Improve Realtor Career by Using Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Realtors work some of the longest, latest, most unpredictable hours of any profession.
As a high-performing real estate agent, you must be reachable and interruptable 24/7 every day of the year to be available to each of your clients, whenever they need you.
Most likely you thrive on the personal interactions and variety in your schedule, and welcome the unexpected meetings with interesting people in interesting places! These are some of the best reasons to become a real estate agent!
Unrestrained from the usual 9-5 shackles you’re free to cook a late breakfast for your loved ones, get your first choice of machines at the gym, avoid any lines at the bank or grocery store, and leisurely breeze through traffic on your way to a mid-afternoon tee time as the master of your own schedule.
OK, well the reality check is that unfortunately it’s not all fancy cars and 19th hole negotiations.
Somewhere in that busy schedule you’re responsible for keeping up with an endless amount of tedious and time-consuming office work, computing, marketing, administration and follow-up; a soul-crushing amount of it that continually robs you of any free time, and causes you to wonder how to be a better realtor.
You sure could use a bit of help but have no time to hire and train an assistant. Besides, they might want to advance their career as a new real estate agent themselves and could end up being your future competitor, after you’ve shown them the ropes and shared all your contacts! Ouch! Plus, you would be paying their regular wages and benefits out of your own pocket to do it! Double Ouch!
To supercharge your career as a realtor to become an award winning real estate agent, you need to learn the secret strategy that top realtors use.
Introducing Callnovo’s Real Estate Virtual Assistant services.
Endorsed by Top Sales Realtors like Frank Liu who’s long list of awards includes the #1 Top RE/MAX Residential Team in California & Hawaii, and #2 Residential & Commercial Team in the USA & Worldwide!
Frank’s team knows that for flat fee of only $6~$8/hr (just a fraction of the cost of hiring a part-time employee) Callnovo will provide a highly trained, professional, confidential, third-party Real Estate Virtual Assistant to expertly complete your office work, freeing your time to focus on your clients, convert leads and close sales.
Callnovo’s Real Estate Virtual Assistant services include:
-Call Answering
-Conducting Surveys
-Scheduling Appointments and Follow-ups
-Searching and Updating the MLS
-Massive Internet Searching
-Typing Contracts for Sale, Purchase and Lease
-Communicating and Coordinating with Escrow Companies and Lenders
-Contacting Inspection Companies
-Ordering Repairs
-Designing E-flyers and E-Books
-Managing Websites
-Posting Ads on Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets
-Preparing CMAs
-Data Entry and Creating Neighborhood Books
-Planning and Managing Open Houses
You won’t have any stress worrying about the employee becoming your future competitor since the assistant is our employee with a good local salary package and high job satisfaction level, and living in another country with different life objectives and no interest in conflict with you in the future. Besides, Callnovo proactively manages our virtual assistants to ensure non-competition.
You’ll have NO headaches filling out W2, 1099, T-4 and other employer forms since the assistant is NOT your employee in the US or Canada. Callnovo takes care of all the Asian local labor laws and tax matters.
You won’t need to share any extra office space or equipment. Your Virtual Assistant works at our Callnovo contact center or from the comfort of their own home office using the Real Estate Virtual Assistant platform and software we provide.
You don’t have to worry about a high turn-over rate or retraining. Callnovo’s stable and qualified office human resources will give you peace of mind. You can feel good that we pay the assistant in Asia with a generous and attractive salary and benefits package.
So if you’re ready to improve your performance as a real estate agent, take control of your schedule and become the top realtor in your territory, you now know what to do. Contact Callnovo now!

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