Malaysia eCommerce Market – its Dominance and Shopee’s Success: Callnovo’s Localized Customer Service in the Malaysian Language Can Successfully Help Global eCommerce Sellers

Following Malaysia’s eCommerce market dominancy and the increasing success of Shopee Malaysia, global eCommerce sellers can generate a stronger long-term sales success and financial stability by successfully adhering to the Shopee eCommerce platform’s service standards which include performance metrics as: number of unique buyers, number of net orders, all-time shop rating, and chat response rate – offering Preferred Seller perks that increase Shopee buyer trust, boost shops’ search ranking, and also attract buyers with Shopee Coins rewards; Callnovo Contact Center is ready to help cross-border eCommerce sellers take advantage of this opportunity with localized customer service in the Malaysian language that builds Malay eCommerce customer trust to the end that they and existing Malay customers become long-term loyal shoppers.