between Omnichannel & Multichannel?

In many ways, omnichannel communication naturally results from customer behavior that’s evolved over almost two decades; “omnichannel” is often confused with “multichannel” – and, while both concepts are relative, there’s actually a fundamental difference. Let’s check the differences below:


A key omni-channel strategy predicts when & how customers switch to a different platform or jump between comm. channels so the customer journey gets planned and executed in such a way where brands’ – and customers’ – tangent goals are met, ensuring prospective leads are generated and sales conversions are made. According to Callnovo’s article on seamless omnichannel experiences:

“Omni-channel provides multiple contact channels – each channel being interconnected so seamless experiences can be proportioned. Likewise, omni-channel experiences thrive on all devices/platforms with hardly any limits.”


A multichannel strategy likewise incorporates multiple channels of communication through apps, websites, and/or social media – for example – to engage with eCommerce customers; however, the difference is eCommerce brands merely ensure consumers receive the same level of CX instead of a disoriented experience. To further elaborate on this, those brands that use only multichannel approaches mainly aim to ensure consumers sufficiently-receive an unfragmented experience no matter which platform they choose – however, multi-channel strategies don’t aim for a top-tier customer engagement experience since they lack the channel integration & full customer journey outlook that omnichannel strategies incorporate.

How Does an Omnichannel eCommerce Strategy Benefit Sales Growth & Success?

As mentioned above, an omnichannel strategy is crucially-important to ensuring high-quality CX – which leads to strong global sales growth & higher brand loyalty – since such a strategy incorporates channel integration, the full customer journey, and ensures customers’ expectations are met seamlessly. Furthermore, your own eCommerce business will also benefit grandly. Let’s check out some key advantages to an omnichannel eCommerce strategy.

Exceptional CX

Did you know that approx. 9 out of 10 prospective customers prefer an omnichannel experience? The reason why is because, as you add more contact points, creating a seamless experience between each contact point becomes vital. When you break down the walls between each channel, offering uniformity to your customers, they naturally-find your brand more attractive. Once attractiveness to your brand grows, customer engagement becomes much easier. An omnichannel eCommerce strategy provides consistency, leading to positive customer interactions that naturally fortify customer retention. Furthermore, increased interactions create sentiment towards your brand – which creates upselling & cross-selling opportunities.

Enhanced Data Collection

With a standard multi-channel e-Commerce strategy, streams of customer data are generated – which can be complicated to analyze & monitor; as consumer data is an extremely-important aspect of building a progressive business foundation, it’s crucially-necessary to monitor it closely to understand customers’ needs. Through the cross-channel capabilities found in omnichannel management, customer interaction and data analyzation becomes a lot more easier; it doesn’t matter which platform info. is generated on – you’ll be able to dissect it and extract necessary insights to improve your eCommerce service success.

Sales & Traffic Augmentation

Without a strategical omni-channel e-Commerce approach, CX becomes too complicated to manage; a 3rd party study conducted on 46,000 shoppers shows customers that use omnichannel communication tend to spend more – furthermore, customers who utilize 4+ channels on average to contact e-Commerce brands spend approx. 9% more through you as opposed to those with a single channel. The reason why? This is because an omni-channel e-Commerce strategy monitors the entire customer journey; through such an approach, customer contact comes and is provided at the right time while the overall effort doesn’t appear too aggressive. Essentially, consumption patterns over the years have become fully-digitized – so, simply having multiple channels disposable is not enough to capture consumers’ attention – which is where an omni-channel e-Commerce strategy comes in.

Boosted Brand Loyalty

An omnichannel eCommerce strategy easily-targets different consumer groups; furthermore, it allows you to filter loyal customers and strengthen the customer-brand bond. Did you know that 91% of coupon customers revisit the same brands? To build a better customer-eCommerce brand relationship, you could pitch your higher profit-generating products/services to such users and see if they’re interested. When strong customer engagement and long-term customer-brand relationships are created, customers feel valued & motivated to repeatedly-visit your eSeller – oftentimes even recommending others.

Callnovo’s Customer-centric Solutions for Brand Loyalty Growth

An attractive female customer service representative provides service in accordance with her outsourced call center’s omni-channel eCommerce strategy so she can ensure her eCommerce client’s customers’ pre-sales/after-sales product/service needs are met efficiently & effectively via all customer contact channels.
An attractive female customer service representative provides service in accordance with her outsourced call center’s omni-channel eCommerce strategy so she can ensure her eCommerce client’s customers’ pre-sales/after-sales product/service needs are met efficiently & effectively via all customer contact channels.

Callnovo Contact Center enhances teams with excellent, customer-centric outsourcing solutions that ensure strong, global, long-term brand loyalty growth; as your e-commerce company considers the above-mentioned omnichannel eCommerce benefits resulting from a well-structured omnichannel eCommerce strategy, your eSeller is guaranteed to find strong, long-term global market sales gains – as well as augment your global brand reputation & customer loyalty, leading to long-term, global market share and overall global sales success improvement.

Some key advantages to Callnovo’s outsourcing solutions are:

  • High-quality Expertise – quality service personnel skilled in areas as:
    • customer-centric enthusiasm/service attitude,
    • strong communication & soft-skills,
    • intuitive logical thinking skills,
    • complex product/service knowledge/skills, and
    • acute management/operations skills.
  • Always-available Service – maximizing customer satisfaction/CX by continually meeting customers’ needs without limit.
  • Omnichannel Support – accessible, rapid contact solutions through all comm. channels – guaranteeing always-ready support, leading to enhanced CX, influencing long-term customer brand ambassadorship/customer loyalty.
  • Native Language Support – meeting customers’ needs efficiently, conforming to cultural expectations, improving customer loyalty.


To ensure you take advantage of the before-mentioned omnichannel eCommerce strategy benefits so your eSeller business can boost its sales growth amongst niche sales markets – furthermore, enhancing its brand reputation & success – its important to incorporate an omnichannel strategy that encourages a seamless experience across the board for your customers. To support you, Callnovo offers a customer-centric multilingual, omnichannel outsourcing solution to meet high eCommerce customer expectations, improving your brand’s customer loyalty, leading to global sales success.

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