Real Estate Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant will cost you less than hiring a full-time in-house staff. Your Virtual Assistant works from a different location and is already equipped with the necessary tools required to carry out your required tasks. Remote Virtual Assistant will never compete your business in the future.

The versatility of virtual assistants is a major benefit since you can choose to hire a part-time assistant who can work for you on an as-needed basis or a full-time virtual assistant who can take over your day-to-day tasks and boost your productivity.

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Boost Your Business Productivity with the Help of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

As a real estate professional, your tasks increase as your business expands. 24 hours may not be enough for you if you are running your business alone considering the workload you need to accomplish daily. If you are planning to grow your business faster, hiring a real estate virtual assistant will be the right choice.

An expert Virtual Assistant will help you work smarter as you build your business. By delegating basic and repetitive tasks to your real estate virtual assistant, you can give yourself more time to focus on the core functions and income generating tasks of your business. With this, you can have more opportunity to expand your business with less work.

The Benefits of Real Estate Virtual Assistant Outsourcing

Administrative work

You can delegate repetitive tasks to your real estate virtual assistant. This may include coordinating transactions, scheduling appointments, routine paperwork, updating multiple listings, and helping you with the contract to close procedures. Your virtual assistant will also be responsible for database management, data search, data storage, and generating detailed reports.

Marketing tasks

Your virtual assistant can take over your social media management, create various templates for your advertisements, video presentations, and other means to promote your business. This is one of the most important things that will help your business stand out and attract more clients.

Another major undertaking that your virtual assistant can do is telemarketing. By leveraging on your virtual assistant’s expertise in call handling, you will have more chances of generating leads. By letting your virtual assistant establish the initial contact, you can easily engage with the client in the future.

As a real estate professional, you are constantly bombarded by phone calls and emails ranging from clients who are confirming meeting schedules to new prospects inquiring if you can help them buy or sell a property. With the help of a real estate virtual assistant, you will be relieved with email and call handling tasks so you can focus on high-priority tasks.

Sales support

Closing a deal is a difficult and critical part of any real estate business. Statistics have shown that 80% of all sales are made between the 5th and the 12th contact. Your real estate virtual assistant can keep in touch with your leads and prospects through phone calls and informative emails without the impression of hard selling. Having an expert sales support is important so you can turn your hot leads into closed deals.

Choosing the right real estate virtual assistant that fits your business needs is important if you want to maximize your productivity. Callnovo has highly qualified real estate virtual assistants that can deliver excellent services. Our expert real estate virtual assistants can handle all your marketing, sales, and administrative tasks so you can concentrate on growing your sales and expanding your business.