Why You Should Outsource To A Bilingual Call Center

Bilingual Call Center

Since the dawn of the digital age, the world has never been closer together. We have truly come together as one global nation and so it’s more important than ever that your business speaks the right language. With the whole world at your feet, why would you want to leave any potential customer out?
Outsourcing to a bilingual call center can help you speak to your customers no matter where in the world they’re calling from. Focusing on looking after your customers should always be the main focus and so maintaining an expert, friendly, bilingual call center can help grow your company to the next level. Let’s look at just a few of the reasons why a bilingual call center might help you.

Capitalize On The Global Market

If you are looking to sell your goods to a worldwide market, you need to make sure you can look after a worldwide audience. An English speaking call center is a good start as it’s become the accepted business language for the global market. However, English as a language isn’t alone, and just because the business world speaks it, it doesn’t mean your customers will. By choosing a bilingual call center you are covering the extra bases and catering to a larger market. It’s an obvious and huge benefit to you and your customers alike.

Shared Values

If you look at the countries where people speak two or more languages you’ll see that they often integrate or can understand and converse with people from the other parts of the world a little more easily. Not simply in the actual language and understanding but also in culture, empathy and shared experience. Take the Philippines as an example. They are bilingual through and through; with most of the population speaking at least two languages. They are brought up speaking and understanding Western culture and values, and so they are able to provide small talk and genuine conversation with anyone calling from The States or The UK. This fact alone makes Philippino call centers the fastest growing in the sector.


It’s an uncomfortable truth that when we are speaking with someone on the phone we are more at ease if they have an accent that is recognizably very similar to our own. Without being able to read lips or body language it’s more important than ever that pronunciation is clear and eloquent. The frustration caused by a lack of understanding will almost certainly lose you customers. This is another reason why bilingual call centers excel as their native speakers have usually been speaking two or more languages from birth and they speak them naturally. The Philippines, in particular, has become very attractive to the Western businesses as for when they are speaking English their accent is very similar to the Americas’ and England’s itself.
Here at Callnovo we always make sure we’re speaking the right language. We understand how to communicate with you as a business and how to care for and look after your customers too. Why don’t you give us a call today to see how we can help you grow and expand?


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